In his words, Grosvenor William

After all,will you be commenting next on the travel policies of Singapore
and malaysia,where it is an automatic death sentence for possession of
any drugs,even if you are white?

For you to accuse me, whom you definitely do not know, of bigotry shows
how ignorant you are. That I am intolerant of some subhuman types,
such as homosexuals spreading AIDS was not mentioned in my comments …

Cretin is kissing the asses of the frogs in Quebec,and also those of the
native homelands.

Why did he not assess against the Quebecers for the fact that they also
have allowed private medical clinics to charge patients service fees? Is
he getting paid off by Morgentaler and the like,so that he doesn’t
collect millions from Quebec,like his is crewing Alberta?

Now that he is giving DISTINCT SOCIETY status to the frogs and
natives,why not also for ALBERTA? We are so distinct,that we are fed up
paying hundreds of millions just for the parasites of Quebec.That makes
us distinct,as well as stupid for allowing them to keep on ripping us off!!!