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LAWeissman writes
In <[email protected]> [email protected] :

>We’re out here reading your asinine lies. We often just choose not to
>respond because you’re so obviously lacking in intelligence, class,
>tolerance, personality, etc. that it wouldn’t even be a challenge.
>Revisionists I’m finding are mental midgets and most likely genitally

Duh…..hey Greg, Ernst, Fred, Mark,Bradley, Mr. Irving….did you feel
the awesome cranial power in Larry Larry’s note. Woaa! is he one of
those well hung Jewish lawyers we’ve heard ’bout. We’d better give up
ship because this last posting of his just wiped out the entire database
and years of research done by you and others. What a shame. I think I’ll
back up my diesel powered truck to my shower and pump in some of those
deadly fumes cuz it’s all over for us illiterate types. Better let
‘God’s Chosin wuns’ rule I mean write it……….Mike

‘History needs no law to protect it, and no one to protect it from us.’

From [email protected] Fri Jan 19 08:46:12 PST 1996
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From: [email protected] (Mike Jones )
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Subject: Re: Simon Wiesenthal Center’s *previous* Internet censorship attempts
Date: 19 Jan 1996 09:00:18 GMT
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In <[email protected]> [email protected] (Josh Klein)

>George Graves ([email protected]) wrote:
>> David [Dragon] Fiedler wrote:
>> > And it’s pretty idiotic to think that someone’s religion would have
>> > to do with their views on Internet censorship…especially Jews,
who are
>> > taught to question everything, even their own leaders.
>> >
>> > David (Dragon) Fiedler
>> I’m not talking about religion, I don’t care about someone’s
religious beliefs,
>> I’m talking about the seed of Abraham.
>Oh. You think that genetics plays more of a role in determining
>attitudes towards censorship? On which chromosome, exactly, is
>the censorship gene located?
>Josh Klein
>Amherst College

Dear Josh, right next to the Collective Victimization gene…….Mike

‘History needs no law to protect it and no one to protect us from it.’

From [email protected] Fri Jan 19 08:38:40 PST 1996
Article: 20643 of alt.revisionism
From: [email protected] (Mike Jones )
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Oberhauser Describes Belzec Death Camp
Date: 19 Jan 1996 08:57:36 GMT
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In [email protected] (Daniel Keren)

>SS-Untersturmfuehrer Oberhauser on the death camp at Belzec
>[Quoted in ‘The Good Old Days’ – E. Klee, W. Dressen, V. Riess, The
>Free Press, NY, 1988., p. 228-230]
>The camp of Belzec was situated north-east of the Tomaszo’w to Lemberg
>[Lvov] road beyond the village of Belzec. As the camp needed a siding
>for the arriving transports the camp was built about 400 meters from
>Belzec station. The camp itself was divided into two sections: section
>1 and section 2. The siding led directly from Belzec station into
>section 2 of the camp, in which the undressing barracks as well as the
>gas installations and the burial field were situated…
>The gassing of Jews which took place in Belzec camp up till 1 August
>1942 can be divided into two phases. During the first series of
>experiments there were two to three transports consisting of four to
>six freight cars each holding twenty to forty persons. On the average
>150 Jews were delivered and killed per transport. At that stage the
>gassings were not yet part of a systematic eradication action but were
>carried out to test and study closely the camp’s capacity and the
>technical problems involved in carrying out a gassing…
>At the beginning of May 1942 SS-Oberfuehrer Brack from the Fuehrer’s
>chancellery suddenly came to Lublin. With Globocnik he discussed
>resuming the extermination of the Jews. Globocnik said he had too few
>people to carry out this programme. Brack stated that the euthanasia
>programme had stopped and that the people from T4 would from now on be
>detailed to him on a regular basis so that the decisions taken at the
>Wannsee conference could be implemented. As it appeared that it would
>not be possible for the Einsatzgruppen to clear individual areas of
>Jews and the people in the large ghettos of Warsaw and Lemberg by
>shooting them, the decision had been taken to set up two further
>extermination camps which would be ready by 1 August 1942, namely
>Treblinka and Sobibor. The large-scale extermination programme
>[Vernichtungsaktion] was due to start on 1 August 1942.
>About a week after Brack had come to Globocnik, Wirth and his staff
>returned to Belzec. The second series of experiments went on until
>1 August 1942. During this period a total of five to six transports
>(as far as I am aware) consisting of five to seven freight cars
>containing thirty to forty people came to Belzec. The Jews from two
>of these transports were gassed in the small chamber, but then Wirth
>had the gas huts pulled down and built a massive new building with a
>much larger capacity. It was here that the Jews from the rest of the
>transport were gassed.
>During the first experiments and the first set of transports in the
>second series of experiments bottled gas was still used for gassing;
>however, for the last transports of the second series of experiments
>the Jews were killed with the exhaust gases from a tank or lorry
>engine which was operated by Hackenholt.
>-Danny Keren.
>Lies written in ink can never disguise facts written in blood.
>-Lu Xun.

Hey danny, Would that be Diesel Gas? Just checkin’.

‘History needs no law to protect it and no one to protect us from it’

From [email protected] Fri Jan 19 08:37:50 PST 1996
Article: 20642 of alt.revisionism
From: [email protected] (Mike Jones )
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Subject: Re: Where Are The Rest Of The Jews?
Date: 19 Jan 1996 08:49:11 GMT
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