Hoffman Michael 1994, Article 3

From Michael A. Hoffman II

The great intellectual adventure of the Holohoax hallucination:

>>Morris Hubert, an 82 year old retired butcher was arrested on
Kristallnacht…Later Mr. Hubert was sent to Buchenwald.
>>In the camp there was a cage with a bear and an eagle<>Every day they would throw a Jew in there. The bear would tear him apart and
the eagle would pick at his bones.<<
>>But that is unbelievable,<< whispered a visitor.
>>It is unbelievable,<< said Mr. Hubert, >>but it happened.<<

–N.Y. Times, Nov. 10, 1988.

Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you…
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X-To: Danny Keren

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I have posted the preceding from the >>Goeths Arrest<< thread to give readers a
taste of Mr. Steins record of prevarication.

In this thread, he must mimic my witticism about Gordon Freedman for his thread
title since he has no trace of wit or letters of his own with which to color his

But more to the point, if we examine Mr. Steins Hebrew claim herein, we see
that he has, once again, transported himself back to =Auschwitz of the Mind= and
is having another hallucination. I have never criticized Mr. Stein due to the
quotation he cited. Rather I said his Hebrew knowledge was not too good without
specifying what my objection was. Stein is telling alt.revisionism readers I was
objecting to the quotation he cited. But how does he know that?Did he obtain
that knowledge from a seance at the U.S. Holohoax Museum? The fact is, this
Khazar is lying.

I wrote that Steins Hebrew was not too good because he criticized my use of
classical Hebrew. For a useful account of this please see the first post which
appears in the earlier thread entitled Hoffmans Hebrew.

Mr. Stein makes a full confession in that thread of how he misjudged my Hebrew,
thereby proving my contention that his Hebrew was not too good whereas mine
was perfect.

But the poor old chap doesnt know his right from his left and has now disgraced
himself herein with his tall tale.

Confounding Khazars in alt.revisionism is proving to be jolly good fun!

–Michael A. Hoffman II.

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Subject: Re: Ooo! Can I play too? (Hollywood Hate Propaganda)
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X-To: Richard Schultz

Richard Schultz writes:

>I should point out that I was unaware that “Star Trek” and “The Twilight
>Zone” were promulgated under the guise of advancing human rights,
>but live and learn, I suppose.

Individual episodes were presented with their humanitarian hearts dripping
with self-advertised concern for human rights.

>>Charge of the Model T’s. Evil Germans start a Mexican war against America.

This movie goes far beyond the contents of the Zimmerman note. It once again
blackens the good name and reputation of the German people with a made-in-
Hollywood libel.

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X-To: Charles R.L. Power

Charles R.L. Power writes:

>None of this has much to do with the subject matter of this
>conference, of course–just one of the instances of particular
>Jews acting abominably (in other words, just like other human
>beings) which antisemites like hoffman2 love to inject, however
>irrelevantly, into the discussion.

Of course the subject of Germans acting abominably has endless
fascination and >>relevance<< for the anti-Goyites who imagine that
they are the commissars of proper content in alt.revisionism.
–Michael A. Hoffman II. Send U.S.$3 for our catalog of books,tapes
and stickers. Wiswell Ruffin, Box 236, Dresden, N.Y. 14441 USA

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Subject: Re: Put up or shut up, Mr. Hoffman
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X-To: Ken Mcvay

Ken Mcvay writes:

>On October 26, 1994, I responded to this baseless charge by asking you

No, Mr. McVay you have not responded to the charge. You have not answered
my detailed questions on your position on your government and your human
rights (so-called) groups and your Canadian Zionist establishment’s policy
of prosecuting and seeking to imprison Zundel and Keegstra and to jail,
deport and ban writer David Irving. Will you kindly go on record herein
condemning the horrid Canadian-Zionist policy of prosecuting publishers,
teachers and writers? Will you write to the relevant Canadian authorities
like S. Littman, S. Citron and the government of Canada, protesting this
inquisition? What is the position of the Pharisee-worshipping church that
pays you on this issue?

Kindly >>put up or shut up.<<

–Michael A. Hoffman II.

