Keren Danny, Giwer Matt

Dear sysadmin,

This forgery was posted from your site. It is made to look
as if I posted the article below to the newsgroup
“alt.revisionism”. The forger is possibly a user of yours
by the name of Matt Giwer (Mr. Giwer has already had his
account with a few other ISP’s suspended, because of
“spamming” and sending e-mail “bombs”).

I trust that you will take the right steps to deal with this
despicable behavior. I await your reply.


-Daniel Keren.

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On Mon, 14 Oct 1996 13:24:14 GMT, [email protected] (Daniel Keren)

>[email protected] writes:
>Poor old “rblackmore” cannot say anything intelligent about the
>clear and obvious fact that Hoess was *not* told by the Poles
>and Soviets what to write in his memoirs. In desperation, he
># Now, where is the proof that anyone
># was gassed at Auschwitz? Are you relying on Hoess?
>The proof is in the documents, witnesses, and forensic evidence.
>Hoess is one witness.

No forensic evidence was presented, but I know that.