Introduction & Editorial Notes

“If antisemitism has a core, factual meaning, it was demonstrated here.” Thus did Judge Bork, in 1984, dismiss the suit brought by Willis Carto‘s Liberty Lobby against ‘The Wall Street Journal’ for having called it “anti-Semitic.”

The Coalition for Human Dignity describes the Institute for Historical Review as “… a pseudo-academic think tank dedicated to disproving that the Holocaust happened. Founded by the dean of American anti-Semites Willis Carto, IHR functions as a clearinghouse for Holocaust denial and a meeting ground for anti-Semitic scholars in the United States.” (CHD, “Denial”)

This document is presented as part of a continuing effort to provide those confronting the IHR’s propaganda machine with a research tool to help them understand the nature of the organization, its associations and some of the principal players. It was compiled and edited with the help of lots of concerned folks on the network; without their assistance it probably could not have been produced. (Several sections within this document are incomplete, and have been marked [Work in progress] – with luck, those sections will have been completed within the next month or so.) In particular, I would like to acknowledge Richard Hatch’s PAC contribution, which was invaluable.


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