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Subject: Re: Hollywood Hate Propaganda Documented
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X-To: Morrison

Morrison writes:

>Hey, it’s a game we can all play! Mr Hoffman forgot such propaganda

Now you are getting in the swing of things, Mr. Morrison, you are making
your own jokes about what I regard as anti-German hate propaganda and
noxious, servile adoration of the Chosen Pimples. Though we disagree we
concur in one regard: one man’s defamation is another man’s joke.
Remember that and retain your sense of humor the next time the ADL of
B’Nai B’rith, the rabbis at the Wiesenthal Center and the governments of
Canada, Britain, Switzerland, France, Germany, Australia and South Africa
imprison people for making >>anti-Jewish<< alleged >>hate propaganda.<<
Or is this only a subject for comedy when Germans and Arabs are the victims?
If hate propaganda is merely an occasion for mirth why are there laws against
it in so many nations? Or, is the real purpose of these one-sided laws that
are never enforced against anti-German hate films, merely to suppress all
criticism of our Master Race of Israelis? Presumably you are opposed to laws
which label intellectual property >>hate propaganda.<< So am I. Let us allow
all films and books to circulate freely, no matter who is offended. But let
us not pretend that hate only emanates from one side of the political
spectrum. Hollywood, as I have documented, is the greatest purveyor of group
libel on the planet.
—Michael A. Hoffman II.

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X-To: Philip Trauring

Philip Trauring writes:

>First of all, I would like your sources on calling Jews Khazars. It’s a
>great theory(Come on, Al Sharpton likes it) and I’d like some proof for it.
>Althoguh I beleive there was a Khazar nation, and that it did primarily
>convert to Judaism, to say that all Jews are Khazars is a bit absurd.

My sources on calling Jews Khazars are very extensive (incidentally I did not
say, as you wrongly infer >>all Jews<<). I do not believe that many of the
people who call themselves >>Jews<< today have any blood ties to the people
of Abraham and Isaac. There are other masqueraders besides the Khazars. There
are also those Sephardim. I presume you are familiar with Koestler’s The 13th
Tribe. You should also read Paul Wexlers >>The Ashkenazic Jews.<< Depending
on your sincerity, I may also direct you to research papers are other personal
sources not published in book form. It is a fascinating subject and I look
forwaforward to an honest investigation on your part (meaning keeping an open

>Actually Betar is a mainstream youth organization, and by no stretch of the
>imagination could it be considered a terrorist gang. In Israel it is

Your imagination does not stretch very far. A Betar front group (>>Sons of
Memory<<) took credit for the attempted murder of Prof. Faurisson. Betar is
very much a terror gang. –Michael A. Hoffman II

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Subject: Hoffman Away until Nov. 7
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 94 09:49:41 -0500
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I will be combining a research trip with the celebration of one of the
high holidays of the traditional Christian Anglo-Saxon calendar: Guy
Fawkes Day. I will be back on the Internet Nov. 7. –Michael A.
Hoffman II.

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Subject: Re: Michael Hoffman Grows Himself an Even Longer Nose
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X-To: Michael P. Stein

Stein writes:
>>Saying I suspect you are a parrot who only knows phrases, not the whole
language, does not say there is anything wrong with the phrases you parroted.<<

If you had been that articulate in your Oct. 2 post then I would have responded
differently. Instead you stated that I did not know what I was talking about by
making an analogy between stating Japanese martial arts names and the practice
of those arts.

I realize that you are a mind reader and have been able to definitively
determine what I was thinking Oct. 2 in reaction to your post. However for those
foul, anti-semitic skeptics who would dare to doubt your mighty telepathic
powers, the fact is, I took your allusion to be a criticism of my use of Hebrew.
Since my usage was correct, I thought that if you believed there was something
wrong with mine, that yours could not be very great. This was subsequently
confirmed when, following the tenor of your original analogy, you specifically
stated your objections to my usage. That these objections were erroneous, you
confirmed in the thread>>HoffmanUs Hebrew.<<

Stein writes:
>>You explicitly mentioned classical Hebrew. That concept was not brought into
the discussion until three weeks later–by me.<<

