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attacks on the Amish

From: [email protected] (M Huber)
Date: 1996/02/18

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organization: Prodigy Services Company 1-800-PRODIGY
newsgroups: misc.activism.militia

Date: Saturday, 17-Feb-96 11:07 AM

_Attacks On Amish NOT Hate Crimes_ (ANA)

Since January, at least ten or fifteen incidents have occurred in
Indiana, where Amish men on bicycles have been beaten and robbed on
way home from work. Some of the men have been beaten with metal pipes
tire irons. The Amish have been targeted because they are pacifists
religion prevents them from fighting back and reporting their problems
the police. However, one Amish man, fearing someone would eventually be
killed, stepped forward and reported the incidents to the police.
have arrested five people they believe are responsible for the attacks.
Detective Sgt. Tom Brindle said this will _NOT_ be considered a hate
He said “They weren’t doing it because they were neo-Nazis or anything
that. They were just doing it because they were easy prey. Amish men
carry credit cards, they don’t carry checkbooks. They always carry cash.


Written by Anton H., ANA Assistant Editor

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