“A revionist will never call you a name for questioning what they post.”
Matt Giwer, August 12, 1996

In response to charges that he had used the term “Jewboy” in reference to Dr. Danny Keren, Matt Giwer offered the following word games:

August 16, 1996:

Rather I have not read that term here. But of interest to the Jews the males are meaningless. It is only the “jewgirls” that matter.

August 17, 1996:

No. In fact I rather carefully keep away from terms that I do not create such as holohugger.

August 20, 1996:

Why would I claim I did not write this?

On August 14, 1996, we find the following article posted by Mr. Giwer; you be the judge:

[UseNet headers trimmed]

From Matt Giwer
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Auschwitz Myths and Facts
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 1996 09:40:11 GMT
Message-ID: <[email protected]>

On Mon, 12 Aug 1996 17:41:55 GMT, [email protected] (Daniel Keren) wrote:[Giwer] “Danny boy, the pipes are callin you. Throwing in children, a terrible cry.

[Keren] “Is this ‘physically impossible’?

[Giwer] “Heat given off when there is no source of heat.

[Keren] “In winter, when you crowd a large number of people into a small room, are you saying that this room will not be considerably hotter than the surrounding?

[Giwer] “How can I thank you for another example of holohuggers idiocy? I never can.

[Keren] “How can I thank you for proving, yet again, that Nazi apologists are as dumb as they go?

“Want to go back to the SS-men not being able to carry 4 Kg of Zyklon up the ladder? As you claimed? As it would be ‘too heavy’?

“You’re a stupid piece of dreck. Didn’t I tell you this already?

Quite true, Jewboy.

Beyond that, I made no such claim about being too heave but the amount is at least 6 kg for each of the two, to match the time frame required.

September 23, 1996:

“In fact I did call him jew-boy but only after he started calling me nazi-boy.”