Wow, Mr. Stein is not only a mind-reader he is also some sort of monarch of
languages. Hebrew is not classical until Mr. Stein says it is. I did not know it
was classical until Mr. Stein mentioned it. Again, pardon my impudence, but I
knew the words I was using and I knew that they were classical Hebrew. Mr. Stein
and his fellow-travelers in linguistic blunder regaled my usage with insults and
boastful claims to their great authority and knowledge of the subject until Mr.
Stein finally discovered that he was grossly in error and felt compelled to
admit as much in the thread >>Hoffmans Hebrew<< in an effort to shore up what
little credibility he had left after being defeated in >>GoethUs Arrest.<<

Stein says:
>>Grow yourself a pair of testicles and admit it like a mensch.<<

I already possess a rather large pair of testicles thank you and as to your
latter demand, I do not think that would be possible, Mr. Stein and if you were
the authority on linguistics that you would like people to think that you are,
you would know why.

From Israeli journalist Israel Shahak:J>>It should be explained here that terms
like >other< or >human being< refer in Halacha to Jewish others and Jewish human
beings alone. When used in Hebrew by rabbis they must have that meaning. The
same holds true for Yiddish. Although the word >Mensch< is supposed to mean a
man, it is actually used only in reference to a Jewish man.<<

–Michael A. Hoffman II

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Subject: Re: Hollywood Hate Propaganda Documented
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 94 05:50:35 -0500
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X-To: The only Golux in the World, and not a m

The only Golux in the World, and not a m writes:

>What makes you think Americans in general give a rat’s ass about the
>massacre of Muslims in the Middle East by a crazy Jew with an automatic

I think they might–since they are paying for it with their taxes–if it
were publicized consistently in films and TV documentaries.

Your reference to mass murderer Goldstein as >>crazy<< is baloney. Whenever
Khazars massacre people they are >>crazy.<< When Arabs do it, they are

Goldstein was a member of both Kahanes Kach movement and according to Israel
Shahak, the Lubavitch movement. Both of those groups are virulently racist
and what Goldstein did was seamlessly in line with those philosophies. He
committed a calculated act of terrorism. Why are you so reticent to call
it what it is? –Michael A. Hoffman II

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Subject: Re: Hollywood Hate Propaganda Documented
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 94 05:56:24 -0500
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X-To: Danny Keren

Danny Keren writes:

>## 1) For the record, he was not an “Israeli army officer”. He was in
>## the reserve forces, but everyone in Israel is.
># Nonsense. The Haredim do not serve.
>True, but he was not a “Haredi”, so it’s not really relevant.

First you say everyone in the Israeli state is in the reserve forces, then
when your error is corrected, you say it is not relevant.

Which do you mean, that your errors are not relevant or the facts are not

>He wore his uniform, true, probably to appear less suspicious. No
>one can tell what went on in his twisted mind. However, he was not
>an army officer, but served in the reserve forces.
>Is this really that important?

Of course it is. The media keep referring to Goldstein as a >>settler<< and not
an Israeli army officer because to tell the truth and state that an Israeli
army officer massacred scores of Palestinians, begins to cast some light on the
institutional nature of the racism and hate that permeates Israeli society and
the degree to which the Palestinian people are at the mercy of the Israeli army.
–Michael A. Hoffman II

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Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Demjanjuk Case – U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit Cou
Date: Wed, 9 Nov 94 06:01:22 -0500
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X-To: Ken Mcvay

Ken Mcvay writes:

>A fascinating document, which I recently obtained, and which Mr.
>Hoffman II mentioned in his strange attempt to discredit my work.
>The Court clearly blasts the DoJ, while just as clearly damning
>Demjanjuk’s participation in Aktion Reinhard. Sorry for the length –

Why is telling the truth about Mr. McVay >>strange?<<

The document you have posted shows the U.S. Justice Department to have
been the evil bureaucracy that I said it was. This is further testimony
to the true nature of your mission, since your >>supporter<< is a high
official in the Justice Department.
–Michael A. Hoffman II

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Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Hoffman’s Kastner claim stands up
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 94 05:59:55 -0500
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X-To: Jamie McCarthy

McCarthy writes:

>>Can you give me one good reason why the gassing, which you admit happened<<
>>You begrudgingly admit that maybe hundreds of thousands of Jews were killed at
the Reinhard camps<<

Mr. McCarthy, are you delusional, or what? I have not admitted there were any
homicidal gassings of even one Khazar (so-called >>Jew<<), much less >>hundreds
of thousands.<<

McCarthy asks:
>>What in the hell are you thinking of, Mr. Hoffman?<<

What I am thinking of, McCarthy, is of that rare commodity in this news group
known as an open mind and a non-dogmatic response to anomalous information.

