In her words 9610, Daltyn Ann

Jews have control of the media i.e. how and what information is
disseminated, how it is biased and what is deemed acceptable.

Jews run the CIA: (and to whom or what is there [sic] inherent loyalty…

Another nasty fact is the Jew run the OSI, and the ADL has was to [sic]
much power around the world.

Nationalist are not Communists. And everyone know the Cuban have no money,
they can’t even feed, cloth, house & take care of basic medical & housing needs
to their citizens. You are a fool.

If you were a zionist/jew no matter
where you lived or what you did you would always inherently be loyal to
Israel and your people. This seems to be a very big issue if you can
grasp the realm of that reality. To be jewish is not just a religion, it
is a race it is to be a citizen of a nation that is your supposed homeland
given to you by god. You would consider yourself the chosen ones and any
lying, cheating, killing or stealing that advances your holy state is

jewishness is not just religion or ancestry. It is politics, race, and so
much more. It is full of hidden agendas, manipulating the goy at any cost
to support the chosen.

Throughout history the jews have systematically destroyed
every civilization that they have infested. It is like termites secretly
eating away at the heart and core of a mighty oak. The parasitic actions
speak for themselves. The usury, the false loyalties, the divide and
conquer tactics, the weakening of other cultures identities via there
strong hold on the media and creating popular public opinion. The signs
are everywhere, don’t be afraid to see them.