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Laurel Jones wrote
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>Clinton is very confused. Affirmative action does not fight against
>discrimination, but for it.


>Marcus ([email protected]) wrote:

>: _Clinton To Back Affirmative Action in Speech_ (ANA)

>: Bill Clinton is expected to back affirmative action programs in a speech
>: this Wednesday in an attempt to distinguish himself from his critics.
>: Clinton’s senior advisor, George Sthepanopoulos, said “We stand by
>: affirmative action” and added that Clinton will “emphasize that we have to
>: continue to fight against discrimination and that affirmative action has
>: helped in that fight.” Clinton attended an affirmative action meeting
>: yesterday (7/14/95) with “civil” rights leaders and women’s groups.
>: Attendees said that they felt “relieved and elated” at Clinton’s stance on
>: affirmative action. Clinton told them that the review of affirmative action
>: “only served to underscore his commitment to opportunities for women and
>: minorities.”

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The liberal are anti-White, but so are conservatives. We need
White revolution.

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