I believe that diesel technology can be used efficiently for purposes of mass
murder and I will post documentation in support of that contention in the near
future. Hopefully this can be discussed by revisionists and non-revisionists in
a thoughtful manner.People with a terminal case of hysteria, such as yourself,
may wish to contain themselves long enough to allow a genuine exchange of data,
rather than cliches, to occur.

–Michael A. Hoffman II

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Subject: Victims of the Thought Police
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 94 18:46:45 -0500
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The Attack on Writers, Publishers and Intellectuals
by Censors, Rabbis and Jailers
Compiled by Michael A. Hoffman II. Copyright 1994. All Rights Reserved.

No portion of this work may be altered in any way, by any means except for
purposes of brief quotation contained within the body of a critical review. For
permission to republish this work in print, in its entirety, write >>Copyright
Permissions<< in care of Wiswell Ruffin House. Permission to republish this work
electronically is forbidden, unless the entire text is electronically published
without changes of any kind, in which case permission for electronic
republication is hereby granted.

Published by Warrant of Matthew 23:15 and John 18:37.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: I. Information note. II. A Note on Terms Employed. III.
Introduction. IV. List of Victims and Accounts of their Victimization.

I. Information Note: This list of the victims of the thought police will be
updated on the Intenet once a month. E-mail late-breaking news of Pharisaic
censorship and inquisition to this writer at: [email protected] or write me
at P.O. Box 236, Dresden, New York 14441. All submissions become our property
and will not be returned. However, contributors will be credited for information
used, unless they request anonymity.

II. A Note on Terms Employed Herein:
1. REVISIONISTS. This is mainly a reference to historians, researchers and lay
activists who dissent from the >>official<< Allied and Zionist version of the
history of World War Two. Revisionist historians generally regard the official
version as seriously distorted due to a wildly exaggerated portrayal of Khazar
suffering and a whitewash of the war crimes of the Allies against the German and
Japanese people. Some revisionist historians believe the chauvinism entailed in
ascribing experiences of >>Holocaust<< (literally, death by burning) exclusively
to one nation of people (Israelis), has created a veritable license for the
Israelis to holocaust the Arabs with impunity. The Zionists deflect outrage
against recent Israeli war crimes with a media shield fabricated out of what
supposedly happened to the Khazars more than a half century ago in Europe.
Hence, the Israelis recognize–as fundamental to their continued dispossession
of the Palestinians– the need to protect their >>Holocaust<< hyperbole from
rigorous historical scrutiny.
2. KHAZARS. The majority of those masquerading as >>Jews<< today have no blood
connection to the Covenant People of Abraham, but rather are descendants of the
Khazars. In the course of this study, we shall sometimes call the impersonators
by their real name:Khazars. For documentation refer to: >>The Ashkenazic Jews:
A Slavo-Turkic People in Search of a Jewish Identity<< by Paul Wexler, available
from Slavica Publishers Inc., POBox 14388, Columbus, Ohio 43214. Also cf.
>>Chosen People from the Caucasus<< by Michael Bradley, available from Third
World Press, 7822 S. Dobson Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60619; and >>The
Thirteenth Tribe<< by Arthur Koestler, available from Wiswell Ruffin House,
POBox 236, Dresden, New York 14441 for U.S.$12.50 postpaid (overseas U.S.$15 in
U.S. Funds only). Refer to Rev. 2:9. The religion of >>Judaism<< has almost no
basis in the Old Testament. Judaism today is fundamentally centered on the
innovations of a rabbinical system which arose in connection with man-made
Pharisaic traditions and the rabbi-cult found in the supreme holy books of the
Pharisees, The Talmud (Mark 7:7-13). Contemporary Judaism is a fraud which tends
to discredit the Old Testament in the eyes of those who cannot detect the
cheat. For example, persons reading the following report of the inquisition
perpetrated by Pharisees and their allies, may falsely ascribe to the Bible the
attitude of the rabbi-cop. Hence the Bible, the supreme standard of Law and
Ethics, is discredited in the eyes of many, because of the perverted actions of
the Khazar impostors who pretend to represent it. Yet, if we step outside the
system of pagan accretions that has come to be known as Judaism and consult
authentic Israelite authorities on the Law, Statutes and Judgements of the
Scriptures, we will soon discover the actual and enlightened Biblical teaching
on freedom of the press. This was given in the exalted prose of the towering
Israelite Bible scholar John Milton (1608-1674), in his work entitled >>ASpeech
for the Liberty of Unlicensed Printing to the Parliament of England<< (generally
referred to in print as >>Areopagitica<<).

