How to forge email, Covington Harold

A mild warning to anti-Nazis…

Harold “Winston Smith” Covington has just sent instructions for forging
email to his mailing list of approximately 1,000 (he claims). This
information is readily available from other sources, but I don’t doubt
we’ll soon see Naziphiles wanting to try this out.

If you receive email from a bogus sender, or from a real sender who does
not seem to have actually sent it, you may have been hit with the
following technique.

The message you posted is entirely accurate. By telnetting to
port 25 of a server (, as in the message), one can
manually submit an e-mail message and type whatever they want for
the header.

Try it. I’m sure you log on with a PPP connection, so do that. If
you are using Win95, click Start | Run and type telnet ISP
where ISP is the domain name of your internet provider. For
example, if you have shell access (unix) to earthlink, type telnet Log in like normal, then at the unix
prompt, type: telnet 25. This allows you to
log in to the mail server and communicate (send mail).


mail from:[email protected]
rcpt to:[email protected]
subject: Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas! Just testing.

You’ll then see the server connect to the rcpt (recipient’s) mail
server and transmit the message. I sent a test message from
[email protected] (if you were curious).

-The Nazi Cyberphantom

[After some thought I have changed my position and posted the
entire preceding message in toto, because various people are
trying to suppress information on the Net and I don’t think we
should in any way cooperate with this process. Knowledge should
always be free and available. But I would like to ask our
people—dead serious now—please do not actually do this. The
Party has been victimized by forged e-mail and I know what an
annoyance it is. We are not the National Alliance; we must not
engage in grotesque and viciously unethical activity while crying
and wailing when the same thing is done to us. We are National
Socialists, and it is up to us to set the standard that less
developed people like the NA need to come up to. – WS]

Fortunately, most decent ISPs will keep logs of which machines access
their SMTP ports, so this method of forging can be traced. Be sure to
keep the full headers of any suspicious email, especially the Received,
Date, and Message-ID headers.

Subject: a mild warning about email
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 96 23:12:55 -0500
To: ,