Hoffman Michael 1994, Hollywood hate propaganda

in a Human Rights Mask
Compiled by Michael A. Hoffman II. 1994. All Rights Reserved

A documented compendium of more than 600 mendacious movies and TV programs,
promulgated under the guise of advancing human rights, while negatively
stereotyping, defaming and libeling Germans, Christians, Muslims and Whites and
advocating the servile idolization and adoration of Jews.

I. Hate the Gentiles/Worship the Pharisees
The Frozen Dead. A monstrously evil German scientist conducts experiments to
resuscitate 1500 Nazis who were frozen alive.
The Lucifer Complex. Suspense chiller about a plot by evil German scientists to
conquer the world by replacing leaders with cloned lookalikes.
Revenge of the Zombies. John Carradine stars as an evil German scientist who
creates an army of supernatural zombies in a bid to conquer the world.
They Saved Hitler’s Brain. Evil German scientists keep the monstrous dictator’s
decapitated head alive.
Cloak and Dagger. Wicked German scientists must be stopped by an American.
Death Ship. A haunted ghost ship prowling the north Atlantic is staffed by
German monsters who perpetrate a supernatural reign of terror.
Shock Waves. An old Nazis sunken battalion rises from the sea as a death corps
of begoggled zombies. -Seattle Times.
The Riddle of the Sands. A 1901 plot by monstrously evil Germans to destroy
England must be thwarted.
Zeppelin. Evil German swine plot to destroy the Magna Carta.
To Catch a King. Evil Germans plot to kidnap Englands Duke of Windsor.
The Eagle Has Landed. Evil Germans plot to kidnap Englands Prime Minister.
Charge of the Model T’s. Evil Germans start a Mexican war against America.
Victory. Members of an evil German soccer team cheat in order to win a
The Old Gun. Evil Germans rape nuns and roast a lady with a flamethrower.
The Night Porter. Joseph E. Levine’s film about psychotic Germans engaged in an
orgy of death.
The Night of the Generals. Peter O’Toole as a psychotic German.
The Devil Makes Three. An evil German plot to take over the world in the
post-war period is uncovered.
The Master Race. An evil German plot to take over the world after World War Two,
is uncovered.
The Boys from Brazil. Ira Levin’s bestseller about an evil German plot to create
a Fourth Reich.
Of Pure Blood. A Hollywood casting director uncovers an evil German conspiracy
to create “the Master Race” after WWII.
The Seventh Cross. Evil Germans hunt down defenseless civilians.
None Shall Escape. A sadistic German creates a reign of terror.
Blood and Honor. Contrasts a fanatic family of evil Germans raising their
children as stormtroops, with a saintly Jewish family whose attempts to live in
peace are constantly obstructed.
The Simon Wiesenthal Story. A saintly Jewish man’s struggle against hideously
evil Germans.
The Execution. A fiendishly evil German-American swine is killed by heroic
vigilantes who are Survivors of the Holocaust.
Marathon Man. A graduate student is thrust into a violent encounter with a
blood-thirsty German fiend in New York.
Mystery! “Shroud for a Nightingale.” A nurse might be an evil German war
Rogues’ Regiment. An intelligence officer chases an evil German war criminal in
the Foreign Legion.
Hart to Hart. The son of an evil German war criminal seeks revenge on his
father’s captor–Jennifer’s father.
Descending Angel. A man fears that his future father-in-law is an evil German
war criminal.
Quincy. Verification of a mummy puts Quincy onto the hunt for evil German war
Quincy. A heroic Holocaust Survivor joins Quincy in a desperate attempt to stop
an evil German war criminal from murdering people in America.
Kojak: The Belarus File. Kojak uncovers an international network of evil German
and Baltic war criminals in America.
Hotel Terminus: The Life and Times of Klaus Barbie. The unspeakable evil of a
monstrous German are exposed.
Klaus Barbie. Recounts the fiendish doings of an evil German.
Search for Mengele. HBO documentary on the German monster Josef Mengele.
Twilight Zone. “Death’s Head Revisited.” A strutting German monster is attacked
by avenging Jewish ghosts.
Twilight Zone. “He’s Alive.” Dennis Hopper stars as a sniveling German-American
hoodlum who is given lessons in leadership by the ghost of Adolf Hitler and soon
starts murdering people.
Shock Waves. Evil Germans rise from the dead to form a killer corps of
supernatural zombies. Peter Cushing.
Straight Talk. Evil Germans in America are exposed.
Berlin Express. Evil Germans kidnap statesmen.
The Thirty-Nine Steps. (1978). Evil Germans conspire to start World War One.
A Man Called Sarge. Blond-haired German goons punch little girls in the face and
machine-gun their school.
Enemies, A Love Story. A noble Polish Jew is haunted by memories of the
unspeakable evil of the Germans.
Angel of Death. The life of the German fiend Josef Mengele is dramatized.
Genocide. Documentary on the evil of the Germans.
Holocaust. Graphic, 9 hour, Emmy-award winning mini-series on the unspeakable
evil of the Germans as seen through the eyes of a noble Jewish family.
Ghosts on the Loose. The East Side kids discover a mystery house is really a
headquarters for evil Germans.
Black Dragoons. Bela Lugosi stars as a monstrous German scientist commissioned
by the Nazi High Command to technologically transform six Japanese people into
White Americans.
The Lunatic. Inga, a sex-crazy German bimbo, travels to the Caribbean to
demand coitus-on-command from an innocent and pure Black man (Paul Campbell).
lan and Naomi. Moving profile of two Jewish youths, one a victim of evil
Germans, the other a member of the warm,
compassionate, magnanimous Brooklyn Jewish community.
Judgment at Nuremberg. Oscar winning film about the trial of evil German war
Trial at Nuremberg. Evil Germans are put on trial for war crimes. Also shows the
greed and stupidity of the German people.
The Stranger. A Nazi war criminal settles in New England disguised as a college
The Odessa File. A blood-thirsty German war criminal and the powerful network
that protects him create havoc.
River of Death. Braving river-pirates, hostile-tribes and head-hunting
cannibals, an expedition goes in search of a vicious German war criminal in
South America.
Jewel of the Gods. Two men and a woman seeking treasure in Africa are tormented
by evil Germans.
Casablanca. In Morocco, a cafe owner is tormented by evil Germans.
Matter of Conscience. A heroic Holocaust Survivor unmasks a man in town who is
really a fiendish Nazi war criminal.
Nazi Hunter: The Beate Klarsfeld Story. Farrah Fawcett stars as the noble lady
detective who, with the help of her saintly Jewish husband, hunts demonic German
war criminals.
Music Box. The daughter of a vicious Nazi war criminal must face the facts about
her father’s unspeakable crimes against the Jews.
Night Gallery. The Escape Route. A German swine meets a fitting end.
Playing for Time. Emmy-award-winning movie recounts the heroic efforts of a
Jewish woman to survive the death camp at Auschwitz as a member of the camp
Triumph of the Spirit. Recounts the heroic efforts of a Jewish man to survive
the death camp at Auschwitz as a member of the camp boxing team.
The Boxer and Death. Struggle for life in a Nazi concentration camp as a Jewish
boxer must outwit Nazis.
Under the World. Polish Jews must hide for years in a tunnel to avoid the
Light in the Dark. Ukrainian Jews must hide for years in a sewer to avoid the
Wonder Woman. Nefarious Nazis capture a benevolent outer space alien
Shoah. Claude Lanzmann’s highly acclaimed marathon documentary is a cinematic
testament to the unspeakable evil of the Germans.
ABC 20/20. Jews who were hidden as children from evil Germans during WW-2 are
Untouchables. Malone seeks the capture of a monstrous German (Mark Chapman), a
Nazi who is murdering people in Depression-era Chicago.
March of the Living. Noble Jewish youths tour concentration camps to discover
the depth of German evil.
Commandos Strike at Dawn. Vicious, foul Germans are opposed by heroic Allied
Ilsa-She Wolf of the SS. A sadistic, monstrously evil German woman becomes head
torturer at a concentration camp.
One Against the Wind. Risking prison and torture, a woman battles evil Germans.
A Hallmark Hall of Fame Presentation.
Remember St. Luc. An evil German officer must be stopped.
Inside the Third Reich. The unspeakable crimes of the Germans are exposed.
Images of the World and the Inscription of War. Harun Farockis documentary
exposition of the persecution of the Jews by evil Germans.
Mein Kampf. Swedish film documents the unspeakable war crimes of German fiends.
General Della Rovere. Rossellini’s film about an Italian informer who quits
working for the evil Germans after learning morality from a group of saintly
Italian Jews.
Reunion in France. Vicious Germans run amok in Paris.
The Rose Garden. A hideously evil German is brought to justice for his
unspeakable crimes.
Raiders of the Lost Ark. Stephen Spielberg’s film about evil Germans pitted
against a brave archaeologist.
War and Remembrance. Epoch, 30 hour docudrama graphically depicts the
unspeakable horror and atrocities inflicted by the evil Germans.
World War II: A Personal Journey. The evil perpetrated by the Germans in World
War Two is described by Gen. Wm. Westmoreland, former commander of U.S. forces
in Vietnam.
Days of Glory. Gregory Peck as a heroic communist fighting the dirty Germans.
Counter-Attack. Paul Muni as a brave communist battling the evil Germans.
The North Star. Jewish Stalinist Lillian Hellmans story of evil Germans making
war against noble communists in Russia.
Watch on the Rhine. Lillian Hellman’s story of evil Germans in the U.S.
attempting to destroy America.
Julia. Lillian Hellman’s memoir of her heroic legacy of opposition to the evils
of the Germans.
Partisans of Vilna. Recounts the exploits of heroic communist Jews in Lithuania
who battled evil Germans in and around the ghetto of Vilna.
A Vision in the Darkness. Sophie Bissonnettes moving documentary of the life of
Lea Roback, a gallant Jewish communist who struggled valiantly against
anti-semitic hatemongers and evil Catholics. Produced by the National Film Board
of Canada.
The Liberation. Thrilling Soviet account of the noble Red Armys liberation of
Auschwitz from the evil Germans.
The World at War. Distinguished, multi-part series on the evil of Germany. Based
on Soviet Red Army and Allied testimony.
Korczak. Deeply moving story of Jews murdered by evil Germans.
The Cross of Lorraine. German cruelty in WW II is showcased.
Sergeant York. Despicable German Heineys use the white flag of surrender to
launch cowardly sneak attacks on Allied soldiers.
