In his words, Griswold Leslie

Well, bully for you. Ear wax isn’t the ONLY feature that differentiates
the races. There’s (for example) blood type.

Are you REALLY so stupid as to believe that we have to admit that we’re
the same as Blacks because we have the same ear wax? Or that we’re
identical to Asians because SOME Whites have type B blood (usually a Mongolian

Liberals LOVE to go on about how “Whites beat Blacks too, so let’s not
hear about Black-on-White crime anymore!” As if a few isolated incidents
equal the undeclared race war that the Black race is perpetrating on the
White race! Just a few facts:

The point? Be a negrophilic suck-ass as much as you want, but when the
Blacks start capping Whitey, they aren’t gonna be asking about your
politics; they’re gonna know everything they need by lookiing at your
melanin deprivation, ie you’re White, you’re the enemy.

I DO tell the truth. It’s only whiny ninnies like yourself who can’t
accept it.

Really? It’s too bad that most Blacks would rather concentrate on the
OTHER three R’s:

RAPIN’ – of White women
RAPPIN’ – to what can arguably be called “music”
RIOTIN’ – and looting

So what is the nature of your disability? (besides being jewish, I mean)

Tell a jew that since the Torah is full of exhortations to commit
genocide, they are under the same obligation to change it as Christians
were under obligation to remove all references to jews as “Christ-killers”
in the New Testament (this took place in the mid ’70s). Or, tell ’em that
they can’t criticize the Spanish Inquisition, since those Christians were
only following the word of God (or their interpretation).

Sorry to disappoint you, anonymous nigger, but any white woman who beds
down with a neeegro is no Aryan.

You’re also right, I read too fast. However, it’s not “avoiding the
issue” – the same objection arises if you want to talk specifically about
non-White U.S. soldiers: it’s the height of insanity to allow non-Whites
to have access to guns and (especially) explosives. “Fragging” (tossing
frag grenades at officers) was a Black vs. White phenomenon. Of course,
now you’re going to deny, deny, deny.

Right. It also happens to be true that White women are far and away more
beautiful than non-White women.

Actually, blood types are usually, though not exclusively, peculiar to one
group. Whites are generally type A, Orientals type B, Amerinds type O.

Cranial size is ONE indicator of what observation confirms: that
non-Whites don’t have the necessary upstairs equipment to compete with
Whites. Oh well, anyone who would take Steven Jay Gould seriously…And you might want to keep a lid on that “human soap” shit – no-one buys
it anymore, not even hollow cause hucksters.

Think about it: Black women (Negroids) have coneheads, REALLY thick lips,
yellow eyes, pendulous tits… ugh! How can ANYONE say, with a straight
face, that Black women are beautiful by ANY standard?

Hey, chief, “native americans” have already been amply compensated.
THEY’RE happy with their sattelite dishes, pickup trucks, snow-mobiles,
welfare cheques… none of which, BTW, they would have developed on their

But jews aren’t White to begin with (they may be white, but they’re
DEFINITELY not White).

I just love the reality-denial inherit in liberal arguments like the one
above, ie “how would YOU like it if… “. Well, Jingar, the simple fact
is, the US (and the whole White world) IS being taken over by an ethnic
minority (and an extremely malevolent one at that), and they aren’t even
giving us satellite dishes, pick-up trucks, or anything else except
compound interest and massive inflation. If you can’t see THAT, you’ve
got a hole in your head.

And when I hear senseless drivel coming from pathetic whites like you, I
am moved to vomit.

Listen, jackass, Black slaves were infinitely better off in the “racist”
U.S. of A. than they would have been back in Africa.

How can Germany be guilty of something that never happened?
But even if it did: Hitler (rightly) identified the jews as _the_ problem
for Germany and Germans, and he did EVERYTHING NECESSARY to save the
German people.

Probably in much the same way that Hitler REALLY dealt with it, and not
the way the jews TELL everyone he dealt with it: by barring jews from
becoming citizens, and encouraging them to emigrate away from wherever
the White race is.

The White race stands apart from all others. It’s foolish or evil to
apply the same standard to every featherless biped.

But Kevin, surely even you realize that that presupposes a belief that the
U.S. Constitution is the be-all and end-all document, that we are going to
adhere to it while our race sickens and dies.

I agree that any civilization must place some restrictions on personal
freedoms to survive. The difference being, I ADMIT it, but liberals never
will. Neither will libertarians, unless they’re pushed against the wall,
and even then, they’ll quibble and equivocate.

Ooh! Good one! So is anti-(white) racism, fool. Or do you somehow think
that breeding the White race out of existence doesn’t constitute an
especially pernicious form of genocide?

Well, no mixed-race ever accomplished anything of worth.