In her words 9611, Daltyn Ann

He has never stated this but you have McOiVay. You are a pack of sick
dogs at Nizcor. The foam around your mouth is showing McOiVay.

Your banter is silly McOiVay. Why don’t you tell the fine MAM people why
Nizcor is here in MAM. And why Nizcor has been monitoring MAM and is
against the militia movement all together. Tell them of your connections
to Dees. Tell them of all your traitorous acts and taking money for
spreading lies about true patriots.

I think the members of MAM need to know that McVay is not a friend to the
needs of America, the Constitution, nor of our rights to hold the values
of the founding fathers. He is a paid flunky for the Government and is an
informant who shares compiled and databased info on the militias with Dees
and “law enforcement” agencies so they can frame innocent patriots.

Nizcor, McOiVay and Dees are against free speech. Nizcor,
McOiVay and Dees could care less about the United States of America.
Nizcor, McOiVay and Dees do not care about nor honor the Constitution.
Nizcor, McOiVay and Dees are against militias. Nizcor, McOiVay and Dees
only care about serving their masters of special interest and in keeping
the dirty money coming. Nizcor, McOIVay and Dees are the worst kinds of
traitors to America.

I have at no time been offensive nor have my friends.

Ah yes.. sure Mark shine a glimmer of reality onto this dimwit Arleen.

If you would bother to educate yourself on these matters and others presented by
Ian and other courteous NA members you will see that the things we have
posted have been rational, fact based and posted with the intention to
assist fellow patriots in learning truths.

Wizard you idiot!! Just because some of this knowledge is new to you and
there are some hard to pronounce words (look into Hooked on Phonics)
doesn’t give you the right to comment on a post you have not fully read
nor understood.