Arch of Triumph. Evil Germans torture a man.
Max and Helen. Two Holocaust Survivors discover romance as they help the great
Simon Wiesenthal battle the unspeakable evil of a sadistic German war criminal.
Based on a story by Simon Wiesenthal.
Prime Time Live. Story of an evil German doctor who gave LSD to a soldier.
Underground. Robert Goulet battles inhuman German fiends.
Deported Women of the SS Special Section. Monstrous German soldiers perpetrate
every evil imaginable.
Rogue Male. Evil Germans torment a noble humanitarian.
A Friendship in Vienna. Sensitive portrait of a Jewish girl persecuted by evil
The Lucky Star. A heroic Jewish teenager captures a vicious German colonel in
House on Garibaldi Street. A monstrous German guilty of unspeakable crimes is
hunted by gallant Israeli secret service agents.
Foreign Correspondent. An intrepid New York reporter uncovers a monstrously evil
German spy ring fronted by a peace group.
Lightning Force. A wicked German guilty of unspeakable war crimes must be
brought to trial.
A Bridge Too Far. Director Joseph E. Levine’s drama of the Allied struggle
against evil Germans.
Airwolf. Hawke agrees to help a woman capture a villainous German whose evil
knows no bounds.
Conspiracy of Hearts. Jews are persecuted by evil Germans.
Pied Piper. Peter O’Toole as a man who rescues Jews from the evil Germans.
Wonderworks. “Miracle at Moreaux.” Jewish kids are pursued by German fiends.
The Assisi Underground. Jews are shielded from evil Germans.
Wallenberg: A Hero’s Story. 2 part miniseries docudrama on the diplomat who
rescued Jews from evil Germans.
Good Evening, Mr. Wallenberg. Nobel Hungarian Jews are slaughtered by evil
Au Revoir, Infants. Louis Malle’s tale of evil Germans on a rampage.
Shout at the Devil. A wicked German must be stopped.
King Solomon’s Mines. Greedy Germans conspire for treasure in Africa.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Steven Spielberg sequel in which evil
Germans race Indy for the Holy Grail.
Sophie’s Choice. The evil Germans devastating effect on a saintly Survivor of
the Holocaust is chronicled.
Massacre in Rome. Evil Germans run amok.
The Wall. Graphic account of the unspeakable evil of the Germans.
Night Train to Munich. Wicked Germans persecute prisoners.
The Last Blitzkrieg. Two hiedeously evil Germans launch a reign of terror
against the noble Allies.
Faulkenau, the Impossible: Samuel Fuller Bears Witness. Documentary on the
horrors perpetrated by evil Germans.
Monte Carlo. Spectacular sets form the backdrop in this drama about the
monstrously sadistic horrors perpetrated by fiendishly evil Germans. Joan
America and the Holocaust: Deceit and Indifference. 90 minute PBS special
documents the despicable anti-semitsm of the U.S. government and its hideous
persecution of Jewish martyrs during World War II.
Bedknobs and Broomsticks. Children’s tale about a good witch who helps stop evil
Battle of the Commandos. Evil Germans must be destroyed.
Ministry of Fear. Evil Germans hound an innocent man.
Nazi Agent. A vicious German reaps his just desserts.
Golden Earrings. A soldier must pose as a gypsy to elude malevolent Germans.
Combat! Saunders spearheads a dangerous rescue mission when Hanley is shot and
imprisoned by evil Germans.
The Shop on Main Street. Profoundly moving, beautiful tale of a gallant Jewish
shopkeeper whose virtue is under attack by the evil Germans.
CNN World Report. In the May 10, 92 program, the on-going trial of an evil
German accused of alleged war crimes is reported. The fiend is guilty, viewers
are told, and his defenders are liars and dupes.
Creature with the Atom Brain. A policeman faces a gangsters army of atomic
zombies, created by a Nazi.
Zentropa. Fiendish Germans plot against noble Allies after the war.
To Be or Not to Be. Sadistic Germans are outwitted by a kindly Jewish comedian.
G.I. Diary. Recalling the horrors evil Germans perpetrated.
Reunion. A former concentration camp inmate and an Allied war hero discuss the
horrors of the Germans at the Mauthausen death camp.
Strange Holiday. A prediction of what might happen if the Germans take over the
world. Script by horror writer Arch Oboler.
Journey into Fear. Sadistic agents of the Germans terrorize an American.
The Nightmare Years. Four part docudrama. German madness spreads like a cancer
as William and Tess cling desperately to their love while trying to expose the
evils of the Germans.
Kristallnacht: The Journey from 1938 to 1988. Evil Germans unleash wholesale
persecution of noble Jews. A film the whole family should watch with a message
the whole world should remember.
Terezin Diary. Recalling the horrors of the malevolent Germans.
To Serve Them All of My Days. In part 12, Bamfylde learns of the horrible ordeal
of a gallant Jewish youth who had been persecuted by evil Germans.
The Quiller Memorandum. A murderous German organization arises in Europe after
the war.
Soap. The major (Arthur Peterson) mistakes a neighbor for a German spy.
Primo Levi: The Memory of the Offense. The saintly life of a great Jewish
Holocaust Survivor is recalled.
My Favorite Blonde. Evil German spies chase an entertainer.
The House on 92nd Street. The FBI uncovers a dangerous German spy ring in
Confessions of a Nazi Spy. A hideously evil German spy network plots the
downfall of America.
House on Carroll Street. A victim of McCarthyism discovers a Neo-Nazi plot to
take over America.
Man Hunt. Malevolent Germans pursue a man across Europe.
The Foreman Went to France. Exciting true story about evil Germans pursuing a
man across France.
Operation Daybreak. An evil German leader is assassinated by heroic patriots.
Asassination. A wicked German leader is executed by noble commandos.
The Restless Conscience. Documentary advocating assassination of evil Germans is
a gripping evocation of the duties of humanitarians.
Witnesses to the Holocaust: The Trial of Adolf Eichmann. Documentary on the evil
German monster and the noble Jews who hunted him.
The Juggler. Kirk Douglas stars as a scarred victim of German persecution
seeking refuge in postwar Israel.
The Wannsee Conference. Depicts the monstrous character of the German
Gestapos Last Orgy. Features all the heinous and vile acts of torture, sexual
abuse, cannibalism, gas chambers, acid baths, vicious deaths and all the sick
things that went on at the German prison camp of Commandant Konrad Von Starker.
More Than Broken Glass: Memories of Kristallnacht. Interviews with Holocaust
Survivors and Jewish historians concerning the evil Germans did in 1938.
Son of Lassie. The courageous collie joins the fight against evil, putting the
bite on the Germans.
For the Living. Chronicling the creation of Americas only state-sponsored
religious shrine, the venerable U.S Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C.
.moving and informative… (NY Times).
Holocaust: In Memory of Millions. The cosmic evil of the Germans is recalled by
noble Jewish Survivors and Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel.
Diamonds of the Night. In Jan Nemecs 1964 classic, two Jewish boys jump off a
train bound for Auschwitz amd scramble for their lives… (NY Times).
Unknown War. Wicked Germans devastate the countryside and cities.
Passage to Marseille. Five escaped convicts join the battle against evil
Puppet Master 3. Pin-Head, Leech Woman and Six-Shooter join the battle against
evil Germans.
The Bunker. The madness of Germans is revealed.
Faulkenau, the Impossible: Samuel Fuller Bears Witness. Documentary on the
horrors perpetrated by the Germans.
Breaking Point. Sadistic Germans torture a man.
A Day in October. Sadistic Germans hunt a man who finds refuge with a noble
Jewish family.
Travels in Europe. Rick Reeves ponders the evil of the Germans .
The Heroes of Telemark. Heroic fighters battle nefarious Germans.
The Heroes. A group of allies must foil vicious Germans.
Valley of Hunted Men. The Three “Mesquiteers” chase an evil German war criminal
in the Old West.
Berlin Tunnel. Gripping story of the struggle against German evil.
The Mortal Storm. Dramatization of Phyllis Bottome’s novel showing the evils of
the Germans.
Geraldo. The children of hideously evil German leaders are discussed.
Weapons of the Spirit. Two hour documentary on the persecution of noble French
Jews by German fiends.
The First Convoy. Two hour British TV special on the sorrowful plight of the
noble French Jews who were shipped to Auschwitz by Christian scum and German
Night and Fog. The wickedness of the Germans is revealed.
Holocaust: Survivors Gather in Philadelphia. Televised highlights of a three-day
conference of saintly Jews who recount the unspeakable horrors inflicted on them
by the evil Germans.
Love Camp 7. Captive Jewish women are tortured and forced to become sexual
playthings for Nazi officers who compel the Jewish ladies to engage in
lesbianism and orgies. Every scene in this 1968 movie is based on historical
facts. Starring Dave Friedman.
65316: Survivor. Auschwitz Survivor Michael Vogel gives a harrowing account of
the evils of the Germans.
The Desert Rats. Evil Germans are crushed at Tobruk.
Oprah Winfrey. The Real Schindlers. Pro-Jewish Germans relate the wickedness
of their kinfolk and the saintliness of the Chosen People.
Lifeboat. A sadistic German torments his captives.
Notorious. A vicious Nazi sadistically manipulates his wife in his greed for
Edge of Darkness. Savage German murderers run amok in Scandinavia.
Murphys War. Savage German murderers run amok in South America.
Between the Wars. Documentary contrasts the fiendish policies of the satanic
German monster Adolf Hitler with those of the great American hero and statesman
Franklin Roosevelt.
Unsolved Mysteries. The Diabolical Mind compares the cosmic evil of German
monster Adolf Hitler with the horrendous crimes of Arab fiend Saddam Hussein.
I Deal in Danger. Evil Germans are outwitted by a resourceful Allied agent.
Unsolved Mysteries. Account of how the saintly family of a murdered Jewish
community leader are persecuted by those around them.
Witness: The Hidden Children. British account of the saintly Jewish hero Andre
Stein who was gang-raped by Hungarian Nazis and thrown onto a pile of corpses.
I Escaped from the Gestapo. Evil Germans are foiled.
Geraldo. The monstrous actions of German Dr. Joseph Mengele are examined by
Geraldo Rivera and a panel of Holocaust Survivors.
Now It Can Be Told. Host Geraldo Rivera explores the crimes of the hideously
evil German Dr. Joseph Mengele.
