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My Aim: Why I am a revisionist

Recent postings have been made regarding revisionists, and the branding of
them as “Nazis”, “hatemongers”, etc.. There are, however, two branches of
revisionism. One is the “Aryan” revisionism, and the other is the “Gentile”
revisionism. While the aim of the former is to recreate a racist state of
affairs, the aim of the latter is to bring about international justice for
the Gentile peoples of the world. The “Holocaust” story has held up a system
which is intrinsically wrong, namely, Zionism, and more importantly, world

I may disagree with Hermann with regard to final objectives, but I am allied
with him in the aim to expose the great fraud. This hoax has allowed the
Zionists to usurp land which belonged to others, as well as to commit crimes
against them. The western media, also an arm of the Zionist clique, a fact
which is well known and indisputable, helps to hold up this myth and as a
result justify crimes against Palestinians. The Palestinians, who dare to
defend their homeland, are pilloried as being “terrorists”, and are as a
result continually given a bad press. In reality they are not the terrorists-
one can hardly be a terrorist when one is attempting to drive out alien invad-

The result is the promotion of the Palestinians, and Arabs in general, as
evil, and the Zionists as being eternally under threat of extinction or
extermination. The result is a building up of an articicial hate complex
between the West and the Arab/Islamic world. This is intensified by the
amount of propaganda produced in Hollywood, which is another well-known arm
of the Zionists. This creates in addition a picture of the west which is
false, which is then displayed to the Arabs. Thus, as a result, the Arabs
see us in the west as being all crrupt, blasphemous and immoral. The hate
thus builds up both ways.

Israel is the fly in the web; the West’s, and especially the US’s love of
the Zionist state is the problem. And Israel, and Zionist power to do what
they please in general, is held up by the sacred cow: the “Holocaust”. We
cannot criticise the Zionists or Israel without someone parrotting: “Awk!
Awk! Awk! Antisemite!”. The sacred cow is their insurance policy. We cannot
even attempt to expose the power network and the flow of influence, not only
in our political, but social lives, without being branded a “hatemonger”.
Truth does not need to be told more than once to be believed; yet, we have
been continually bombarded with Holocaustian propaganda. It takes a great
deal of effort to cement a lie. The “Holocaust” is the only subject in any
facet of history to be officially described as being “undebatable”; this is
clearly an indication that the powers that be do not want people to question
it. Thus, a great deception is being hidden from us. What can they fear if
someone wishes to make the issue a two-sided debate? What have they to lose?
The answer is: the fear that that they will lose everything, and that, with
the destruction of the great fraud, their whole system which rests on it
will collapse, and Zionist power will be at an end.

Thus they will stop at nothing to perpetuate the myth. The endless reams
of propaganda will be just that: endless. While other massacres, real or
alleged, in history are consigned to the historical trashcan, thus serving
their interests, there will be more books and papers published, more films
and “documentaries” produced, and more “memorials” built. The hoax is such
big business that the US decides to erect a monument to it. The fact is that
the hoax has nothing to do with the United States; it would have been more
apt to build a monument to the Native Americans or to the Negro slaves. But
such monuments have not been built. Similarly, we are faced with various
“Holocaust studies” and lectures; they have become part and parcel of the
educational system. While the layman does not know of Stalinist purges and
the destruction of millions of Cambodians, they all know full well about the
“Holocaust”. Taking the side of Pol Pot and saying that no civilians were
killed would be a historical argument; saying the same about the “Holocaust”
would be considered to be “antisemitism”. Somehow, if events are true, I
cannot see the difference. But there is a difference- merely because while
the destruction of millions of Cambodians is a historical fact, and hence is
debatable, the “Holocaust” is a product of Zionist mythology, and subsequen-
tly it cannot be debated. This is the real reason why the revisionist argu-
ment has been continually downplayed by the media.

I am not a racist. I believe in a multiracial society, and I believe that
it can work. But the Zionists are doing their best to put a spanner in the
works, while at the same time showing themselves to be the bearers of the
torch of humanity. They are fostering conflict between the West and the
Islamic world, and this is my gripe. With the removal of this sordid hoax
from our history books we can truly look forward to the end of the Zionist
and Marxist-Capitalist hegemony.

