Hoffman Michael, British pact with devil

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on June 19, 1997.

Announcing a new Hoffman Lecture now available on Audiocassette —

Protestant Magic and Paganism in the Reign of Elizabeth I

Was the Rise of the British Empire the Result of a Pact with the Devil?

In this brilliant study, Michael A. Hoffman II lectures on the secret
agent and sorcerer John Dee, the conjuror of the British Empire, founder
of Freemasonry and of the doctrine of “British Israel,” who, in Prague
in 1585, as an agent of Queen Elizabeth I, pledged the government of
Britain to the service of the world Jewish establishment. Hoffman
explicates the role of Kabbalism and pagan Hermeticism in Dee’s infernal
Elizabethan compact, as well as the opposition to it, led by the great
traditionalist visionary and playwright Christopher Marlowe, who was
assassinated in 1593. Audiocassette. Aprrox. 30 min. $9.95 postpaid
(overseas send U.S.$13.95). Order from: Independent History, Box 849,
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83816.