One of Our Aircraft is Missing. Allied forces elude fiendishly evil Germans in
Shining Through. Fiendishly evil Germans persecute a woman.
This Land is Mine. Wicked Germans terrorize a town.
Crimewatch Tonight. Ike Pappas reports on the case of vicious Nazi doctor Vilis
Kruze who practiced in the U.S. and caused brain damage.
Hanna’s War. The real life story of a heroic Jewish woman who fought the cosmic
evil of the wicked Germans.
Operation Eichmann. Story of the valiant Jewish agents who captured a German
fiend in South America.Medgar Evers
Our Century. Children of the Third Reich. The children of German monsters meet
the children of holy Holocaust Survivors and beg their forgiveness.
Hitler, the Last Ten Days. Portrait of the German monster.
Fuehrer: Rise of a Madman. Dramatization of the cosmic evil of German monster
Adolf Hitler.
Fuhrer: Seduction of a Nation. British documentary on the world’s most evil man:
German monster Adolf Hitler.
The Hitler Gang. Fiendish Germans instigate an orgy of evil.
Hitler–Dead or Alive. American agents stalk the monstrous German dictator.
Hitlers Madman. Monstrous Germans attack a village.
Hitler’s Children. Helpless children are tormented by evil Germans.
Hitler’s Daughter. The Satanic daughter of the German monster organizes a wicked
conspiracy to subvert America and take over the world.
Hitlers Gold. A fiendish German knows the whereabouts of a treasure which
American agents must unearth.
Heil Hitler! Confessions of a Hitler Youth. Evil German juveniles are discussed
by a man who was one.
Der Fuehrers Face. Childrens cartoon exposes the German monster for the cretin
he was. Winner of the Oscar for Best Animation.
Paris After Dark. Monstrously cruel Germans terrorize France.
Is Paris Burning? Hideously evil Germans terrorize Europe.
Mississippi. Ben (Ralph Waite) is appointed to defend a heroic Survivor of the
Holocaust accused of killing a fiendishly evil German he’d been hunting for 40
Genghis Cohn. A Jewish comedian killed in Dachau returns from the dead to haunt
his evil German executioner.
Wanted Dead or Alive. A bounty hunter pursues a vicious Arab terrorist.
The Delta Force. Super-hero Chuck Norris takes on vicious Arab terrorists.
Sword of Gideon. Heroic Israeli intelligence agents hunt vicious Arab
Black Sunday. Vicious Arab terrorists threaten the Super Bowl.
Ministry of Vengeance. Vicious Arab terrorists institute a reign of terror.
Iron Eagle. Vicious Arab terrorists beat an American to death.
Iron Eagle II. Vicious Arab terrorists plot to take over the world.
The Death of Klinghoffer. An operatic masterpiece about the murder of a kindly
Jewish cripple by vicious Arab terrorists.
Victory at Entebbe. Dramatizes the heroic Israeli army raid on vicious Arab
Raid on Entebbe. Portrait of the heroic Jewish army commandos who smashed
vicious Arab terrorists.
Death Before Dishonor. Vicious Arab terrorists, advised by a German fashion
model, are opposed by the U.S. Marines and Israeli intelligence.
Navy SEALS. Heroic sailors wipe out a nest of vicious Arab terrorists.
The Finest Hour. Noble U.S. Navy commandos unite with heroic Jews to fight
vicious Arab war criminals.
Rosebud. Vicious Arab terrorists assault young women aboard a yacht.
Steal the Sky. Wise, restrained, noble Jews in the Israeli government outwit
vicious Arab terrorists.
Pillar of Fire. (Made for Israeli TV). Jason Robards narrates this 19 hour
series on the founding of the heroic nation of Israel by noble Zionists.
21 Hours. Vicious Arab terrorists go on a rampage.
Triumph and Tragedy. Vicious Arab terrorists run amok.
True Lies. Super-hero Arnold Schwarzenegger battles hideously evil Arab scum.
Cast a Giant Shadow. Story of a heroic Jewish soldier who assisted in the
founding of the nation of Israel in the midst of attacks by vicious Arab
Exodus. An all-star cast spotlights the struggles and heroism of noble Jewish
pioneers as they establish the nation of Israel in the wake of attacks by
vicious Arab terrorists.
A Woman Called Golda. Reverent film biography of the heroic Israeli leader,
Golda Meir, who fought vicious Arab terrorists.
The Jerusalem File. Vicious Arabs vs. noble Jewish students during the 1967 war.
Deadly Currents. Simcha Jacobovicis documentary shows just how dangerous
(Holden, NY Times) Palestinian children who throw rocks really are, and why
sensitive Israeli troops must shoot them in self-defense. Balanced and
powerful! The best film Ive seen on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. -Bob
Simon, CBS News.
Protocol. Vicious Arabs cross paths with Goldie Hawn.
Desperate Rescue: The Cathy Mahone Story. A vicious Arab betrays his American
wife and kidnaps their child.
The Dhimmis: To Be a Jew in Arab Lands. Harrowing portrait of the fiendish
persecution suffered by noble Jews at the hands of vicious Arabs.
Jerusalem D.C. Evangelist Mike Evans’ TV special focuses on God’s divine
relationship with the state of Israel.
Jimmy Swaggart. Rev. Swaggart’s March, 1985 program from Kansas City centers on
the fact that the Israelis are America’s only hope and God’s divinely mandated
representatives on earth.
Jack Van Impe Presents Armageddon. The noted evangelist declares the fact that
the government of the state of Israel is divine.
PTL. From Israel. Jim and Tammy Baker meet with Foreign Minister Yitzhak Shamir
and present him with a gift of an engraved book from the prayer partners.
Not Without My Daughter. Demonic Iranians run rampant in this expose of the
despicable national character of the evil Iranian people.
Rollover. Evil Arabs plot to take over the world.
Let My People Go. David Wolper documentary on the heroic Jewish pioneers who
founded the nation of Israel and the vicious Arabs and Germans who persecuted
Terrorist on Trial. A noble, humanitarian Jewish attorney defends a vicious Arab
terrorist guilty of heinous crimes.
For Their Own Good. A noble, humanitarian, female Jewish attorney defends a
woman victimized by an abusive White husband and evil White male factory
officials and employees.
Outpost in Morocco. Vicious Arabs launch a reign of terror.
Israeli Diary. Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Yehuda Ben-Meir explains the
goodness of Zionist policies.
The Little Drummer Boy. Vicious, money-grubbing Arabs run amok in this animated
childrens Christmas classic.
A Black to the Promised Land. A film by Madeleine Ali, a Black American who
converted to Judaism, celebrating the heroism, idealism and nobility of the
Zionist state of Israel. A huge success. (Canadian Jewish News).
The Boat is Full. Saintly Survivors of the Holocaust are tormented by evil Swiss
The Two of Us. A saintly Jewish boy is betrayed by a viciously evil Frenchman.
Doctor Petiot. A monstrous French vampire preys on innocent Jewish people.
Sixty Minutes. “Libertie, Egalitie, Fraternitie.” Dan Rather documents French
cruelty against the Jews.
I Accuse. An innocent Jewish man is falsely accused of a crime by vicious French
Everyman: The Hangman of Lyons. True-life account of a hideously evil French
Catholic, Paul Touvier.
Molly’s Pilgrim. Portrait of a kindly Jewish immigrant who overcomes the bigotry
of those around him.
Joseph Brodsky: A Maddening Space. A heroic Russian Jewish writer is persecuted
by those around him.
Sakharov. A heroic Russian Jewish scientist is persecuted by those around him.
In the Line of Duty: Siege at Marion. Heroic government agents hunt down a
family of murderous Christian zealots inspired by their father John, a
home-schooling fanatic.
Prisoner of Honor. An entire Christian nation conspires against a noble French
A Few Good Men. A Christian U.S. Marine who repeatedly announces his devotion to
Jesus Christ and the King James Bible, is revealed to be a sadistic murderer
of an innocent kid.
L.A. Law. A kindly Jewish attorney is persecuted by a vicious gentile who does
not want her daughter to marry a Jew.
Highway to Heaven. Michael Landon focuses on evil gentiles led by “Jan Baltic.”
The Evacuees. Jack Rosenthals moving story of orthodox Jewish refugees in
England who must escape ill-treatment in the home of a callous Christian family
where they are forced to eat pork sausage.
Evil in Clear River. A monstrous Christian teacher turns a high school into a
hate-propaganda mill.
Oakmont High. A vicious Christian teacher uses his classroom as a platform for
Scandal in a Small Town. An evil Christian uses his position as a teacher to
transform a high school into a recruiting camp for persecuting Jews.
A Killing in a Small Town. A monstrously evil Christian Bible school teacher
murders a woman with an ax.
School Ties. Evil Christian college students torment a noble Jewish youth at an
ivy league school.
The Star, the Castle and Butterfly. Moving history of the noble Jews of Prague,
from their vicious persecution at the hands of medieval Christian Crusaders to
the evils of modern Germans.
Gentlemans Agreement. Story of the horrible persecution of Jews after they are
excluded from a country club by evil Gentiles. Academy-award, Best Picture,
Final Analysis. Richard Gere calls on a fellow psychiatrist, an immensely kind,
innocent and humanitarian Jewish doctor, to testify in a murder trial in this
film about Gentile intrigue and an evil Greek-Orthodox gangster.
Rapid Fire. Hideously evil, spaghetti-gobbling, criminal Italian greaseballs
launch a reign of terror against noble Orientals.
In the Line of Duty: Manhunt in the Dakotas. Heroic government agents hunt down
Gordon Kahl, an evil White Christian farmer who refuses to pay taxes and who is
“a murderous true-life religious fanatic with schizophrenic tendencies” (TV
Guide ).
Meeting With Father. A Survivor of the Holocaust confronts the family of an evil
Go Away. Evil Ukranian Christians slaughter noble Jews during Czarist times.
Filmed with the assistance of the communist government of the Soviet Union.
Memoirs of a River. Judit Eleks story of the fear, misery, humiliation and
extreme brutality (NY Times) experienced by terrified Hungarian Jews at the
hands of fiendish gentiles.
Latest News From the End of the World. Boris Kustovs quasi-documentary about
viciously anti-semitic Russians.
Escape to the Sun. Russian cruelty against the Jews is showcased.
All the King’s Jews. Portrait of noble Jews persecuted by viciously evil
Christian bigots in 13th century Britain.
