Kooky and ignorant, Huber M.

[email protected] (M Huber) writes:
>Ahhhhh, Nitzkor loves to post their web-links, and those of others. You
>do, conveniently, however, always omit the link to St. Johns Univ. which,
>in excruciating detail, defines the infection & contagion and genetic
>holocaust being spread by j*ws among the world’s populations. Linkup to:
>http://q.continuum.net/~wrosen.list.html (page does not exist)
>and read the scare of the century!

Actually, it’s http://q.continuum.net/~wrosen/list.html, (page does not exist)  which talks about
Gaucher disease, a genetic illness that primarily affects Ashkenazi Jews.
This “Huber” is clearly insane.

I heartly recommend this link and this Huber’s laughable interpretation to
every neo-Nazi kook reading this. Please go ahead and demonstrate just how
kooky and ignorant you are.

http://www.c2.org/~rich/  (page does not exist)

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