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Michael A. Hoffman II wrote:
>Schindler’s List: A Case Study in Fraud and Propaganda
>The Campaign for Radical Truth in History offers several resource articles
>documenting the extent of the lies and deceit in Mr. Spielberg’s
>Academy-awarding winning opus, “Schindler’s List.”
>These articles are scholarly and well-argued and demonstrate to an amazing
>degree the depth of Spielberg’s lying.

Of course, Mr. Hoffman is not above lying himself. He claims that
Goeth was arrested not only for theft, but for the murder of inmates. The
affidavits he claims show this do not in fact provide clear evidence for
what charges were made against him. (There was one list of crimes which
were discovered in the camps, and a separate list of people arrested – but
it is not a valid interpretation to say that each and every person
arrested must have committed each and every crime on the list.) The
unambiguous sources only mention corruption charges, not murder.

This has been pointed out to Mr. Hoffman more than once, yet he
continues to make his fraudulent claim, pretending to have evidence he
does not in fact hold. Mr. Hoffman has been caught at other fraudulent
claims which he continues to repeat even though he should be well aware
that he is wrong. Not everything he says is false, but even his “truths”
are often selective and distorted.

Mike Stein The above represents the Absolute Truth.
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