IBM: The Holocaust – Selected Commentary

Copyright ©2001 Edwin Black

“Once again, Edwin Black has hit the mark. IBM and The Holocaust is a story that must be read if one is to understand how Hitler and the Nazis were able to implement their Final Solution to exterminate European Jewry. We have been told that ‘nobody knew,’ but Edwin Black proves conclusively that many knew and that IBM was instrumental in Hitler’s success identifying nearly ten million European Jews and killing 6 million. As we become more technologically advanced, we must always remember that technology can work for evil as well as good. This book tells us that we must be ever vigilant and never allow progress and profits to triumph over morality and ethics.” (Abraham H. Foxman, National Director, Anti-Defamation League)“In this carefully researched, yet chilling book, Edwin Black relates how the corporate and technological zeal of IBM, and its CEO, Thomas J. Watson, contributed step-by-step to Nazi power, and advanced the Holocaust. One can only wonder how different the number of Holocaust deaths might have been throughout Europe had Hitler not enjoyed the strategic services of IBM and its punch card technology. This book is an awesome warning for the future.” (William Seltzer, author of Population Statistics and the Holocaust Former Director, U.N. Statistics Division)

“Edwin Black’s groundbreaking book, IBM and the Holocaust, made a great impression on me. It documents, for the first time that an American company, IBM, bears a good deal of the moral responsibility for the preparation of the persecution of the Nazi victims. IBM and the Holocaust confirms the belief that the Holocaust was not only a cruel, unprecedented crime, but also an enormous bureaucratic undertaking. As such, this shocking book offers a great warning and reminder for individuals, states, companies, and institutions, that more than any advantage or profit, we must above all respect basic moral obligations.” (Franciszek Piper, historian, Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum)

“I am appalled. The sordid details of the Holocaust seem never to end. Edwin Black has now provided us with evidence of yet more complicity by the giants of industry–this time International Business Machines. Not only did this mighty organization unhesitatingly place monetary gain above human life and dignity, but the technology it provided made the very machinery of Nazism, and the genocide of millions of Jews, Roma and others, possible. The horrors of the Third Reich continue to haunt us into the twenty-first century. Edwin Black is to be thoroughly commended for bringing this new information to the world’s attention in his book, IBM and the Holocaust. I wait now with interest to see how IBM will respond to these facts-which it has clearly wished to conceal.” (Ian F. Hancock, Director, The Romani Archives and Documentation Center, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, Member)“Edwin Black’s research has produced an impressive study. All of us interested in secret, heretofore unknown records on WWII, should learn from Black’s work how much more could be revealed. IBM and the Holocaust shows us how little we were informed about aspects of the Holocaust we thought we knew everything about–and how far human beings on the Allied side could go to make a profit.” (Dr. Shlomo Aronson, Professor of Political Science, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. former scholar-in-residence, Library of Congress author of, Beginnings of the Gestapo System)

“Edwin Black’s IBM and the Holocaust gives shocking credence to the growing body of evidence not only of a conspiracy of silence, but of complicity on the part of the Allied nations and their corporations. reaching its most extreme expression in IBM’s role in making the mass extermination of Jews and others possible. Black’s thorough research and documentation leaves no room for deniability. It raises frightening questions about the past and challenges for the present.” (Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations)