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[email protected] Les Griswold wrote:

> Everyone here is familiar with the way liberals keep whining for
> “statistics”.

Specifically, what is demanded of you is that you back up your assertions
with facts.

> It sounds like bacon fat on a hot stove.

Your point…?

> But je digress.

You also evade.

> Anyway, the funny thing is, when you give in to them and post something,
> they say, “No that’s not right, here are the REAL numbers!” They don’t
> realize that they’ve been bamboozled into damning their OWN position with
> the “true and correct” stats that THEY THEMSELVES post.

Not so… as we shall see. Rather, we shall watch Griswold damn himself…

> A case in point:
> I posted, some time ago, some stats from the FBI Unified Crime Report that
> stated that, in a given year, 9,405 negroes raped White women, while only
> TEN white men raped negresses in the same year (I think it was 1992).
> (Source: Jared Taylor’s _Paved With Good Intentions_, figures repeated on
> an ADV radio broadcast). Charles R.L. Power came rushing to the defense of
> his noble dusky brothers by posting the “true and correct” figures, which
> showed some 3,000+ black-on-white rapes, and 2,000+ white-on-black rapes.
> THAT was a real kick in the pants for me, right? Wrong!
> See, negroes are only 1/6th as numerous as whites (in the U.S. of A.).
> Therefore, one would expect that they would only commit 1/6th the amount of
> crime that whites do, right? But they don’t! The liberal position (i.e.,
> negroes are the equal, in every way, of whites) takes a big header into the
> dumpster of Reality! And the beautiful thing is, they did it to themselves,
> and the REALLY beautiful thing is, they’re too dumb to realize it!

Let’s review the chronology, shall we:

On Monday, 10 Apr 1995 at 00:40:09 GMT, you posted message
containing the following text:

> O.K., fucknuts, just this once I’ll play your little numbers game.
> The FBI Uniform Crime Report tells us that in 1988, there were 9,405
> cases of Blacks raping White women in 1988. In comparison, there
> were TEN cases of White men raping Black females.

Notice that you cite the UCR for 1988, not 1992. (You could have looked up
your own lie in the Nizkor archives — there’s something to be said for at
least telling the lie consistently.)

A few days later, you were refuted by Charles R. L. Power:

> I looked up the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports for the United
> States for 1988, released Sunday, August 6, 1989, x+355p., and
> there is no such statistic. Pages 15-17 are devoted to
> forcible rape. We learn that there were 92,486 cases recorded
> in 1988 (up from 91,111 in 1987), that this comes to 37.6 (up
> from 37.4) per 100,000 population, and that 53% of the
> perpetrators were white, 46% black, the remainder “other.”
> There is no breakdown at all of victims by race. (The only
> cross-breakdown of perpetrators and victims by race–white,
> black and “other”–is in the section on murder.)

Doing the math from the figures given by Mr. Power, we find:

92,486 x .53 = 49,018 rapes committed by whites

92,486 x .46 = 42,544 rapes committed by blacks

Hmmm… this seems to be a far cry from your assertion that Mr. Power’s
figures “showed some 3,000+ black-on-white rapes, and 2,000+
white-on-black rapes”, doesn’t it? Can it be that you are once again
exposed as a liar? Say it ain’t so!

The Griswold position seems to be have just taken a big header into the
dumpster of your own lies. The _truly_ beautiful thing is, Griswold, that
you did it to yourself. And the INCREDIBLY beautiful thing is, we can
count on you to keep doing it to yourself…

Jeffrey G. Brown [email protected]
“What’s going to happen?” “Something wonderful…” — ‘2010’

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