Iadfw net-advisory 0196, Alsbrook Bart

On November 20 of last year, I contacted you with the
following message:

“It has come to my attention that material libelling me has
appeared on the alpha1.iadfw.net/~bootboy/main.htm web page.

“As I have engaged American legal counsel with regard to this
matter, I thought I should contact you and request your
assistance in having this material removed from the page in

“Please contact me within a reasonable length of time with
regard to what action you will take to have this material
removed, so that I can forward the information to counsel.”

My mailer transport logs show confirmation of delivery, but
perhaps you didn’t see the message.

I am meeting with my Texas counsel in a few weeks, and would
like to be able to present your company’s policy to him at
that time, and your intentions with regard to this matter, so
we can best determine the scope of pending legal action.

If I do not hear from you by the time I have left for Texas, I
will ask legal counsel to contact you by registered mail, at
the address registered with the Secretary of State,
Corporations Section, which are in counsel’s hands.

Your co-operation would be appreciated.

Kenneth McVay

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From kmcvay Mon Jan 8 20:52:19 1996
Subject: Libel on site
To: [email protected], [email protected]
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