Horn Otto, Article 5

Source: United States Department of Justice

The following are _extracts_ from the Horn deposition in the Demjanjuk

Q. What type of gas was used at Treblinka?
A. I don’t know either.

Q. You were present and you saw them using the gas, weren’t you?
A. No. That was originated by — that was made by the motors,
by the engines.

Q. But you were present there when the engines were going,
weren’t you?
A. No, I wasn’t present.

Q. You never knew the type of gas that was used at Treblinka?
A. No.

MR. MOSCOWITZ: Objection. He’s already stated it came from the

Q. You testified that you were in the German Army?
A. Yes.

Q. That you were drafted and not a volunteer, is that correct?
A. Right.


Q. Mr. Horn, in this euthanasia program, you knew that children
were gassed, didn’t you?
A. No. I didn’t know. I wasn’t present there.

Q. You were present though at Treblinka when children were
gassed, weren’t you?
A. Yes. Everybody — children, and women, and men.

Q. And you saw the children gassed at Treblinka, didn’t you?
A. Yes.

Q. And where were you when you saw children gassed at Treblinka?
A. I was near the pits – next to the pits.

Q. Were you in the gas chamber where you could see them being
A. No.

Q. You were charged with murdering thousands of Jews, were you
A. Yes. Yes.

Q. And there were Jewish witnesses who testified against you,
isn’t that correct?
A. Yes. They said that I — They said that I had been there, but
there couldn’t be any proof of what I did.

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