Holocaust Victims: The Dentist of Auschwitz

The Dentist of Auschwitz

a memoir
by Benjamin Jacobs

To my brother, Josek, who by the grace of God was spared from death in the camps
To my sister, Pola, my mother, and my father
And to others who were not spared to tell their story

Josek, Pola, Berek, and Uncle Schlomo in 1934,
on one of Schlomo’s annual visits to Dobra


  1. Deportation [page not ready]
  2. A Small Shtetl in Poland [page not ready]
  3. The Blitzkrieg [page not ready]
  4. German Occupation [page not ready]
  5. The Ghetto in Dobra [page not ready]
  6. Steineck [page not ready]
  7. Zosia [page not ready]
  8. Krusche [page not ready]
  9. Gutenbrunn [page not ready]
  10. The Murder of My Family [page not ready]
  11. On Cattle Cars to Auschwitz [page not ready]
  12. Auschwitz [page not ready]
  13. Fürstengrube [page not ready]
  14. The Dentist of Auschwitz [page not ready]
  15. The Death March [page not ready]
  16. Dora-Mittelbau [page not ready]
  17. Disaster on the Baltic Sea [page not ready]
  18. Inferno [page not ready]
  19. Where Do We Go? [page not ready]
  20. Postwar Germany [page not ready]

Maps and Figures


  1. Nazi Concentration Camps in Poland [page not ready]
  2. Lubeck Bay Area [page not ready]


  1. Plan of Auschwitz III, Fürstengrube [page not ready]
  2. Plan of Inmate Infirmary at Fürstengrube [page not ready]

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