Holocaust: Treblinka Death Toll

Estimates range from 700,000 to over 1,000,000

“The estimates of the total of Treblinka victims vary. According to the official German court expert, the director of the Munich Institute for Contemprary History [page not ready], Dr. Helmut Krausnick, at least 700,000 — including the 329,000 Jews from Warsaw — died there. At the second Treblinka trial, another expert, Dr. Wolfgang Scheffler, raised this figure to 900,000 victims. The official Polish figure as given by Z. Lukaszkiewicz is 800,000; Racchel Auerbach puts it at 1,074,000; Franciskek Zabecki, a Pole who was traffic controller at the Treblinka Station and on behalf of the Polish Home Army (AK) kept a daily record of all train transports, insisted it could not have been less than 1,200,000, “beyond the shadow of a doubt.” The most convincing evidence was given to me personally by Samuel Rajzman, the senior of the Treblinka survivors: he had been eyewitness to an SS party celebrating the one-millionth arrival in Treblinka. That party was held long before the end of the camp’s operations.”(Donat, 14)

Work Cited

Donat, Alexander, ed. The Death Camp Treblinka: A Documentary. New York: Holocaust Library, 1979. LOC 79-53471

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