Immigration stats, Griswold Leslie

I believe Les was the comedian of whom you speak.

After going to the library today, I got these figures from the
1989 Statistical Yearbook of the Immigration and Naturalization Service_:

Immigration to the United States 1936-1945
Immigrant Aliens Admitted for Permanent Residence

1936      36,329      1941      51,776
1937      50,244      1942      28,781
1938      67,895      1943      23,725
1939      82,998      1944      28,551
1940      70,756      1945      38,119

Total 479,174

Note that this is the total for _all_ immigrants during this
period: I’m going to assume that a fair amount of Gentile (and, while
we’re at it, non-European) immigrants came in at that time.

There’s your statistics, fellows: unless they were altered by the
Zionist Occupying Government, it seems that these refugees aren’t in
Miami Beach and New York. So I ask the question yet again (and note that
I’ve not yet heard back from Greg Raven on this); where did the Jews of
Eastern Europe go?

Kevin Filan

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>>Actually, this comedian has merely repeated what some revisionist earnestly
>>declared on this group last week: that the missing Jews _were_ in