CITY. Christian traditions about Mary, the Mother of Christ, are exposed as
stupid and ridiculous in this episode.
Gideon Oliver. “Kennonite.” Hideously evil Christians engage in prostitution and
Miami Vice. Crockett and Tubbs battle a gang of evil Christians who viciously
torment saintly Jewish people.
Giustina. An award-winning film about an Italian-American woman’s struggle
against the bigotry she faces from her disgusting Christian family after she
begins dating a noble Jewish man.
The Nasty Girl. A noble Jewish merchant is murdered by evil Christians.
Misery. Directed by Rob Reiner. A hideously evil White Christian country girl
tortures a writer from New York City. When he finally escapes she gets her just
desserts as he beats her ugly White face in. Academy Award-Best Actress.
Flight of the Black Angel. A hideously evil Christian commits mass murder, then
tries to start World War 3.
Shannon’s Deal. A family of hideously evil Christian Bible believers can only be
stopped by a heroic lawyer.
Dark Justice. In this episode, a vile Christian minister steals the life
savings of an old lady.
Pair of Aces. A bloodthirsty Christian fanatic slaughters six teenage girls.
Flesh and Blood. In the two-part NBC premiere, a family of rural White
Christians display their abysmal ignorance and stupidity.
Single Women, Married Men. Christian women are shown to be relentless whores and
Cape Fear. (1991). A monstrously evil, Bible-quoting, Southern Pentecostal
Christian-murderer terrorizes women and children.
Chicken Soup. A kindly Jewish man (Jackie Mason), tries to show Maddie’s
hate-filled Irish Catholic brother the real meaning of love.
Killer Nun. A horribly evil Catholic nun (Anita Ekberg) slaughters helpless
hospital patients.
Rachel Gunn, R.N. In the July 26, 1992 episode, the series idiot, a Catholic
nun, Sister Joan, is exposed as a liar and a moron.
The Nuns of Saint Archangelo. Monstrously evil Roman Catholics engage in every
depravity known to man.
The Boys of St. Vincent. Evil Catholic monks go on a rampage.
Flavia. Totally vile Roman Catholics engage in torture, rape, depravity,
beatings and butcheries.
Stop the Church. PBS “P.O.V.” special exposes as ridiculous the beliefs, liturgy
and traditions of the Catholic church.
Faith Even to the Fire. PBS P.O.V. special exposes the hateful and evil
beliefs of the traditional Catholic church.
20/20. ABC News special on sadistic Catholic nuns at Salve Regina College.
The Pope Must Die(t). …an irreverent spoof that lampoons the trappings of
(the Catholic) religion…Alex Rocco co-stars as a smarmy Cardinal with mob
connections (TV Guide, Aug. 22, 1992).
Red Monks. Evil Catholic monks commit countless crimes.
Fanny and Alexander. The evil of a vicious Lutheran minister is contrasted with
the wisdom, piety and forbearance of a noble Jewish rabbi.
Judgment Day. John List, a devout Lutheran who objects on religious grounds to
his daughter taking part in a school play, kills his mother, wife and children.
The Passover Plot. Proves that the treacherous Jesus Christ faked his own death
on the cross.
The Last Temptation of Christ. Film biography of the life of the Christian
savior, shows him to have been a demented coward and freaked-out sexual
Yentl. The glories of Jewish heritage and the noble religious spirituality of
the Talmud are celebrated in this tale of a heroic Jewish girl determined to
study at a yeshiva.
ShortStories. “A Psalm for Moshe.” The nobility, spirituality and glory of the
religious heritage of a Hasidic Jew is revealed.
Bonjour! Shalom. The nobility, spirituality and saintliness of Hasidic Jews
living in French Quebec is showcased.
A Stranger Among Us. The magnificent holiness, virtue and saintliness of Hasidic
Jews is dramatized.
Hester Street. Sensitive and sympathetic study of the glories of Jewish heritage
and culture on NY’s East Side.
Talmud and the Scholar. The genius, holiness and wisdom of the Jewish rabbis
whose learning comprises the sacred Talmud are showcased.
Moise. Moving depiction of the deeply spiritual life of a profoundly pious, pure
and holy Jewish couple.
The Angel Levine. An elderly Jewish tailor’s deep piety and devotion to his
religion help him to endure trying times.
Oasis in Time. Deeply touching portrayal of the profound holiness of the Jewish
Passover: Festival of Freedom. Examining the sacred history and noble traditions
of the Jewish rite of Seder.
Eternal Light. “Precious Legacy.” Sacred treasures of Jewish religion and
culture: artifacts of a glorious four thousand year holy heritage stolen by evil
Germans during the Holocaust–are highlighted.
The Chosen. Deeply moving account of a noble Jewish youth coming of age inside
orthodox Judaism.
thirtysomething. A wise rabbi counsels Michael on the real meaning of the
Ghetto Ten. Noble, elderly New York Jews attempt to preserve their sacred
heritage and their synagogue amid the squalor of the South Bronx.
L’Chaim To Life. Program devoted to the outstanding humanitarian projects of
Hasidic Jewish religious leaders in America.
Cheers. Circumcision is sensitively portrayed as a kindly Jewish father
(Frasier) reacts to his son’s bris.
The Young Lawyers. Noble, compassionate Jewish lawyer Aaron Silverman (Zalman
King) fights for justice.
The Century of Teddy Kollek. Willy Lindwers documentary on the wise and saintly
Jewish mayor of Jerusalem.
Lodz Ghetto. Inspiring film about the noble spirituality of the Jewish religion
as its adherents suffer horrible torments and slavery at the hands of fiendish
Brooklyn Bridge. Weekly TV series celebrates the wisdom, warmth, decency and
humanity of two Jewish families–the Silvers and the Bergers–in Brooklyn in the
1950s–who are occasionally harassed by gentiles. In this episode, Jacob, a
saintly Holocaust Survivor, adjusts to life in America.
The Quarrel. Two profoundly humane Jewish philosophers debate the moral
significance of German evil and the persecution of God’s Chosen People.
The Diary of Anne Frank. 1959 film version of the story of a noble Jewish girl’s
life of suffering.
The Diary of Anne Frank. 1980 made-for-TV version, starring Melissa Gilbert (of
“Little House on the Prairie”) as a saintly Jewish girl.
The Attic: The Hiding of Anne Frank. Emmy award-winning account of a family of
saintly Jews and their holy daughter Anne, who seek refuge from evil Germans in
an attic.
Last Seven Months of Anne Frank. A saintly Jewish girl’s noble life of suffering
is profiled.
World of Anne Frank. The life of the holy Jewish teenager and her noble family
is chronicled.
Children of the Holocaust. Harrowing stories of Jewish survival, including the
tale of Yehuda Bacon who worked as a child slave laborer in Auschwitz hauling
carts full of corpses.
Why Wasnt He Here? Based on a 13 year old Jewish girls diary, this Hungarian
film portrays the sufferings of her holy family at the hands of evil
Tango of Slaves. A film about making a film about The Holocaust. The title is
taken from the name of a song composed by a 12 year old girl imprisoned in
Prisoner Without a Name. Story of a noble Jewish witer, Jacobo Timerman,
persecuted by those around him.
Joshua Then and Now. Story of a noble Jewish writer, Mordecai Richler,
characterized by his warmth, tenderness, sensitivity and humanitarianism.
Forced March. An actor in a Hollywood movie about the unspeakable evil of the
Germans discovers the true heroism of the Jewish people.
Avenue Z Afternoon. A saintly Jewish lady confronts a thief in Brooklyn and
converts him to goodness.
Avalon. Barry Levinson’s heartwarming story of three generations of a noble
Baltimore Jewish family and the wise patriarch who guides them.
Sesame Street. Kibbutz. The PBS childrens TV program highlights the nobility
of the Zionist communal system.
Sesame Street. The Land of Israel. The PBS childrens TV program highlights
the nobility of the Jewish nation of Israel.
Tales of the Days of Awe. In celebration of the Jewish High Holy Days, ABC-TV’s
anthology of profoundly moving sacred stories by Elie Wiesel and Sholom Aleichem
is dramatized.
Bob Costas. Host Bob Costas conducts a two part TV interview with Elie Wiesel
and praises him for his sainthood, piety and wisdom.
Beyond Hate. Bill Moyers 90 minute PBS documentary features commentary by such
distinguished Jewish humanitarians as Elie Wiesel, who condemns hate.
Facing Hate. Bill Moyers 60 minute PBS interview with the Nobel laureate,
Holocaust Survivor and humanitarian, Jewish thinker Elie Wiesel, who discusses
the evil of the Germans.
The Frisco Kid. Marvelously engaging tale of a saintly Polish rabbi in the Old
West, whose charm, humor and kindness shine through every difficulty.
Miss Rose White. The troubled daughter of a saintly Polish Jew must confront
painful truths when she is reunited with her sister, a noble Holocaust Survivor.
A Hallmark Hall of Fame Presentation.
Neil Simons Broadway Bound. Warm and sensitive ABC Monday Night Movie about two
Jewish brothers from Brooklyn trying to become TV comedy writers, and the
marvelously humane and compassionate Jewish family that nurtures their dreams.
Magnum P.I. Vicious hatemongers kidnap a kindly Jewish woman’s husband to obtain
information about Israeli intelligence.
Crossing Delancey. Deeply moving, charming story of a self-sufficient bookseller
(Amy Irving) and the down-to-earth kosher pickle vendor her Jewish grandmother
wants her to marry.
Lies My Father Told Me. Marvelously heartwarming account of a gallant Jewish
grandfather in Canada. Yossi Yadin.
Charlie Grant’s War. A businessman rescues noble Jewish people from vicious
Angry Harvest. A noble Viennese Jewish woman seeks shelter from evil Germans and
soon proves her goodness and decency.
The Pawnbroker. A noble Jewish man is haunted by the memory of his sufferings at
the hands of evil Germans.
Night Gallery. A near-penniless Jew stands on the brink of death.
The Waltons. John-Boy and the family aid saintly Jewish refugees.
L.A. Law. A noble Jewish philanthropist (Theodore Bikel) is tormented by a
Homicide. Hateful publications turn up in a N.Y. neighborhood and heroic Jewish
freedom-fighters bomb the print shop where the evil literature was produced.
Heritage Conversations. Jewish historian Yousef Yerushalmi discusses the the
persecution of the Jews.
