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Gordon McFee ([email protected]) wrote:

: In a previous article, [email protected] (Michael P. Stein) says:

: >In article <[email protected]>,
: >Danny Keren wrote:
: >># Read the standard version of -Mein Kampf- for this. The original
: >># German term is the untranslatable “Juedlein”.
: >> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
: >>
: >>Which the little brat, nontheless, translated to “kike”!
: >
: > Ju”dlein is *not* untranslatable; it’s a diminutive – “little Jew.”
: >Of course, I think (especially in context) it carries a number of implicit
: >additional adjectives – all of them uncomplimentary. So “kike” is not a
: >precise translation, but I think it’s defensible.

: Sorry I missed the beginning of this thread. Juedlein is difficult, but
: not impossible to translate. In Mein Kampf, Hitler had the Juedlein
: crawling out of a maggot-infested corpse if my memory serves me correctly.
: Used like this, the best translation would be “kike”. Diminutives in
: German can be terms of endearment or of scorn, depending on the context.

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: Gordon McFee ai292

: I’ll write no line before its time!

Is this all you people can talk about? Thanks to the person who “defended” me,
but the fact remains that the quote I gave was not my translation but the
translation of Ralph Mannheim, i.e. the official translation of *Mein Kampf*
in the United Kingdom. The only thing I can make out of all of this is that
Keren (who has the gall to call be a “little brat”) is an ignorant fool- this
very argument goes some way to proving that he has no real knowledge of offi-
cial quotes and sources. Come on, if he doesn’t know *Mein Kampf* what does he
know? As far as I am concerned, Keren has always displayed a lack of logic in
his arguments (when they *are* arguments, and not slander). This however
takes the cake!!
It just proves once more that the typical “holocaust” mythologist is just a
muck-raking propagandist, a slanderour and fabricator who knows nothing about
source documentation. The more you insult me and my fellow revisionists, Keren,
the more your reputation(!?!) as a debator in this newsgroup is invalidated.
Judging by the amount of muck you have planted and then exhumed on Milton J.
Kleim, your credibility has gone beyond the point of complete exhaustion!

I see that nobody has even made an attempt to refute my argument that Stalin
was a Jew…

Ricky J.

(Campaign for Truth in History)

“Goyim of the World, Unite!!”

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