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Gord McFee writes
In <[email protected]> [email protected] :

>In , [email protected] said:
>>Not this old garbage again – Gannon began with it 4 years ago.
>>BTW, in case our “revisionists” have once again “forgot” to
>>mention it, this was not an article, but a paid advertisement.
>>It’s amazing to see this old fool Smith and nazi-boy here *still*
>>to peddle the “Leuchter report”, which is recognized even by
>>”revisionists” as being totally useless. Nothing new under the sun
>>under the rock).
>What this seems to be is bumboy Lemire engaging in a mass “Gannon” post
>campaign. Every one of the articles is two to five years old and every
>has been shot down repeatedly. Obviously, in their supreme contempt
for the
>newer members of this newsgroup, the Nazi scum think they are stupid
>to be sucked in by this crap.
>Let’s’s see: we have the phony Leuchter, the defrocked Faurisson, the
>never-was Weber, and Mr. Hit and Run himself–Raven. No wonder they
>all credibility.
>Gord McFee
>.. I’ll write no line before its time([email protected])
>– MR/2 2.26 #331
> Dear Sir,
Are you a victim of marginal cranial development? Who discredited
Leuchters Report? THE POLISH GOVERNMENT COOBERATED IT! A chemist from
the Max Plank institute in Germany ran his own tests and confirmed it.
Is that all you can do to argue your point? Whimsical sarcasims and
intentional lies are attempts by people like yourself to extracate
yourself from a discussion your losing. The groups you are
defending(i.e. the SWC and the ADL) wouldn’t think twice about casting
you to the lions any more than they would a revisionist, if you didn’t
share there opinion on an issue. As to Bradley Smith, I was a guest with
him on a show about the Holocaust and he is anything but a Nazi as I am
sure his Mexican wife will attest to. He is a libertarian. I guess when
your pals are from the Wiesenthal Center everyone who doesn’t tow the
party line must be a Nazi. I think perhaps you would be more comfortable
at a book burning than I……………………………………..Mike

‘History needs no law to protect it and no one to protect us from it’


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