The Quarrel. Poignant tale of two noble Holocaust Survivors haunted by their
past in post-war Montreal. Winner of the Dame Judith Anderson Award for Best
The Sorrow and the Pity. Noble Jews recount their victimization.
A Doctors Story. A saintly Survivor of the Holocaust faces persecution in a
Auschwitz and the Allies. Jewish historian Martin Gilbert’s heart-rending study
of the gallantry of Gods Chosen People.
Sisters. Frankie considers becoming one of Gods Chosen People by joining
Judaism, the worlds noblest religion.
Struggles for Poland. Chronicling the persecutions suffered by Jews.
Where Shall We Go? British documentary on noble Holocaust Survivors who describe
the persecution they suffered.
Night Court. Harry assists a wonderfully humane and warm Russian Jewish refugee
(Yakov Smirnof) extend a visa for his noble father.
Northern Exposures. Features the charming Jewish doctor Joel Fleischman, M.D., a
lovable curmudgeon (TV Guide).
The Hiding Place. Saintly Jews are persecuted by evil Germans.
My Hundred Children. Linda Lavin as a saintly Survivor of the Holocaust who
returns to her native Poland after World War II to rescue noble Jews.
For Those I Loved. Story of a gallant Jewish Holocaust Survivor and the
unspeakable persecutions he suffered at the hands of evil Germans.
Judith. A saintly Austrian Jew is brought to Israel to help locate her
treacherous Nazi husband.
Daniel. Ed Asner stars as an attorney defending Julius and Ethel Rosenberg,
whose arrest for selling America’s atomic secrets to Stalin may have been
motivated by anti-Jewish bigotry.
Mr. Halpern and Mr. Johnson. A noble Jewish gentleman must confront the past.
Sunday Today. The pain of the Holocaust is shared by Jewish Survivors.
Patrimony: Judaica in the Vatican. The precious treasures of Judaisms high
civilization and culture are respectfully reviewed.
The Final Solution: Auschwitz. Depicting the sufferings of saintly Jews.
Forbidden. A rich gentile woman falls in love with a saintly Jewish humanitarian
who enlists her in his battle against hate.
Wiseguy. In this episode vicious anti-semites plague Vinnie’s neighborhood.
The Last Metro. A noble Jewish director is persecuted.
MacGyver. MacGyver is in attendance when pious Jews holding the beautiful and
holy Bar Mitzvah ceremony seek his help in fending off persecution.
Heritage: Civilization and the Jews. “Out of the Ashes.” PBS special on the
persecution inflicted by evil Germans upon Gods Chosen People.
Perry Mason: The Case of the Desperate Deception. The shadow of evil falls
across Perry, on the trail of fiendish Jew-haters in Paris.
Europa, Europa. “..accomplishes what every film about the Holocaust seeks to
achieve: it brings new immediacy to the outrage by locating specific, wrenching
details that transcend cliches.” – Maslin, NY Times.
A Day in the Warsaw Ghetto: A Birthday Trip in Hell. Jewish-Canadian director
Jack Kuper’s documentary about the persecution inflicted on saintly Polish-Jews.
Two Half-Times in Hell. Hungarian director Zoltan Fabris film showcasing evil
German monstrosity during a soccer match held on Hitlers birthday in a death
Chasing Shadows. Heart-rending tale of a noble Jewish woman who accompanies her
saintly father, a Survivor of the Holocaust, on a torturous visit to his home
town in the Carpathian mountains where memories of unspeakable torments are
painfully rekindled.
The Summer of Aviya. A Jewish woman is driven insane by the Holocaust.
Breaking the Silence. The Generation After the Holocaust. Documentary account of
the torments and sufferings facing the Children and Grandchildren of Holocaust
Babylon 5. In deep space, a humble, high-minded, profoundly holy rabbi reminds
Ivanova of her religious duties. Rabbi: Theodore Bikel.
Star Trek. On the outer planet Ekos, Capt. Kirk (Wm. Shatner) attempts to
prevent history from repeating, when a neo-Nazi tries to take over the universe.
Spock: Leonard Nimoy.
Never Forget. Leonard Nimoy stars as Mel Mermelstein, a saintly Jewish Survivor
of The Holocaust who struggles heroically to combat the lies of monstrously evil
revisionist historians, who claim The Holocaust has been exaggerated.
Holy Matrimony. Depicts the evils and stupidity of the German-Christian
Hutterite religion. Directed by Leonard Nimoy.
An American Tail. Steven Spielberg’s 1986 feature length children’s cartoon
centers on a Jewish mouse persecuted by those around him.
An American Tail: Fievel Goes West. In Steven Spielbergs 1991 childrens
cartoon sequel, the Mousekewitzes, a family of immigrant Jewish mice who fled
Czarist Russia, lead a poverty-stricken existence in a New York City tenement,
until Fievel takes them West, where they must battle a huge Cat who is seeking
the mass extermination of the entire rodent community (Stephen Holden, NY
Schindlers List. Steven Spielbergs epic, three hour showcase of the evils of
German soldiers. Academy Award, Best Picture.
Schindler. Documentary about Oscar Schindler, the righteous gentile buried in
Israel, one of the few Germans who was not an evil cretin.
Primetime Live. They escaped justice but they couldnt hide from Sam Donaldson.
Some of the most hated men who ever lived are living it up. In Argentina. The
law couldnt catch up with these escaped Nazis. But Sam Donaldson did. And he
confronted them. Dont miss this face-to-face Nazi interrogation. (TV Guide,
May 5, 1994, p. 183). Produced by Ira Rosen.
The Simpsons. In this installment in the popular cartoon series, Bart and his
sister study the Talmud to find a way to help a Jewish clown get back into the
good graces of his formidable father, a rabbi who does not approve of clowning.
Voice of the rabbi: Jackie Mason. …moving episode –TV Guide.

Mississippi Burning. Alan Parkers searing film about hideously evil Whites who
terrorize noble Black people in the South.
Murder in Mississippi. A noble Jewish youth joins forces with a brave Black man
to bring civil rights to the South only to be terrorized by hideously evil
Turning Point. Murder in Mississippi. ABC News documentary on the killing of
three Civil Rights workers by horribly iniquitous southern Whites.
Today. The Sept. 4, 1994 show commemorates the 1964 killing in Mississippi of
three civil rights workers by unspeakably malevolent Whites.
Another Part of the Forest. Lillian Hellmans play about a degenerate Southern
family in the aftermath of the Civil War. (TV Guide).
Heart of Dixie. When a pampered White college girl witnesses the brutal beating
of a noble Black youth by evil Southern Whites, she decides to fight for Black
Cross of Fire. Evil Northern Whites terrorize noble Jews and Black people.
The Burning Cross. A heroic Black man (O.J. Simpson) teams with the police to
fight viciously evil White Southerners.
Amazing Stories. “Mummy.” This light-hearted episode from the Stephen Spielberg
series concerns an actor pursued by a hate-filled lynch mob comprised of
malevolent Southern rednecks and evil White trash.
Bullies. The Cullens, a family of evil White trash, terrorize a town.
Trapper County War. A savage family of evil White trash terrorize a backwoods
town until a noble Black Vietnam veteran helps put an end to their crimes.
Kalifornia. A poor White trash goes on a murder spree accompanied by his
dim-witted hillbilly girlfriend and is stopped by two noble, politically-correct
yuppies from the city.
In the Heat of the Night. Evil White trash persecute a noble Black policeman.
In the Heat of the Night. In this episode of the TV series based on the film,
evil White Christians persecute a noble Black family at a church.
Married with Children. …leads the class in white-trash sass. -TV Guide, June
13, 1992, p. 22.
Married with Children. A family of White trash travel to England where they
demonstrate their lust…greed… and lowness. (TV Guide, May 17, 1992, p.
Roseanne. From December: an amusing holiday episode aptly titled White Trash
Christmas, considering the purposely tacky decorations on the Conner home. (TV
Guide, July 2, 1994, p. 105).
Gator. The battle against redneck crime (TV Guide) is the centerpiece of this
MacGyver. Hideously evil rednecks torment and brutalize MacGyver in the rural
The Vernon Johns Story. Hideously evil southern Whites torture and torment a
saintly Black hero.
Arthur Ashe:Citizen of the World. HBO tribute to the greatest tennis player of
all time, a Black man who led a lifelong struggle against evil White racists.
The Last Boy Scout. An evil redneck football-team owner terrorizes a noble Black
quarterback and his White sidekick.
Jeff Foxworthy. The comedian mocks the stupidity and ugliness of White working
class rednecks in this July 25, 1992 Showtime cable TV presentation.
Shanty Tramp. A White sharecroppers daughter who is a low-down, promiscuous,
dirty tramp is saved by a saintly Black man.
Hunters Blood. Psychotic, incredibly backward and evil White country folk
launch a reign of terror against noble people from the big city.
Out on a Limb. Totally stupid and cretinous White working people from a Northern
California logging community named Buzzsaw display their comical idiocy.
Screenplay by Daniel and Joshua Goldin. …has several amusing moments, all
involving the fraternal backwoods idiots…with I.Q.s well under 50…
(Stephen Holden, NY Times).
Paris Trout. A human monster, a hideously evil White Southerner, tortures and
kills kindly Black people.
Deliverance. Four campers from the city are sodomized and terrorized by evil
rural White crackers.
She Stood Alone. Hideously evil Northern Whites persecute little Black girls at
a New England school.
PBS Frontline. Seven Days in Bensonhurst. Shelby Steeles documentary expose
of hideously evil Italians who launch a reign of terror against a noble Black
PBS Frontline. Your Loan is Denied. Vicious Whites deny deserving Black people
bank loans.
A Gathering of Old Men. A group of saintly, elderly Blacks shield one of their
own from the vicious depredations of White racist justice.
Dead Bang. A policeman is terrorized by evil White supremacists plotting to
take over America.
Surf Nazis Must Die. A sadistic gang of evil White youths is brought to justice.
The Color Purple. Oprah Winfrey stars in Steven Spielberg’s story of vicious
Southern Whites who imprison and torment a noble Black woman.
The Women of Brewster Place. Oprah Winfrey stars in this tale of noble ghetto
Blacks struggling in the face of evil White oppression.
Places in the Heart. Oscar winning tale of evil Texas Whites whose reign of
terror against a kindly Black farmhand stiffens the resolve of his employer.
Lethal Weapon 2. Detectives fight a vicious gang of evil White supremacist drug
48 Hours. A Black youth faces down a Country and Western bar full of cowardly
White racists and humiliates them.
