Important Link, Huber M.

Our German mirror site, does not exist), was the first one,
but we assume that Mr. Schoedel doesn’t know how to use such a
He may wish to continue until he retrieves does not exist)
which is, after all, dedicated to his words and his words alone 🙂
The Nizkor Project (Canada) – An Electronic Holocaust Educational
[Ftp] (page does not exist)
[Europe] (page does not exist) (Under construction – permanently!)……
unlearn(page does not exist)

Ahhhhh, Nitzkor loves to post their web-links, and those of others. You
do, conveniently, however, always omit the link to St. Johns Univ. which,
in excruciating detail, defines the infection & contagion and genetic
holocaust being spread by j*ws among the world’s populations. Linkup to: (page does not exist)

and read the scare of the century!

It’s a bird?? It’s a plane!! NO…it’s AAntiZion !!
Faster than a lent SHEKEL, Mightier than the SHATAR, HE leaps fat
KARASAKS in a single bound……….

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[2] The Nizkor Web
[email protected]
Yup. is a simple 486 Dx25, connected via
28.8 Kb PPP link. It is barely able to keep up with the 700 to
900 daily visitors it gets now, and our stats
( does not exist)) suggest that we have max’d our