Holocaust Almanac: 1.5 Million Gassed: Maidanek

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“MAIDANEK. Extermination camp located in German-occupied Poland about 2
miles from Lublin. It was regarded as in the same class as Belzec and
Sobibor. Like Belzec, Maidanek was originally a labor camp but was
transformed into a death camp … Unlike Belzec, it had some
industrial activity. Non-Jewish prisoners were admitted. At first
death was induced by carbon monoxide asphyxiation, but later
hydrocyanic, or prussic, acid fumes were used following successful
tests at Belzec. It is estimated that 1.5 million inmates were gassed
at Maidanek. After Russian troops discovered the camp on July 23,
1944, Konstatin Simonov, a Soviet writer, wrote a full account of the
death camp for Pravda. In a special issue the London Illustrated News
published photographs of the gas chambers and ovens at Maidanek.”

Taken from the …—————————————————-
Encyclopedia of the Third Reich, by Dr. Louis L. Snyder, Professor of
History, The City College and The City University of New York. Paragon
House, New York, 1989. ISBN 1-55778-144-3

… in response to a question about the correct spelling for
Majdanek, I have received the following comments from UseNetters:

“Majdanek is a suburb of Lublin (located to the south of the city center)
and is spelled with ‘j’. ‘Maidanek’ must be a distortion that somehow
crept into books.

Note that although the vast majority of Majdanek’s victims were Jews,
they were not the only ones.”

…and another:

“Maidanek, spelled variously depending on English-Polish transliteration, is a
regular extermination camp within the city limits of Lublin — the city
streetcars go there. I’ve visited the place, and in some ways it’s at least as
gruesome as Auschwitz… there is a huge concrete half shell entirely filled
with the ashes and bone remains of the victims, and whole barracks full of
their belongings.”

.. thank you.

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