Dallas. “Blonde Ambition.” A loathsome White woman prostitutes herself with the
son of the boss in order to climb the corporate ladder.
Dutchman. Director Anthony Harveys film version of the LeRoi Jones stage play
about a monstrous White woman who murders a virtuous young Black man.
Common Ground. Evil, hate-twisted Irish-Americans inflict a nightmare of racism
on upstanding Black people seeking their rights in Boston.
All in the Family. Sammy Davis Jr. stars as a Black man who’s had enough of the
vicious evil of White father Archie Bunker.
Married with Children. In the June 28, 1992 episode, White father Al Bundy is
shown to be an idiot. Meanwhile other members of this depraved working-class
White family insult each other.
Hate on Trial. Bill Moyers hosts this 2 hr. 30 minute PBS Special, featuring
edited excerpts from a 1990 Oregon trial of an evil Caucasian group called White
Aryan Resistance.
48 Hours. On Hate Street. Producer Steven Glaubers documentary exposes the
rising menace of crimes committed by evil Whites.
Skokie. Danny Kaye stars in this account of the heroic struggle of a noble
Jewish man seeking to stop evil White supremacists from marching in Illinois.
Holocroft Covenant. Murderous Whites plot a neo-Nazi takeover of the world.
The Inheritors. Evil White youths launch a neo-Nazi reign of terror.
Dark Justice. White supremacists terrorize saintly Jews as part of a real estate
ABC 20/20: “Seeds of Hate.” Geraldo Rivera reports on the evils of anti-semitism
and racism spreading among America’s hate-filled farmers.
Dances With Wolves. The Indians are paradigms of nobility and the Whites are
vicious scum, except for Lt. Dunbar (Kevin Costner), in this epic Western.
Academy Award-Best Picture.
Reprisal. A man of American Indian extraction is horribly persecuted by evil
The Mystic Navajo. Documentary shows the venality of the White man and the
saintliness of the Indians.
Bill Moyers: Oren Lyons the Faithkeeper. A saintly American Indian leader
condemns White nationalists and upholds the Indian path of peace.
In the White Mans Image. Documentary about a stupid White man who destroys the
identity of saintly American Indian youths.
Delvecchio. A cretinous White police officer persecutes a noble American Indian
PBS Frontline: The Spirit of Crazy Horse. Documentary on evil Whites and the
noble Sioux Indian nation.
The Last of His Tribes. Murderously evil Whites leave only one Indian remaining
in America.
Time Machine. Savagery and the American Indian: Wilderness. Shows how evil
White settlers launched a reign of terror against decent Indians.
The Native Americans. Ted Turners 3-part TV special shows how Whites brought
the godly, peaceable, utopian-ecologist Indians disease and death, while the
Indians gvae the Whites benevolence and ideas on how to form a Constitutional
Conspiracy of Silence. 2 part docudrama about monstrously evil White youths who
brutally murder a noble Indian woman and the town full of corrupt White
Christians who conspire to aid and abet the crime.
Powwow Highway. Evil Whites frame a noble Indian woman.
Chatos Land. A decent Apache man must flee after he kills an evil White in
Oprah. Oprah Winfrey and a panel of Native Americans discuss the doings of evil
Run, Simon, Run. A Papago Indian is offended by evil Whites.
Geronimo. (1993). The noble Indian warrior single-handedly sends a lynch-mob of
evil White pioneers scurrying like cowards.
Commanche Territory. Indians suffer at the hands of ignoble White men. [TV
Guide, Aug. 13, 1994, p. 134).
Isaac Littlefeathers. A saintly Jewish man adopts a noble American Indian boy
and both are viciously persecuted by evil Whites.
The Steel Helmet. Evil Whites torment noble Japanese and Black people.
Karate Kid. A White youth learns lessons in wisdom and holiness from Oriental
sages as disgusting White men perpetrate evil.
Too Close for Comfort. In this episode, a gallant Vietnamese immigrant is
viciously persecuted by a vile White American.
Alamo Bay. Valiant Vietnamese immigrants are viciously persecuted by evil Texas
Matlock. Matlock (Andy Griffith) defends a noble Vietnamese immigrant charged
with the murder of a filthy, White bigot.
Vanishing Son II. Evil White Americans interfere with the fishing rights of
newly arrived, virtuous Vietnamese refugees.
Vietnam, Texas. Robert Ginty’s moving film about virtuous Vietnamese immigrants
keeping their dignity in the face of evil Texas Whites.
The Iron Triangle. A noble fighter for the communist Vietcong exhibits his
humanity and goodness in the face of White evil.
Thousand Pieces of Gold. In the Old West, a noble Chinese woman is persecuted by
evil Whites.
The Ballad of Little Jo. In the Old West, a White woman poses as a man and is
victimized by one White male cretin after another until she finds love and
tenderness in the arms of a sensitive and saintly Chinese coolie.
Kung Fu. In the Old West, noble Chinese laborers are tormented by evil Whites.
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. Evil rural White Americans persecute Oriental
holy men. Ping Hi: Kim Chan.
Casualties of War. Vicious American soldiers rape and murder Vietnamese women.
The Girl Who Spelled Freedom. Heartwarming tale of a lovable, saintly Cambodian
refugee who overcame White prejudice to win a spelling contest.
Mission Impossible. Phelps poses as a computer whiz to snare an evil White
racist who is plotting to take over the world.
The Stand. Stephen Kings post-apocalyptic vision features the forces of good,
headed by the saintly old Black woman Mother Abagail (TV Guide, April 9, 94),
played by Ruby Dee. The forces of evil are led by the evil White man Randall
Flagg (Jamey Sheridan). 8 hr. TV miniseries.
Johnny Handsome. A brilliant Black surgeon and a highly intelligent Black
detective are mixed up with evil and ugly White thugs.
Into the Homeland. Evil White supremacists plot to take over America.
I Come in Peace. A drug-pushing crime syndicate comprised of vicious White
criminals known as “The White Boys” wreck havoc.
Nightmare at Bitter Creek. During a weekend mountain trek, three women and a
teenage girl are trapped and terrorized by evil, fugitive White supremacists.
On Promised Land. A saintly Black man (Carl Lumbly) seeks to purchase farmland
from a wealthy White woman obsessed with pampering her dog.
A Passion for Justice. A noble newspaper reporter is hunted like a dog after she
criticizes a White Mississippi sheriff for shooting a Black man without cause.
Cry Freedom. Searing indictment of White cruelty and racism.
Howard Beach: Making the Case for Murder. Evil New York Whites murder a
defenseless Black man.
The Dry White Season. Expose of evil Whites in South Africa and the decent
Black people’s struggle.
The Murder of Mary Phagan. Emmy-award-winning indictment of evil White
Southerners and vicious bigot Tom Watson in the case of the persecution of a
noble Jewish factory manager in 1913.
Citizens: The Political Life of Allard Lowenstein. Salute to the heroic gay
Jewish attorney who was instrumental in opposing the evil of Southern White
Drum. The crimes of a monstrously evil racist White man are dramatized.
Selma: City and Symbol. CBS TV news documentary exposes the evils of Whites in
the South.
Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Cable TV adaptation of the Harriet Beecher Stowe novel
depicting the crimes of White bigots against Blacks in the South.
I’m Gonna Git You Sucka. A Black Vietnam veteran and other ghetto good guys
battle a vicious White criminal known as Mr. Big.
Get Down and Boogie. Noble Blacks battle a viciously evil White man.
Black Gunn. Vicious White criminals murder a Black man. The victims brother
(Jim Brown) brings them to justice.
Shaft in Africa. Vicious White criminals are battled by a noble negro detective
(Richard Roundtree).
Family Matters. Lauras noble campaign for a Black history course is met by
vicious attacks by fiendish White racists.
Mapantsula. A noble Black maid is fired by a family of evil Whites and joins the
South African resistance movement.
Sarafina! Showcasing the immense dignity of Black people in the face of evil
Whites, Whoopi Goldberg stars as a noble teacher & repository of wisdom,
(Maslin, NY Times), Sarafinas mother is a black saint and Sarafina herself is
tortured by vicious South African Whites.
So Proudly We Hailed. Evil White youths join a sadistic racist group and market
human-skin lampshades to a powerful neo-Nazi U.S. senator who is plotting to
take over America.
Skinheads: The Second Coming of Hate. Evil White youths perpetrate a holocaust.
Now It Can Be Told. Monstrously evil White skinheads are exposed for the
vermin they are by intrepid Puerto Rican-Jewish journalist Geraldo Rivera.
Bodies of Evidence. ‘The Edge. Fiendish White skinheads murder a poor Jewish
MacGyver. MacGyver investigates an honorable Jewish man’s claim to a priceless
painting and uncovers a nefarious gang of evil White Gentiles auctioning off
stolen artworks as part of a conspiracy to finance the hideous “Aryan Nation.”
MacGyver. A noble Black youth is innocent of a theft blamed on him by an evil
White man.
The Ambush Murders. A noble Black youth is innocent of the murders blamed on him
by vicious White bigots.
Dummy. A handicapped Black youth is wrongly accused of a murder by evil White
I’ll Fly Away. A hideously evil White bus driver kills three saintly Black
people and a disgustingly foul, all-White jury is ready to set him free, until
Forrest intervenes.
I’ll Fly Away. On Halloween the specter of an evil White gang haunts the family.
Ill Fly Away. Vicious White southern bigots prevent a saintly Black woman
(Regina Taylor) from registering to vote.
Ill Fly Away. Lilly questions the value of the vote in a society dominated by
evil White Christians.
Ill Fly Away. In this enlightening episode, Nathan dates a Jewish girl and gets
a taste of prejudice from Slocum, an evil White Christian whose hatred doesnt
discriminate.-TV Guide.
Ill Fly Away. Lilly and Forrest witness a vicious beating of Black children by
White policemen.
Ill Fly Away. On a racy and heart-pounding Ill Fly Away, Nathan and Slocum
visit a brothel whle Forrest makes a deal with a prisoner to get him to go
undercover in the KKK. -TV Guide.
The Real Story. Evil Whites are exposed.
Tick…Tick…Tick…A newly elected, highly ethical Black sheriff (Jim Brown)
confronts a southern county full of hostile White racist scoundels.
Ricochet. A noble Black policeman (Denzel Washington) is tortured by a hideously
evil White criminal.
Homefront. In the 1940s, a noble Black WWII vet encounters racism at the hands
of evil Whites.
