In his words, Griswold Leslie

Oh, geez, another bespectacled wanna-be scholar who has to have references
and footnotes before he’ll even fart. Look, I read it in “Instauration”
magazine of October 1994. Now, my “citations” probably aren’t enough to
convince you of my intellectual credentials, but that’s neither here nor
there. What’s really pathetic is people like you who want to count Jewish
noses in pre- and post-WW II Germany to “prove” or “disprove” the
Holocaust. If you can “disprove” it–what then? Does that “redeem” the
Nazis, prove that they were “nice guys”? Would you have the courage to
draw the necessary conclusions, i.e. that Nazi Germany did NOT orchestrate
mass gassings of Jews, and that therefore, there must have been a
concerted Jewish effort to keep the wartime propoganda alive? I bloody
well doubt it.

Oh, drop dead, turd. If you’re going to pontificate and pretend that
you’re some high and mighty intellectual, why don’t you try and show off
your brain power in public? I really have no time for little shits like
you, who would rather spend their time reading books instead of actually
DOING something. Let me put it this way: I don’t believe Hitler
exterminated six megakikes during WW II. And even if he did, SO WHAT?

Unlike you, I’m a man who can make up his OWN mind, not some gutless
wonder who has to have references and footnotes before he’ll even fart.

James Nguyen likes to brag about all the White women he’s had. But hey,
don ‘t get mad at him! I guess he’s just admitting that pie-faced,
slant-eyed, piss-yellow Mongolian women hold no attraction for him (I
don’t blame him–they hold none whatsoever for me).

Ooh, you’re so TOUGH and INTIMIDATING. So what if you can “beat me up” (
a highly unlikely prospect, but for the sake of argument…) Does that
then prove that YOU’RE right and I’M wrong? No. It proves one thing and
one thing only: that James White can beat up Les Griswold. Blacks are
STILL backwards, Hispanics are STILL Indian-Negro-White mongrels, Jews
are STILL either Sephardim or Ashkenazim, and YOU are still a wienie.

BTW, there has not been a German army since May 1945. The only men under
arms in Germany since then have been occupying troops, and mercenaries.
How does THAT grab YOU?

And you get all bent out of shape over my using the word “megakikes”,
saying that I wouldn’t be likely to have anything reasonable or
interesting to say? Well, I and many people I know would say the same
thing about you toadies to the Jews, who refuse to see what’s right in
front of your eyes if it isn’t in one of your “credible” sources.

Who profits from the “Holocaust” fable? The American taxpayers? Nope.
They’re forced to pay annual tribute to Israel, and fund all sorts of
“Holocaust” memorials. The German taxpayer? Nope. They get forced to
pay “reparations” to survivors and the state of Israel, and East Germany
had to agree to pay “reparations” in order to get recognized by Israel.
The IHR? The average Canadian? Nope, nope. The average Israeli? The
average diaspora Jew? Well, hey! I think we’re on to something here!
While you argue the relative merits of Prussian Blue at Auschwitz, the
“reparations” just keep merrily rolling into Tel Aviv.

Sure, dink. How do you KNOW Asian cum is hot and spicy? Yeah, I’m SO
hurt that you “tread all over my ass and steal all my beautiful women.”
Any woman who would sleep with a gook is almost certainly butt-ugly to
begin with, so believe it or not, I’m not losing any sleep over your
claims. And even if they’re raging beauties, so what? Like I said, any
White woman who will consider a chink as anything other than a servant is
lost anyway.

Yeah, well, if you were ME you wouldn’t be a potty-mouthed little slope,
would you?

BTW, you should feel right at home in Vancouver, it’s just CRAWLING with
chinks and other Asian rabble.