Letters to daughter, Baron Al

Ken McVay OBC writes:
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> In article <[email protected]>,
> [email protected] wrote:
> >In article <[email protected]>
> > [email protected] “Ken McVay OBC” writes:
> >> Citation, please. It is not sufficient to say “something like
> >> the other one, which I addressed, but smaller” (i.e. not the
> >> same thing at all) – you have not provided any information
> >> which would tell me who published the article, although I
> >> assume you are saying tat the BoD did, you have not provided
> >> the title, or instances of the “lies” contained within the
> >> document.
> >Ken, whenever I expose a lie that is provable you change the subject. If I
> >give you a source please tell me what you are going to do with it.
> I don’t see that you have exposed anything, since I still
> don’t know the title of the BoD work you alluded to. If you
> give it to me, I will _write_ to the BoD and request both the
> document in question and whatever background information is
> available.
> Given permission, I will then archive that document on my
> system.

Letters To My Daughter, (1963), 8 pages. This was actually published as
a series of articles in a newspaper and then reprinted by these arch-liars
and enemies of humanity. If they can’t or won’t supply you with photocopies
there is a copy in the archive of the Sternberg Centre for Judaism. If you
can’t get it from them you can get it from me, but you’ll have to pay me.

Make sure your readers understand this is a work of fiction, like 99% of the
trash these damned liars churn out.

Alexander Baron

“He who cannot reason is a fool; he who will not is a bigot; he who dare
not is a slave.” – W. Drummond
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