Unconquered. Vicious Whites persecute decent Black people.
Teech. A gallant Black music teacher must overcome prejudice at a White prep
Mr. Ricco. White racism and evil are exposed in this courtroom drama.
Good Night, Sweet Wife. White racism and evil are showcased.
Trumpet of Conscience. Heart-rending tribute to a saintly Black leader who
battled evil Whites in the South in the 1950s and 60s.
A Woman Called Moses. Heart-rending tribute to a saintly Black leader who
battled evil Whites in the South in the 1850s and 60s.
The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman. Emmy-award winning movie about a saintly
Black woman trying to keep her dignity amid the evils of vicious southern
Twilight Zone: The Movie. A cretinous White bigot gets a lesson in morality he
will never forget.
100 Rifles. Black hunk Jim Brown romances Raquel Welch while a sadistic German
urges extermination of the local Indians.
Guess Whos Coming to Dinner. Award-winning story of a White woman whose
sensitive and gallant Black lover must face the cruel reality of White racism.
Geraldo. The joys and desirability of Whites having sex with Blacks and
Orientals is celebrated by host Geraldo Rivera in this 1991 program.
Donahue. The joys and desirability of Whites having sex with Blacks and
Orientals is celebrated by host Phil Donahue in this program which aired in
Hairspray. Evil White racists obstruct the free-wheeling lifestyle of a group of
fun-loving White teen-age girls who choose to date sensitive Black men.
Molly Dodd. A White woman falls in love with a kindly Black man and is redeemed
through her romance with him.
Like a Prayer. White rock-star Madonna makes love to a Black saint come to life
and is redeemed by the experience.
Love Field. Michelle Pfeiffer stars as a White woman redeemed by the love of a
virile and caring Black man.
Jungle Fever. A White woman has a love affair with a handsome, sensitive Black
man over the objections of her hateful, bigoted White brothers. “The love story
of the year”-American Woman Magazine.
True Colors. A White woman’s marriage to a decent and caring Black man is the
centerpiece of this on-going series dedicated to the joys of romance with
sensitive, gentle negro men.
Schoolbreak Special. Different Worlds: A Story of Interracial Love. A White
high school girl finds happiness in the arms of a compassionate and noble Black
My Sweet Charlie. A White woman (Patty Duke) shares her troubles with a
sensitive and caring Black man (Al Freeman, Jr.) after having been rejected by
callous White men.
How to Make Love to a Negro Without Getting Tired. Light- hearted romp about a
White woman who finds fulfillment in the arms of a sensitive and caring Black
Homefront. Sterling Macer Jr. stars as a sensitive and noble Black man married
to a White woman in 1946 Ohio and the evil Whites who persecute the loving
The Stick Wife. Powerful Broadway drama about a White trash household with
Lindsay Crouse as the miserably unhappy, battered and abused wife of a vicious
White southern man.
My Husband is Going to Kill Me. A vicious White man launches a reign of terror
against his wife and children.
Living a Lie. A White woman joins the fight to put an end to her husband’s hate
crimes after she discovers that he is an evil White racist who persecutes
good-hearted Hispanics. “As her suspicion grows, so does her need to do the
right thing–even if it means not standing by her man” – TV Guide.
Hunter. A woman is left for dead by the evil White supremacists she had naively
tried to help. Hobarts: Dean Stockwell.
Driving Miss Daisy. A noble Jewish lady accepts the minsitrations of a kind and
compassionate Black man (Morgan Freeman) in the racist south.
Driving Miss Daisy. Made for TV version of the Pulitzer-winning play and the
Oscar-winning movie about a noble Black man (Robert Guillaume) in the White
supremacist south and his kindness toward an elderly White lady.
The Morris Dees Story. Account of the heroic lawyer who prosecutes hideously
evil White supremacists on behalf of noble Blacks they have victimized.
American Justice. A report on evil U.S. Whites who attacked civil rights workers
in 1964 and a noble Ethiopian in 1988.
Connie Chung. A report on evil Whites who attacked a noble NAACP leader in 1966.
CNN Presents. An examination of how vicious Whites persecute noble Black people
Rhythm & Blues. In the series debut, a White moron shows up at an all Black
radio station and becomes the object of righteous disgust.
Bonanza. A vicious White southerner institutes a reign of terror.
Bonanza. A town full of vicious Whites persecute a noble Black singer.
Perfect Harmony. A saintly Black youth struggles for his dignity in the face of
White evil.
L.A. Law. A saintly Black man (Paul Winfield) struggles for his dignity in the
face of White racism.
Separate But Equal. Story of the gallant Black attorneys who forced vicious
Whites to integrate.
Dragnet. A vicious White bigot plots to blow-up a school full of Black children.
Ironside. Evil White racists obstruct a criminal investigation.
Lords of Discipline. A valiant Black youth confronts evil White racists at a
military school.
Frontline. “The Color of Your Skin.” Documentary in praise of the U.S. Army’s
sensitivity training sessions in which White troops confess their sins against
Black people.
Quantum Leap. Evil Whites plot to murder a saintly Black rights advocate.
Storm Warning. Fiendish White bigots go on a rampage.
Heat Wave. Valiant Blacks revolt against White oppression.
Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman. Evil White racist scumbags torment a decent,
upstanding Black couple.
Fried Green Tomatoes. John Avnets story about evil White Southerners who
falsely accuse an innocent Black man of a crime.
Intruder in the Dust. A noble Black man is falsely accused of a crime.
Loose Cannons. Evil White supremacists confound a detective.
The Guardian. A heroic Black security guard battles vicious White hoodlums.
The Court Martial of Jackie Robinson. Chronicle of the persecution of a valiant
Black ballplayer by vicious Whites in the military.
Sudie and Simpson. Moving story of a saintly Black man (Lou Gossett, Jr.)
persecuted by hideously evil White Southerners.
Carolina Skeletons. No-good White Southerners conspire against a noble Black man
(Lou Gossett, Jr.) who is seeking justice after the execution of his brother by
monstrously evil Whites.
White Lie. An entire town full of no-good White Southerners conspire against a
noble Black man (Gregory Hines) who is seeking justice after the lynching of his
father by monstrously evil Whites.
White Dog. Monstrously evil Whites train a dog to attack Black people.
Sounder. A gallant Black family tries to carry on in the face of the evil of
White Southerners.
Tougher than Leather. Heroic Black ‘rap’ musicians wipe out a nest of evil White
racist record producers.
Roots. Epic saga of heroic Blacks hunted and tortured by monstrously evil White
Roots: The Next Generation. In part six, Haley encounters a fiendishly evil
White supremacist.
Heaven and Hell. In the final chapter of the John Jakes saga, evil White
supremacists launch a reign of terror.
Betrayed. Evil White supremacists hunt down a terrified Black youth.
Surviving the Game. …a maladroit, racially inflammatory action film in which
a homeless (Black) man named Jack Mason (Ice-T) is recruited to become the prey
of wealthy hunters. With the exception of Cole, played by Charles S. Dutton (the
star of TVs Roc), the hunters are White and grotesquely evil…The Dutch actor
Rutger Hauer, who makes the films most magnetic heavy, probably deserves credit
for having perfected the accent of an authentic American redneck…This is not
one of those films that makes the world a better place. (Janet Maslin, NY
Times, April 16, 1994). Directed by Black filmmaker Ernest Dickerson.
Sellin of Jamie Thomas. Decent Black people in the Old South are tortured and
tormented by vile and vicious White scum.
Blind Vengeance. An upstanding Black youth is murdered by evil Whites.
Murder Without Motive: The Edmund Perry Story. Compelling account of the death
of a young Black scholar, one of Harlems best and brightest, gunned down by a
White cop.
The Leader, His Driver and the Drivers Wife. Nicholas Broomfields documentary
exposes the monstrous evil of a White South African supremacist.
A World Apart. The evil of South Africas separatist Whites is showcased.
Till Death Do Us a Part. An anti-Jewish White bigot displays his loudmouthed
All in the Family. In this episode in the award-winning series dedicated to the
expose of the hateful posturings of White working class fathers, moronic bigot
Archie Bunker belittles his upright Black neighbor (Sherman Hemsley).
Joe. A bigoted, evil White working man commits a murder.
Judge. An evil White teenage girl uses a gang of bigoted White punks to achieve
her sinister goals.
Different World. Two upstanding Black youths are vilified by evil White teenage
All My Children. For the next three weeks, daytimes most socially conscious
soap opera will explore racial violence instigated by young, white-bread
Americans. In the opener, a virtuous Black youth lies in a coma after a brutal
beating by two Caucasian kids. –TV Guide, Jan. 11, 1992, p. 21.
Speak Up!Its So Dark. Swedish film about a saintly Jewish psychiatrist who
helps an evil White skinhead youth learn the true meaning of justice and fair
The Cowboys. A viciously sadistic White supremacist murders an innocent man and
terrorizes a decent negro.
A Soldiers Story. Hideously evil White troops torment noble Black soldiers.
And the Children Shall Lead. A young girl witnesses the depredations and horrors
perpetrated by evil White Southerners.
For Us, The Living: The Story of Medgar Evers. Howard E. Rollins stars as the
great Black leader who was martyred by viciously evil White Southerners.
Southern Justice. HBOs America Undercover exposes the evil of Southern Whites
and the valour of Black civil rights hero Medgar Evers and his wife Myrlie.
Frederic Douglass: An American Life. Reverent biography of the saintly Black
hero who led the 19th century crusade against evil Whites in the South.
Civil War Journal. Reverent biography of John Brown, the gallant abolitionist
hero who fought evil southern Whites. Host: Danny Glover.
Race to Freedom. The Underground Railroad offers hope to four noble negroes
fleeing vicious southern Whites.
Freedom on My Mind. Documentary on the Civil Rights movement in Misissippi,
depicts the crimes of evil White Southerners and the heroism of upstanding Black
people. Winner, Best Documentary, Sundance Film Festival.
Freedom Summer. A CNN Presents documentary on the loathsome White racist animals
who persecuted valiant Black saints in the South.
Making of a Holiday. The life of Americas greatest hero, the saintly Rev. Dr.
Martin Luther, Jr. is solemnly celebrated in this moving documentary.
The Boy King. Reverent dramatization of the early years of the saintly martyr,
Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, the man who freed our country and became a world
leader in the pursuit of goodness.
