Is Matt Giwer an antisemite?

You pathetic, primative bastards are all alike.

You folks should get your sociologic parallels straight. David and Montezuma were equals. Today’s Jews are adhering to a social form that died out in the civilized world thousands of years ago. By any definition today’s Jews are a living anachronism that should be preserved under some endangered species act.

Just as we do not disturb the strange tribes of the Amazon we should not disturb the strange tribes of Juda or David. (March 23, 1996)


I don’t know how to indentify jews. Why don’t you tell me?

The nose, the funny hats, the names, the beards, the “I want a Mercedes” whine? How are they identifiable? What identifies them? Ask three jews what is a jew and you get four opinions. Maybe you can do better.


Right, come get me, it will make my religous fervor come true.

I know it is going to happen so just say anything and I will know I am being persecuted. I can be a martyr! Please let me take a number for a gas chamber.

You assholes sound just like the nuns with the glossy eyes talking about the Christian martyrs.

I don’t really mean to interrupt your sexual arousal but please stop inflicting this upon the rest of the world. (March 17, 1996)


You lovers of a hyphenated god need to grow up. (April 30, 1996)


But of course in either case a more complete work up or pathology needs be done. And again I note references to color are rather rare. And it was striking the first place we find the right indication for cyanide it is in a camp that used CO where if there was any mention of color it should have been of pink.

Does Mr. Giwer disagree with OSHA on cyanosis being a symptom of CO poisoning?

You are of course a willfully deceitful, character assassinating, atheist Jew. Now I have no idea what game you are trying to play at this point in the message but I have said nothing about OSHA so why do you not post it first? Or so you disagree with the NAVSEA manual on turbine exhaust poisoning? But of course, YOU FIRST! I made up mine. you deal with yours first.

But as a bottom line we really should not make too much of the color. It was simply striking by its rarity and being in the wrong place.

Translation: Mr. Giwer recognizes he was wrong, but as usual will not admit it.

A better translation is

You are of course a willfully deceitful, character assassinating, atheist Jew.

But if this is not clear enough I can and have gone further in noting that all the Jews in this conference have condoned your behavior by their silence and are no better than you. And that includes all of them and yes, that means you. (May 26, 1996)


And further proof that our California Chemist has to be an atheist. Or perhaps he has split a rabbinic hair and determined that it refers only to citizens of Israel. (May 27, 1996)


With people like you it is becoming easier and easier to believe the Talmud really does encourage lying to Goyim. If the Talmud does not say it, you should insist upon its inclusion in the next revision. (May 30, 1996)

——–A black barber speaks to a black customer.

Did I ever tell you about the American dream? Every nigger swimming back to Africa … with a Jew under each arm.

But of course merely posting this will be called antisemitic by the idiots. (June 1, 1996)


The evidence I am about to give shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me hyphenated god. (June 6, 1996)


[On the destruction of Yiddish culture during the Holocaust]

There is no particular merit to Yiddish culture. Why would you care? (June 11, 1996)