Kurt Franz “…lupins were planted”

Kurt Franz testifies on his days in Treblinka:

“I cannot say how many Jews in total were gassed in Treblinka. On average each day a large train arrived. Sometimes there were even two. This however was not so common.

“In Treblinka I was commander of the Ukrainian guard unit as I had been in Belzec. In Treblinka as in Belzec the unit consisted of sixty to eighty men. The Ukrainians’ main task was to man the guard posts around the camp perimeter. After the uprising in August 1943 I ran the camp more or less single-handedly for a month; however, during that period no gassings were undertaken.

“It was during that period that the original camp was demolished. Everything was leveled off off and lupins were planted…” (Klee, 247-249)

Work Cited

Klee, E., W. Dressen, V. Riess. The Good Old Days. New York: The Free Press, NY, 1988.

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