King: A Filmed Record: Montgomery to Memphis. Documentary hails the immortal
achievements of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the American hero, martyr
and saint.
Eyes on the Prize. Six part PBS documentary extolling the sainthood and heroism
of the martyred Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Malcolm X. Spike Lees tale of a saintly Black hero relentlessly persecuted by
evil White judges, policemen, reporters and whores. Lees character compares
White women to pigs feet.
Malcolm X: The Real Story. Dan Rather narrates this CBS paean to the great Black
hero, using original newsreel footage.
Malcolm X: Make It Plain. 150 min. PBS TV Documentary on the dynamic, proud,
fiercely determined…Black prince who crusaded for human rights. (TV Guide).
Oprah Winfrey. Movie director Spike Lee is the guest as host and audience heap
praise upon this great Black cinematic auteur and his biography of one of
Americas greatest men, Malcolm X.
American Experience. Simple Justice. 2 hr. docudrama portrays the heroic
struggle of Black lawyers, headed by NAACP counsel (and future Supreme Court
Justice), the immortal Thurgood Marshall, in their battle against vicious White
southern scum.
Freedom Road. Muhammad Ali stars as a heroic Black man who becomes a U.S.
Senator in the racist, Reconstruction south.
Memphis. Three White southern swine kidnap an angelic Black child. Based on a
novel by Shelby Foote.
Thelma and Louise. As Geena Davis dimwitted, chauvinistic Southern pig of a
spouse in the much talked about hit film Thelma and Louise, Christopher McDonald
was the man America loved to hate last spring. -Susan King, Los Angeles Times.
Melrose Place. Sandy, a blonde White woman from the south, is a sleazy waitress,
a witch and a sly Southerner with sharp claws (TV Guide, Aug. 22, 1992).
Daughters of the Dust. Celebrates the nobility and spirituality of the
African-American heritage as Black women struggle for their dignity on an
My Past Is My Own. Two Black kids are attacked by vicious White Southerners.
Home. Rosa Parks, the saintly Black woman who pioneered integration in the South
in the face of vicious persecution from evil Whites, is honored in this segment.
Nurses. An evil White supremacist torments Annie.
Aliens 3. A devoutly religious, incredibly brave Black super-hero, fights White
rapists and instills courage in cowardly White cretins.
Passenger 57. A brave and noble Black super-hero battles a plane full of vicious
White hoodlums.
Pressure Point. A noble Black psychiatrist (Sidney Portier) must endure the
hate-spewing filth of a monstrously evil White man.
All the Young Men. A noble Black man overcomes the hatred of evil Whites in the
Marine Corps and converts them to justice and love.
Brother John. A noble Black man practices love and justice while evil Southern
Whites hound him.
Halls of Anger. Vicious Whites torment noble Black youths.
Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves. Azeem, a negro genius, teaches stupid Celts,
Saxons and other backward White Europeans, advanced African science, medicine
and technology.
Grass Roots. Four hour made-for-TV movie about police detectives tracking an
evil White supremacist in the South. Also exposes racist, bigoted White
Christians such as Rev. Don Calhoun and Jeb Stuart Willoughby, head of
Americans for Moral Defense who turns out to be a murderer.
Commish. Police officers are forced to tolerate White supremacist scum who
insist on leading a march through a neighborhood in order to torment noble Black
In Living Color. A noble Black man (Damon Wayans) helps a saintly Third World
immigrant get a green card in the face of machinations by evil White
Naturalization Service agents.
30-Minute Movie. Showtime cable special features a noble Black musician who left
the U.S. to escape persecution by evil Whites and returns after several years to
find that American Whites are just as villainous as ever.
Fortress of Amerikkka. Hideously evil Whites go on a rampage.
The Defiant Ones. A convict learns lessons in humanity from a noble Black man
(Carl Weathers) who is pursued by a vicious gang of evil Whites.
The Scalphunters. A fur trapper learns lessons in humanity from a noble Black
man (Ossie Davis) who is pursued by a gang of White cutthroats.
Heart Condition. An evil White bigot learns a lesson in compassion from a noble
Black man. Bob Hoskins. Denzel Washington.
White Men Cant Jump. A White moron learns lessons in humanity from a a
street-wise Black man (Wesley Snipes).
Single White Female. A fiendishly evil White woman launches a reign of murder
and terror.
Crisis at Central High. Evil Whites try to keep noble Black youths from
attending school.
Beverly Hills, 90210. A new Black family in the neighborhood is tormented by
evil White security guards.
FBI: The Untold Stories. Vicious White Southerners murder a noble Black man.
The Power of One. A saintly Black man (Morgan Freeman) is forced to eat
excrement by a fiendishly evil White South African.
Sister Thea: Her Own Story. Documentary on a saintly Black woman, Thea Bowman,
whose courage, holiness and humanitarianism in the face of White evil, are
Freedom Bags. Chronicling the suffering of saintly Southern Black women forced
to migrate North in order to flee evil Whites and their racism.
As Summers Die. A poor Black woman is defrauded of her property by greedy
The Right of the People. Moronic Whites exhibit their lynch-mob mentality when a
law legalizing handgun possession instigates a reign of White vigilante terror.
Turning Point. Inside the Struggle: The Amy Biehl Story. News documentary
about Black victims of White violence and oppression, making it easy to
understand the rage roiling through South Africas Black townships. (NY Times,
April 20, 94).
In the Heat of the Night. A sheriff (Carroll OConnor of Archie Bunker fame)
finally atones for being White and Southern, absolves himself of guilt and is
elevated into the ranks of the righteous when he marries an African-American
city councilwoman (Denise Nicholas).
In the Heat of the Night. An evil White Southerner running for the Senate stages
an assassination attempt on himself and then orders another man murdered.
In the Heat of the Night. A valiant Black Civil Rights leader is marked for
death by evil White Southern swine.
Siskel and Ebert. The critics examine the negative image of Black people in the
media and what must be done to show more positive images of Blacks on TV and in
Images and Realities: African American Men. Hollywoods negative portrayals of
Black men in films is criticized.
Color Adjustment. PBS P.O.V. special examines Holywoods legacy of unfair
portrayals of Black people.
Falasha: Exile of the Black Jews. Simcha Jacobovicis acclaimed account of the
tribulations of saintly African Jews from Ethiopia.
Liberators–Fighting on Two Fronts in World War II. Nina Rosenblums acclaimed
account of American Black soldiers who liberated saintly Jews from the German
death camps while themselves victimized by vicious White Christian racists in
the military.
Pearl and Irene. Moving profile of two Black women who recount the horrors
perpetrated against them by evil Whites in Baltimore.
Reasonable Doubts. In Part One, Tess (Marlee Matlin) has a hot case involving a
juvenile White supremacist who savagely murdered a Hasidic Jew. TV Guide.
Reasonable Doubts. In the two hour conclusion, Tess must bring a vicious White
Christian punk to justice while a judge obstructs her effort to win justice for
saintly Jews.
Prejudice: Answering Childrens Questions. Host Peter Jennings explains the
evils of White racists to an audience of children.
Whitewash. HBO childrens cartoon special about three dastardly White kids who
inflict a racially-motivated hate crime upon an angelic little Black girl.

The following is a list of movies and TV programs concerning the Bolshevik Mass
Murder of 60 Million Russian Christians perpetrated by such top Jewish
communists as Trostsky, Apfelbaum (Zinoviev), Uritsky, Kamenev, Berman, Yagoda,
Frenkel, Kaganovich and Kuhn and on the hunt for Jewish communist war criminals:

The following is a list of movies and TV programs on the racist-motivated Mass
Murder and Rape of White Men, Women and children by Black, Hispanic and Oriental
Criminals: One: Birth of a Nation. (Made in 1915 and picketed by the NAACP which
petitioned legislators to ban it. It is still banned by the Library of Congress:
cf. NY Times, April 27, 1994).

The Following is a List of Movie and TV Programs on the Mass Murder of
Palestinian Women and Children by the Israeli Armed Forces: One: Beirut to
Bosnia, described by Walter Goodman in the NY Times as …probably
simplistic…stir(s) unease about the selection and use of evidence (April 27,
1994, p. C-18).

Authors Note
Believe it or not, there yet remain to be documented hundreds of additional hate
films, some of which were broadcast as individual episodes of TV series; and of
course new ones are constantly in production. April of 1994 probably set a
record for massive overkill broadcast of Holocaust propaganda on TV.
The corpus of these teleplays, movies and infotainment documentaries
comprise a genre which constitutes the most massive and negative stereotyping of
people in the annals of propaganda, while at the same time representing an
unprecedented idolization of a Master Race (Jews).
That this stereotyping process is presented attired in the habiliments of
human rights cant is indicative of how close we have come to the Orwellian
system of corporate mass mind control foretold in 1984. This was well
demonstrated by the NY Times criticism of the only film to be nationally
televised in the U.S. which effectively exposed Israeli war crimes.
The Times declared that Beirut to Bosnia, …stir(s) unease about the
selection and use of evidence. No such unease is ever voiced by establishment
mouthpieces over the selection and use of evidence in the hundreds of
Holocaust shows thus far aired.
Indeed, the slobbering hymn of sychophancy the NY Times composed for Mr.
Spielbergs Schindlers List never bothered to note the historical fact that
Commandant Amon Goeth, the movies chief bad guy, was arrested and imprisoned by
the SS Judiciary for the murder and abuse of prisoners and economic crimes of
corruption. Spielberg withheld this vital information from his audience, thereby
producing not history but ever more partisan fantasy.
The logic of the New World Order consists in the dogma that the propaganda war
against us is a human rights campaign while our defense against it, is a form
of hate. As Orwell foretold, War is Peace.
Until a balance can be struck, the record of lies and group libel will be
documented in current and successive editions of this report. Wiswell Ruffin
House wishes to print several thousand copies of this edition for mass
distribution. Donations toward this on-going project are solicited and
appreciated. We can at least for now remind the world that the cinematic hatred
directed against us under the guise of fighting hatred is the most cynical and
despicable hate propaganda of all.
-Michael A. Hoffman II, June, 1994

[Hoffman edits Revisionist Researcher Magazine. For the issue devoted to
analyzing the lies in Schindlers List, send $6. A six issue subscription is
$30. 12 issue subscription: $50. (U.S. Funds/U.S. Bank). Checks payable to
Wiswell Ruffin House.
Wiswell Ruffin House P.O. Box 236, Dresden, N.Y. 14441

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