Please do not be misled over the recent “peace accord” in the Middle East-
as I have stated time and time again, the Palestinans have been sold a dummy-
there will be a creation of a “vassal state”, akin to the homelands of the
RSA. They will be completely under the thumb of Israel. And when they finally
decide that enough is enough, they will, unless we can change things, be
left to face the wrath of the west. Unless we take action, this conflict is

This all I have to say,

Ricky J.


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Danny Keren ([email protected]) wrote:
: [email protected] (Ricardo D Joshua) writes:

: [Deleted]

: You know – I actually read this. One problem: the article completely
: failed to touch the issue of the Holocaust. It was entirely about
: the mideast. No evidence, theory, or even a conjecture was offered
: to suggest why one fact of the Holocaust is incorrect.

: This was a very interesting article. It proved, once again, that
: Holocaust deniers don’t give a damn about the facts, but have a
: political motivation behind them.

: BTW, why do many posters who are very critical of Israel denounce
: Holocaust denial as repulsive Nazi propaganda?

: -Danny Keren.


You were looking for the wrong things here. I did not aim to state facts
in my last article- the reason for this is was in the title, “my aim”. Where
a lot people are seriously mistaken is the Miseast- they instantly dismiss
arguments such as mine and say that the situation in Occupied Palestine and
and the discussion of the “Holocaust” exaggeration are incompatible. This
is clearly not the case. The myth has been used by the Zionists as an “insu-
rance policy” against any kind of criticism, let alone attack. If I remember
rightly, Arthur Butz referred to an event in the UN where, when the organis-
ation denounced “Israel” as being racist, the US representative Daniel Patrick
Moynihan was “reduced to hysterical yapping about the six million”. The myth
is therefore instrumental in the holding up of “Israel”, and, as I have said
before, it is also instrumental in making the rest of the civilised world
turn a blind eye to “Israeli” aggression. As many have said, “Israel” does
not obey laws which other nations feel obliged to respect. You are right-
my article does also apply to the middle east- but for the reasons above,
one can not avoid discussing the “Holocaust” story.

The fact is that the “Holocaust” remains the only majoe historical event
in which the facts are not discussed and argued openly. The starting point
for discussion is in completely the wrong place. Although I totally disagr-
eed with what you wrote, at least you were civilised enough not to resort
to the abuse which you anti-revisionists tend to use against us whenever
an argument is going against you.

The search for the truth continues….

Ricky J

* Campaign for Historical Truth *

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Felix Vagabond ([email protected]) wrote:
: This is addressed, to those who claim that the Holocaust is a hoax.
: Obviously, you never seem to present any fact to support your attitude
: toward those who think and know otherwise, and I have to ask a few questions:
: 1) Have you been to any of the concentration camps?

Yes. I went to Auschwitz last year as part of a trip to the Krakow region in
Poland while I was based in the Czech Republic on a ten-week study tour. I saw
nothing new which could change my mind. A rubbish tip left to stand for fifty
years would have created the same impression.

: 2) Have you met any living survivor/ survivors, who might have told you the
: facts?

Yes and no. I have not met any Jewish survivors from Concentration/Labour camps
but I have met, after listening to a lecture by, a Czech who was a prisoner at
Monowitz, and who worked as a technician at the Buna plant.

: 3) Have you met any living Nazi who told you that the holocaust never took
: place?

My grandfather was in the Luftwaffe, but was no Nazi- he emigrated to Sri Lanka
after the war, in an attempt to get away from the memories of Hitlerism. While
he despised Hitler and his policies in general (where the German people them-
selves suffered) he maintained that there was no talk of “exterminations”. He
never said that no-one was murdered, but that the idea of “gassings” was so
outlandish that, if it had occured, people would have taken notice.

: 4) Do you know the differnce between Hate and dislike, evil and bad,
: living and dead.

Of course I do. There is not much difference between hate and dislike or evil
and bad, but there is a vast difference between living and dead. This is what
the revisionist question is all about- the difference between living and dead.

: 5) Do you believe that the holocaust is a hoax?

Yes I do. I see it as an exagerration, a story which initially had its roots in
truth (i.e. the fact that Jews were singled out by the Nazis as being “undesir-
able”, etc..), but which was spun into a massive propaganda hoax, which is now
used to justify Israeli outrages in the middle east and to effectively put a
muzzle on those people who dare to speak out against the power of the Zionist
lobby, especialially in the US.
Read Paul Findley’s _They Dare to Speak Out_ for more information on this issue.
: 6) Do you ever stand in front of a mirrow and see that you have missed
: shaving some part of your face and even have cut yourself unintentionally?

