Kill file, Giwer Matt

Many newsreaders allow you to “killfile” a particular poster so that you
never have to look at his or her posts. If you are using a unix
command-line newsreader, see: [broken link 1]

The quick answer is to access your KILL file with control-K, and
add this line:

/mgiwer@.*netcom/f:j (Giwer changes his userid every ten minutes or
so, apparently in the belief that we won’t recognize him. That makes
the success of this particular command problematic. A more effective
method is to use the data in the header field Message-ID:


If you are using a Mac to read news, we recommend “Yet Another
Newswatcher,” which supports killfiles. See: (page does not exist)

If you are using a Windows machine to read news, we don’t have any tips
at the moment — stop by later, we’re working on it.