Hoffman skeptic letter

I just got the next issue of _Skeptic_ in the mail, and was amused to
see that our very own Hoffman-the-second got his letter to the Forum

It runs like this:

A System Clone

Lou Rollins, a hopeless optimist, thinks you are someone worth
enlightening but from your letter to him about _Schindler’s List_
(SL) you appear to be just another system clone. SL is not a racist
depiction of Germans? When it shows the _entire_ German army as either
evil automatons or mass murdering monsters? Suppose I made a flick,
“Finklestein’s Piss,” about Israel and the Palestinians and it had not
one redeeming Israeli Army (IDF) soldier in it — every one of ’em
was either an evil robot or a monster — what would be your reaction?
I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts you’d be screaming about “hate propaganda”
even tho’ my movie would have two good Jews in it — Mr. and Mrs.
Finklestein — two good Jews ought to be enough to balance my movie
about Israeli Army crimes against Palestinians, eh Mister Shermer?

The truth is, you are a fucking idiot posing as an original
intellectual. Hope you can read my handwriting.

Michael A. Hoffman, II, Dresden, NY

Mr. Shermer notes:

Mr. Hoffman included this sticker which proclaims “REMEMBAH DE SIX
MILLION! For the Next Six Million Years! Published by Decree of
Our State Religion U.S. Holy Hoax Memorial Council.” A classic
anti-semitic characterization of a Jew accompanies the text. It
was addressed on the back “To Shermer the Schleptic. Beast Wishes!
— M.H. II”

I hope to scan Mr. Hoffman’s sticker and put it up on my Web site as
soon as possible. When it’s there, you’ll be able to reach it from
the home page:

http://www.kzoo.edu/~k044477/RUE1-HomePage.html (page does not exist)

Is Hoffman still up for a k.o.t.m. award? I apologize for not paying
attention. (Note newsgroups; please redirect your reply to where it
will do the most good.)

Jamie McCarthy Internet: [email protected] AppleLink: j.mccarthy
Kalamazoo College, in its benevolence, has again deleted some mail before
I could read it. If you sent me something recently, please re-send it.

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