Horogan Ray, Leaves usenet

Note: I am posting this to USENET as a courtesy to Ray, since he no longer
has secure and effective posting ability. I do not necessarily agree with
any or all of his sentiments here, and I most certainly disagree with some
of them. They are his views, and he has a right to them.

Milton John Kleim, Jr.

A statement by Ray “WhiteWolf” Horigan, former commander of the Aryan Corps


Some of you will not recognize the name, but when I mention that I am the
man behind the nym “Whitewolf”, many of you will recognize me.

I am leaving the “movement” and will not support it again in the future.
This is not a temporary measure, and I will not return to this “movement”
again. I hope that having read this, you, too, will consider leaving this
“movement”, and refrain from supporting it in future. It’s in your own best
interests. Believe me, I know!!!

During the past several months, I’ve been rethinking my position in this
“movement”, ever since the loss of the rec.music.white-power vote. And
having evaluated the situation, I find myself in a position where I felt
that I could no longer support the “movement” without being a hypocrite.

My first doubts about the validity of the “movement” came when the results
of the vote were in. Although I didn’t say so at the time, I was more upset
at the low “yes” vote than the high “no” vote.

Considering less than 600 voted “yes”, I found myself thinking why didn’t
they vote? Perhaps they couldn’t be bothered. They certainly knew about
the discussion, since this debate caused the greatest debate in Usenet

It`s hard to find the words to express my disappointment at the result of
the vote. It shook my faith in my “comrades” considerably.

Other events, which I cannot go into in detail here, presented me with an
opportunity to see the “movement” in it’s true light – A sinister and
dangerous grouping of lunatics and fanatics! Not noble Aryans who wish to
see the fulfillment of the 14 Words, but those who would bring disaster upon
our race by their actions.

I used the words “lunatics and fanatics” above, but not all activists are
like this, some are idealistic, intelligent, and progressive activists, who
are just misguided, and manipulated by the “leader” This leader doesn’t
care for his troops, seeing them as drones, to be ordered about and he
would sacrifice them if need be; they are expendable to him.

Many other issues were taken into account by me during my decision making,
and I’ve outlined many of these in this list.

>1. No matter how determined we are to better our race, we cannot win the
battle on Usenet. For each dedicated serious activist, there are a great
number of fools/idiots/
trollers who undermine and destroy any hope we have of presenting “Joe
Public” with the idea that we are not loons and fools.

>2. Far too many, and probably the majority of activists treat the Net and
their involvement in the “movement” as some sort of game/hobby.

>3. Not one person was ever “won-over” to our way of thinking, who did not
come to this “movement” already in support of racialist thought.

The “Movement”:
>1. There is no Movement, only a “movement”, he who thinks otherwise is
living a lie.

>2. This “movement” is paralised by paranoia, mistrust and group rivalry.

>3. There is a dark/sinister side to this “movement”, that will forever
place its mem-
bers as outcasts from society, and will ensure that the “movement” will
never be accepted by the majority.

>4. The groups within the “movement” are all jealous of each other, and this
also ensures the “movement” will never achieve anything positive on the
‘Net, or for that matter in the “real” world.

“Joe Public”:
What does Joe find when he first ventures to this “movement”? Hatred, hatred
and more hatred. 99% of the messages on the Net from “our” side are sure to
put “Joe” off ever getting involved with the “movement”.

He watches as “our” side and the “enemy” battle it out. Not with logic,
evidence and intelligent debate, but with smartassed comments, and comebacks
of same. Oh, he sometimes sees reasoned, rational debate, but he has to
look hard, in amongst all the garbage that is also posted.

As he watches further, he will come to the conclusion that the “movement” is
made up mostly of immature idiots, whose contribution seems to always be
“Kill Niggers” and other thoughtless remarks posted by people who have no
idea what the rest of us think about it, or what effect this kind of
negative message would have on “Joe”.

“Joe” leaves disappointed, and the “movement” perhaps will have lost a
possible future “Fuhrer” of the true Aryan Movement.

The National Alliance:
I couldn’t leave without mentioning this group. The National Alliance seems
to think that they ARE the “movement”, and sneers on those who are not members.

The NA’s members’ first loyalty is to the group, not their RACE!!, It looks
with suspicion on anyone who is not NA, and I have seen for myself the
sinister side of the National Alliance, a side they don’t present to the
public, or most of it`s membership for that matter, but is there, as anyone
who dares to question anything put forth by Pierce and other NA people will
come to know.

If you are within it’s ranks, be sure to obey its every command, do not
think for yourselves, and don’t rock the boat. Or you could find that your
Alliance “comrades” will turn on you, and this is not a pretty experience,
believe me!!

The Alliance`s worship of Dr. Pierce is also sinister,. It would serve the
NA well to remember that no “leader” is above criticism, and no “leader” is
infallible. When a group puts it`s “leader” ahead of it`s ideals, it is on
the road to self destruction.

I would encourage anyone who is involved with the National Alliance to
leave, and everybody else not to join. The National Alliance does NOT
present a positive plan for the future.

It is to my shame that I admit that I directed several people into it`s
ranks, I hope that they will heed this call, and leave this destructive
organization before it destroys them!!

The NA has also sold the rights to the Turner Diaries to a Jew, doubled the
price, and then put pressure on the man who has the Turner Diaries in an
electronic form on his webpage. I say to hell with that, go and get
yourself an electronic version, for free; why pay some money to a Jew for it
or at the least a man who works with a Jew.

When a man puts profits before people, and works with the “enemy”, don`t we
usually call him a “race-traitor”? Make your own minds up about this.


Closing thoughts:
Recently there is much discussion on Usenet about an alleged “death threat”
to a good friend of mine, Milton Kleim. Althought the source of the message
is anonymous, the intent of the poster is not.

Now many of you will, and have dismissed this “threat” as nothing important,
something to be forgotten about. However in this “movement” there are those
who will see this message and will perhaps attempt to act upon it. They
should ask themselves,” are they prepared to take a bullet? Serve all the
rest of their lives in prison? Destroy their family? Are they willing to be
the pawn in a someone elses game of chess? Is this the Noble Aryan Way?

One thing that bugs me about this situation is that those who are in a
position to influence others, the so-called leaders, whether self-appointed,
or selected, have been oh so quiet in its condemnation of this threat. Their
lack of condemnation tells me, and should tell you about their lack of
character. Noble Aryans indeed!!

On a final note, I would like to make it known that I have not lost my
racialist views, and my resignation from the “movement” is in no way a
defeat for me. I will not support a “movement” that I feel, does not have
the White Race`s best interest at heart.

Ray may be contacted at [email protected].

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