John Hron Autopsy Report: Conclusion

E 95 – 0730

After examination of the dead body of Hron, John.

From the police report it is evident that he was found dead in Ingetorpssj 94n (a lake) at a depth of 5-6 meters.

The dead body has presented:

  • bruises, offscrapings of skin, and superficial contusions at the head, wounds in the mucous membrane at the lips, a broken tooth, substantial bleedings in the soft tissues of the face in the temple muscles and in the scalp.
  • Furthermore there are brain damages (6-14, 19, 21-24, 61, 86, 87, 92)
  • bruises and offscrapings of skin at the neck and nape, and bleedings in the soft tissue of the neck (15-18, 64-66)
  • bruises and offscrapes of skin at the left and right arm (25-32) bruises and offscrapes of skin at the torso and bleedings in the pancreas (25, 33-46, 56, 83)
  • bruises and offscrapes of skin at the right and left leg (47-53);


The wounds were fresh.

The wounds were caused by blunt violence.

It cannot be determined what kind of blunt violence has been used, but the injuries could have been inflicted to him from kicks and blows.

The brain injuries caused unconciousness.

The dead body presents inflated and non-elastic lungs and abundant amount of froth in the respiratory organ (68, 69).

The forensic examination indicated 0.12 per mill ethanol in blood from thigh; 0.21 per mill ethanol in urine.

Pharmaceutical screening negative in blood from thigh.

Amphetamine, opiates and cannabis negative in urine.

Cocaine negative in urine.

The finding speaks in favour of death was caused by drowning.

Gothenburg 1995-09-01

Kerstin Bostrom