Jedi knight, Graves Rich

[email protected] (DvdThomas) writes:
>Rich Graves and Yale Edeiken have analyzed the ProtoSource/CODOH affair
>with insight and intelligence.

Why thank you, Mr. Hunt. Can I be a Jedi Knight now?

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Subject: Re: BRADLEY SMITH’S WEBSITE IS SHUT DOWN [ trademark dispute]
From: [email protected] (DvdThomas)
Date: 1996/07/09
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Rich Graves wrote:

>The truth about the closing of the accouunt used by Smith & Widmann’s
>business has been discussed at length in alt.revisionism, not crossposted
>because it wasn’t relevant to online censorship.

The truth about the closing of Smith’s account has been consistently
misrepresented by you in alt.revisionism. You continue to make unfounded
surmises and state them as if they were fact, as well as twist the few
facts you possess. You are, sir, a con artist of sorts, willing to do
whatever it takes to present yourself as an infallible, righteous crusader
and Jedi Knight. But your light sword is, in reality, a two-cell
flashlight with weak batteries.

From: [email protected] (Rich Graves)
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Subject: Re: The PSNW “contract”
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