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Seth J. Bradley ([email protected]) wrote:
: I realize that this thread has died down, but I sent a friend of mine
: this article, and I thought his comments were good enough to share with
: the readers or this group. If it matters, he is of non-Jewish German
: ancestry:
: ———————————————————————-

: [email protected] (Dan Gannon) writes:
: > A large number of Speilberg’s “atrocity” scenes are based directly on
: >immediately recognizable FORGED PICTURES and long-disproven “Holocaust”
: >propaganda lies. For proof of both, one need only consult Banished CPU’s
: >FTP file server.

: Ah. I see that Banished CPU’s FTP server has been worldly recognized as
: THE definitive answer on forged picture issues… Hey, if Banished CPU
: says so, it must be true…

: > Behold the BIG LIE of “Spielberg’s smokestack”: HUGE QUANTATIES OF
: >DARK SMOKE constantly BILLOWING from the smokestack, with GIANT FLAMES

: All this hype about “the BIG LIE”, and this is it? This is the biggest
: lie in the movie? A technicality on the chimney, not on the argument
: of its principle use? I waited through 4 paragraphs of this guy’s post
: describing “the BIG LIE” and this is what I waited for? What a joke.

: >following excerpt from a report made by Austria’s top engineer, Walter
: >Luftl:

: Hey, if an engineer from Austria says it is so, it must be so. Btw, how
: do you get to be a country’s top engineer? Do they have a big engineer-off?
: Does the winner get a big trophy proclaiming him/her as the country’s “top
: engineer”? Is there a World Cup of engineering where each country sends
: its “top engineer”? Maybe something like the Ms. World pageant?

: > On this subject as well, it might be noted that the objections of
: >”Revisionists” are far more in harmony with the laws of nature and
: >technology than the tales of the Holocaust writers.

: Some of this certainly might hold truth, but did it ever occur to anyone
: that these are under ideal funeral home situations? Not where you need
: to get rid of bodies quickly? You don’t have time to burn one body at
: a time? That maybe bodies weren’t even burned in crematories but in
: some other environment like a bonfire outside? Whatever it took to deal
: with the mass carnage as fast as possible?

: Never mind the whole point of killing Jews in the movie, “the BIG LIE” is
: the flames coming out of a chimney. Sounds like Mr. Gannon is arguing
: against the revisionists themselves, saying the horror was true but there
: was a minor technicality in the implementation. I must say that I am very
: proud of Mr. Gannon for having the courage to understand the truth of the
: horror and to step away from the control the revisionists have had over him
: and to loudly and clearly proclaim the truth that the holocaust is in
: actuality a truism. Mr. Gannon is to be commended for admitting the truth
: and revealing the revisionists for what they really are. Speaking for the
: body of current and accepted history, we thank you, Mr. Gannon, and welcome
: you to our side…

: Roy Kern.
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: Emergency Room doctors is that malpractice suits are rare. On the other
: hand, ER doctors never have to deal with patients installing new versions
: of their own innards!” -Michael O’Brien

“Schindler’s List” is yet another “Holocaust” propaganda movie. We have heard
the propaganda that not many of such films are made, but we know that this is
clearly _not_ the case. The film has been nominated to win _twelve_ oscars-
I myself doubt that it will win all of those, but I am sure that it will win
at least one- that being the Oscar for “Best make-up”!

On a different note, although I disagreed with many of his ideas, I am sorry
to see Hermann go. As I myself know, one cannot spend all of one’s days on the
InterNet- one has work to do! Most probably all of you hoax mythologists out
there will no doubt accuse Hermann of creeping away with his tail between his

Ricky J.


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From: [email protected] (Ricardo D Joshua)
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Ted D Horwitz ([email protected]) wrote:
: Ross Vicksell writes, with no comment:

: > “Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate –
: > healthy, virile hate – for what the German personifies and what
: > persists in the German.”
: >
: > Eli Wiesel,
: >
: > in Legends of Our Time, page 142

: WHat’s your point?

: Does this prove anything, other than that Jews are very ordinary and imperfect
: just like any other group of people? Hatred of any kind, particularly blanket
: hatred of a group like this, is wrong, as far as I’m concerned.

: Having said that, Ross, we shouldn’t be too quick to criticize, because neither
: you nor I have “walked a mile in his shoes”. If we had been forced to watch
: our family and friends arrested, deported and murdered for no reason other
: than their ancestry/religion, we would probably be very bitter too.

: Oops, I’m sorry, I forgot: none of that really happened. It’s all a delusion,
: remarkably shared by 99.99999 % of the civilized world.

: << intense sarcsm >>

You idiot. It was not just any old Jew who said this, but ELIE WIESEL, one of
the foremost Hoax Mythologists. What Ross was trying to say was that this guy
was able to spew open *hate* and not only get away with it, but win the Nobel
Peace Prize as well.

The Hoax Myth *is* a delusion.

Ricky J.


C. F. H. T.

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Date: Mon, 14 Mar 1994 16:14:11 GMT
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Good Day! I’m back, after a short break. I have now obtained my source
material on Heinrich Himmler. So, to hell with all you hoax mythologists!
After the sudden departure of Hermann, the arrival of Ross Vicksell on the
net was heartening. I was beginning to think that this newsgroup would turn
into a “Holocaust” hoax propaganda bull(shit)etin board.

You will be hearing from me….

Revisionism Lives!

Ricky J.,


Campaign For Historical Truth (CFHT)

The CFHT is an independent organisation
dedicated to Historical Truth and Inte-
rnational Justice.

Usual disclaimers…


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From: [email protected] (Ricardo D Joshua)
Subject: Auf Wiedersehen (for the moment…)
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I hate having to do this, because I was beginning to enjoy myself once
more. Due to the term-system here, I have finished for this year. I will
no doubt return in late September.

One last comment regarding the quotes from Himmler: many of you say that
these were “end of war” comments. Perhaps. But it is true that Himmler
was an honest type of fellow, and, if you study his character, he found
it _very_ difficult to lie. Perhaps you will concede this point- however
you will probably say that he was living in some kind of dreamworld instead.
I have heard this argument many times before.

A message to Danny Keren: you said that you would later reply to my posting-
I cannot remember if it was you, but someone chastised me for doing the same
thing. I will however not resort to this. Once you get your relevant “infor
mation”, please forward it to my individual e-mail address (as I will not
be here to read it on the Net).

A message to Cecelia: I am very disappointed in you. I thought that you were
one of us. What seems to be your love affair with the Mermelsteins has proved
to me that you are just as bad as the hoax mythologists.

To Ross and Dan: Keep up the good work! If you get any new stuff over the
Summer, please send it to me via e-mail. I hope to see you here when I come
back after the vacation period.

Once more, Auf Wiedersehen!

Ricky J.



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