Hoffman Michael 1994, In his words

To answer youre question, Im not a Jew. But then again, neither are you.
Youre a Khazar, an Ashkenazi (Ash-ken-nazi), one of the chosen people
from the Caucasus, not the Levant. Your identity is as much of a hoax as
Spielberg*s movie and therein hangs a tale.

Not only am I not a Jew, I am not an Edomite of any kind, Khazar,
Ashkenzai or Yehudi. I am however a connoisseur of the art of jew-jitsu,
something you and the other hoaxers will be learning to your sorrow, as
you cross swords with me in the future.

What you do not know because I have to teach you about the subject matter which
you have the temerity to debate from ignorance, is that the>>variant<< Talmud
texts emanate from a process of forgery instituted by the medieval Pharisaic
authorities in response to truthful revelations about the Talmud made by
converts to Christianity such as the intrepid Nicholas of Donin, regarding the
unremitting racist hostility toward Gentiles in the Talmud. Pseudo-Talmudic
texts, expunged of the more blatant anti-Gentile passages, were fabricated with
the intent to misrepresent the Pharisee holy book to the goyim. This is the
ersatz >>Talmud<< quoted by Rabbi Yehiel ben Joseph of Paris in 1240 (cf.
complimentary references to him in the Tosafot commentary on the Babylonian
Talmud) and by Mr. Steven Spielberg concerning events of 1940 onward. The
>>eternal Khazar<< indeed!

Welcome to Auschwitz of the Mind

The S&M camp on the Internet where Khazars undergo all of the mental torments
their ancestors fantasize and base our state religion upon (The Holy Shoah-Biz
Seance). Here at Auschwitz of the Mind, Khazars whose parents are Survivors,
obtain relief from the burden of guilt they would otherwise bear for not having
suffered as Uncle Seymour did when Doctor Mengele made a lampshade out of him.

Alan is a Christian, which means he earns money the un-kosher way,
he works for it. Our religion and culture are based on workaholic toil to pay
the taxes and bear the burdens so yeshiva guys can sit around and masticate
Talmud all day, holler >>poisecution<< and feed at one public trough or another,
either upon the backs of the befuddled denizens of the Deutsche Banana Republic
or the flag-waving Shriners here in the District of Corruption.

Before you shower your anti-Goyimite invectives upon me for making the
distinction between Christian working people and Edomite parasites, I require
that you regard the beam of anti-Gentile racism in your own eye, as exhibited in
your statement:

>>Of course, considering the ill- concealed anti-semitic spittle dribbling down
Mr. Hoffmans chin…<<

There is that self-chosen conceit again. Mr Stein, the scion of Khazars from the
Caucasus, fancies himself a >>Semite<< and since this writer delights in
exposing the ambulance-chasing, bargain-basement haggling disguised as
intelligent debate which issues from the Stein keyboard, I am transformed,
voila, into that handy species of drooling monster our loving System loves to
hate, the so-called >>anti-Semite.<< But I am not an anti-Semite, Mr. Stein. No
joke, some of my best friends are Palestinians, and they really are Semites. If
accuracy concerned you, you would refer to me as an anti-Khazarite. However even
that moniker would not be strictly accurate because Khazars come to my notice
only in so far as they pick my pocket and defame my ancestors and heritage. If I
did not have to pay tribute with my Federal tax dollars to your world
headquarters in the Levant and if the perpetual stream of articles, books, TV
shows and movies heaping filth upon my German antecedents were to cease and
desist for once and all time, I would no longer be impelled to survey the yellow
brick road of Khazaria.

But it is Khazar racism that makes me boil with rage down to the seat of my
pants; the imposition of the mark of Cain on the German people, the religious
teaching that only Jooze are human, against this I rail and fill my pen, not
with ink, but hydrocyanic acid.

McVay is a spy for O.S.I. official Eli Rosenbaum and others of his ilk who seek
to deport and imprison elderly anti-communists but who never investigate or
prosecute Khazar communists living or traveling in the U.S. who were responsible
for atrocities and war crimes against the peasants of Russia and Eastern Europe.

The corpus of these teleplays, movies and infotainment documentaries
comprise a genre which constitutes the most massive and negative stereotyping of
people in the annals of propaganda, while at the same time representing an
unprecedented idolization of a Master Race (Jews).

No, Mr. McVay you have not responded to the charge. You have not answered
my detailed questions on your position on your government and your human
rights (so-called) groups and your Canadian Zionist establishment’s policy
of prosecuting and seeking to imprison Zundel and Keegstra and to jail,
deport and ban writer David Irving. Will you kindly go on record herein
condemning the horrid Canadian-Zionist policy of prosecuting publishers,
teachers and writers? Will you write to the relevant Canadian authorities
like S. Littman, S. Citron and the government of Canada, protesting this
inquisition? What is the position of the Pharisee-worshipping church that
pays you on this issue?

Now you are getting in the swing of things, Mr. Morrison, you are making
your own jokes about what I regard as anti-German hate propaganda and
noxious, servile adoration of the Chosen Pimples.

The majority of those masquerading as >>Jews<< today have no blood
connection to the Covenant People of Abraham, but rather are descendants of the
Khazars. In the course of this study, we shall sometimes call the impersonators
by their real name:Khazars.

Contemporary Judaism is a fraud which tends
to discredit the Old Testament in the eyes of those who cannot detect the
cheat. For example, persons reading the following report of the inquisition
perpetrated by Pharisees and their allies, may falsely ascribe to the Bible the
attitude of the rabbi-cop. Hence the Bible, the supreme standard of Law and
Ethics, is discredited in the eyes of many, because of the perverted actions of
the Khazar impostors who pretend to represent it.

As we shall see, however, the rabbinical inquisition against writers and
thinkers is not limited solely to Faurisson and Irving. The list of people who
have been harmed merely for what they said, thought or wrote, when it was not in
line with what rabbis demand that we say, think or write, is extensive and
largely unknown to the world at large. It is not a subject of protest for the
various anti-censorship and >>human rights<< groups. In fact, in a move
straight out of the Orwellian dystopia, partisans of the rabbinical inquisition
form >>human rights<< groups in order, in mockery of those rights, to further
persecute independent intellectuals who dare to express thoughts proscribed by
the rabbi-cops.

The Pharisees partly maintain their power over their poor followers, who they
hold in mental bondage, by means of exploitation of paranoiac obsessions. For
example, in the much disputed book, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, one
finds the admission, >>Anti-semitism is the means by which we control our
lesser brethren.<< Where little or no physical persecution exists, the rabbis
must exaggerate or fabricate it. Let us not feed the pathology of the empire of
evil but rather, adhere to the commands of Christ. Pray for the Pharisees that
they might be born again and converted, as was Nicodemus (John 3:1-22;
19:38-39). Commend to the justice of God alone, those who refuse His mercy: >> I
will repay, saith the Lord<< (Romans 12:19).

Not aware of a “Holocaust” cult, Mr. Stein? You might as well say you’re
not aware of the sunrise. Our public school kids are aware of it. They’re
immersed with every month. My public library is aware of it. The shelves
are teeming with the gassing tomes. Mr. Stein can’t admit an enormous truth,
he can only play the Talmudic game of weaseling out of overwhelming facts.

There is no business so lucrative or so destructive to our
republic as shoah-business.