Hoffman Michael 1997, Opposes free speech

As the movie about porn publisher Larry Flynt’s free speech rights opens
nationwide this weekend (“The People vs. Larry Flynt”), now is the time to
publicly expose Jewish rabbis who think they have the right to tell
universities what websites should or should not be on a server.

CNN has a story about the attempted suppression of the free speech rights
of the website of revisionist historian Dr. Arthur R. Butz. It’s at:

http://www3.cnn.com/TECH/9701/08/internet.holocaust.ap/index.html (page does not exist)

Prof. Butz’s website is served by the institution where he teaches,
Northwestern Univ. and the rabbis at the Simon Wiesenthal Center have
demanded that the university silence Butz and close his website.

What right do Jewish religious fanatics have to determine whose website
will be served?

It’s time to tell the rabbis to restrict their mind control to the
synagogue and leave dissident academics and researchers alone.

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