Sometimes. But what has this got to do with the question of Holocaust revision-

: 7) Do you try to differentiate between the truth and the lie?

Of course I do. That is what Holocaust Revisionism is all about. If everything
was made clear to us there would be no problem, and people like myself would
have nothing to say.

: 8) Do you believe in random thoughts or reality?

What do you think? That I just get up one morning with the “random thought”
that the sky is purple with red spots and then talk about it afterwards?

: 9) Do you stop and think about what you have just said or done that might
: be wrong or uncalled for?

Of course I do. I think everybody does. Sometimes I have been provoked into
saying things, about many issues, where I later regret them. But, once again,
this has nothing to do with the discussion of revisionism.

: 10) If you were blind and your guide happened to be some one not of the
: same race, and he/she happened to be the only one there to lead you to
: safety, will you accept and be safe, or refuse and face the unpredictable?

Of course I would accept. I am not a racist. Despite what people may say, such
as some here on the Net, I am no Nazi. Look at me and you can see that I cannot
possibly be a Nazi. I believe in historical truth and international justice,
and I believe in working towards that end.u
Holocaust revisionism, in itself, has nothing to do with racism or Nazis. There
may be some people who preach both, but, in my view, they are shooting thems-
elves in the foot in doing so. I repeat: I am working in the name of historical
truth and international justice.

: 11) If you were on an island and you and some one else who is not of the
: same color or faith, would you cooperate or try to live alone and risk
: death in the worst way possible?

Here I would provide basically the same answer to what i provided to the last
question. If I am alone on an island with another person, with no way of con-
tacting the outside world, the revisionist issue, in that context, would be
irrelevant, for obvious reasons. Of course, if I had to choose the person to
be anything, I would rather have this person be a woman.
: These might be boring and uninteresting questions, but let me tell
: you, unless you were in my shoes, you will never know what is like walking
: in my shoes!
: As a Jew who grew up in W-Germany, and have never heard of people like you,
: who try to deny the existence of holocaust, I am simply flabbergasted by
: your outrageous attempt to deny the existance of a piece of history
: witnessed by millions of Jews and non-Jews alike, both living and dead.
: The atrocity and the horror of holocaust which cannot be easily conjured
: up by even the most powerful human imagination have left indelible
: physical, psychological and emotional scars on millions of people, scars
: for which there is no cure and which will pain them for the rest of their lives.
: As a son of a holocaust survivor, I ask you to re-examine your
: belief, and think for a moment how wonderful it would be if we all dissolved
: our anger and dealt with our own pain, rather avoiding pursuing something that has destrcutive couse.

I agree with you totally on “dissolving our anger”. Unfortunatly I cannot live
in peace of mind knowing that world events have been, and still are being, con-
tinually dictated by the Zionist cabal, for whom the Holocaust myth is the
insurance policy. Therefore, I cannot achieve an inner peace by “re-examining
my beliefs”. Sorry.

: A human being’s goal should be to live in harmony with others by treating
: everyone equally, and I’m willing to look to your face and say, “You are
: on the wrong track and you should think about it twice.”
: We all have painful memories to carry, but the best thing is to face it
: rather than ignore it by focusing on such outrageous claim as the denial
: of holocaust.
: I hope you will find peace while you sit and ponder about these things.
: Thank you.
: ==============================================================================
: ( No memorial can ever exhibit or impart the holocaust of SIX MILLION Jews)

: ==============================================================================

I hope I have answered you questions to your satisfaction. I have tried to be
as honest and as candid as possible.

Ricky J.

Campaign for Historical Truth

Usual disclaimers………….


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To all in alt.revisionism

We have heard the Holocaustians openly and constantly criticising Dan Gannon
for allegedly reposting material. Whether this true or not is not the issue,
however. What matters is that the Holocaustians have once more shown themse-
lves to be hypocrites. While they moan about Dan re-posting, the fact that
Ken McVay and his “Old Frog’s Almanac” keep regurgitating old stuff is igno-
red. This is about the third or fourth time that the “Operation Reinhard” FAQ
has been sent to alt.revisionism.

Those whole live in glass houses should not throw stones.

Ricky J.


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