In media hootch, Giwer Matt

In article [email protected] said:

>> >> When the message I respond to me contains an attack against me
>> >> deviating the from the serious debate that the holohuggers claim they
>> >> want then I will continue to respond in that manner.
>> >Attacks such as calling a woman “fatbroad”?
>> >
>> >Hmmm… looks like a bit of Pot. Kettle. Black here, Mr. Giwer.
>> That worked to instantly shut off her silly on me. So why not?
>Please translate this Giwerese to me. “…shut off her silly on me.”

Excuse me for butting in, Sara, but I also have some knowledge of this
language. In fact, I know how and when Mr. McVay is able to translate it,
but I am not at liberty to say any more. Giwer must not find out that we
control him. Get it?

Now: “…shut off her silly on me…” We are dealing here with a written
“in media hootch” ellipse. These are rarely seen in writing, but often
heard. Listening to about 5 minutes of Foster Brooks will show you what I
mean. It usually happens when the speaker is searching for the next word
and is unable to think of it because of his, her or its befuddled/besotted
state. Thus, they simply slide over it completely. This is usually
accompanied by slurred words and excessive belching. Rare to see in writing
because one is able to go back and revise the text.

Probably means something like: “…shut off her [very effective] attack [on]
silly old me”.

Hope this helps.
Gord McFee

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