III. Introduction:
The international inquisition against writers, intellectuals and filmmakers who
dare to independently investigate any subject the rabbis regard as off-limits,
from World War Two to the Palestinians, from the Bible to Shakespeare, is
growing in intensity. Many writers and intellectuals have been imprisoned,
fined, their homes bombed (this happened to publisher Ernst Zundel),
blacklisted, banned and harassed. Yet the Establishment media ignores, downplays
or marginalizes this repression. The New York Times for example, which has made
Jean Claude Pressacs writings against Prof. Robert Faurisson a highlighted
feature of its reporting on French revisionism, has never reported that Dr.
Faurisson was nearly beaten to death because of his writing.

When CBS>>60 Minutes<< did a news program on Ernst Zundel, Mike Wallace omitted
all mention of Zundels two state show trials in Toronto on charges of publishing
>>false news<< about World War Two.

The attack on revisionist historian David Irving on October 13, 1994 in
Berkeley, California was not mentioned by most of the nationally-published or
broadcast Establishment media. David Irving had his books destroyed, his
videotapes smashed. He and his audience were assaulted. If this sort of attack
had been experienced by a Khazar historian of >>Holocaust Studies<< at Berkeley,
the world-wide outcry, the hand-wringing, lamentations and protests about the
>>rising tide of intolerance<< and >>terrorism against ideas<< would have
resonated from pole to pole.

The following is a report on the attack on Mr. Irving in Berkeley, issued by his
Florida office: Historian Attacked at Lecture: Continuing his nationwide lecture
tour, on October 10 David Irving spoke in a church hall in Portland, Oregon. It
was filled to overflowing. There was a crowd of demonstrators outside. He went
out to try to debate with them, and got spat at for his pains; the police
arrested Alaric Brown for disorderly conduct, and local evening television
showed the incident. On October 13 at the University of California at Berkeley
the traditional enemy staged more determined violence. Faced with their threats,
vocalized by Berkeley’s Hillel director Rabbi Rona Shapiro, the university
chancellor canceled Mr Irvings hall contract at the Alumni House at the last
moment, citing insufficient security resources. This forced the organizers to
move the evening lecture down the street to the main meeting room of the YWCA at
2600 Bancroft Way. Intimidated by hostile picketers outside the Alumni House,
only 100 of the original audience, some of whom had come from as far as Nevada
and Oregon, reached the YWCA hall.

As Mr Irving was about to speak, two hundred people including members of the
Jewish fraternity Alpha-Epsilon-Pi and mobsters hired by the Anti-Defamation
League and its strong-arm gang, the Jewish Defense League, arrived and stormed
the building; one thug had the specific task of throwing over the book tables
and trampling books, cassettes and the speaker underfoot. Although Leslie Katz
of the Jewish Bulletin claimed afterwards that the protest was >>reported
organized by a student communist group, Young Spartacists,<< many of the thugs
were in their fifties, and the language of their leaflets was taken straight out
of ADL literature with vicious embellishments. In the ensuing disturbance, Mr
Irving was thrown around violently, but escaped serious injury. Several members
of his audience were less fortunate and had to be taken to the hospital, to the
jeers of the mob, as the local newspapers reported. The university’s Daily
Californian identified the Spartacist leader as Barbara Frank; the student
newspaper also quoted Shadow Moyer of the International Socialist Organization
as saying >>I think what happened here is 100 percent justifiable.<< In the ten
minutes that passed before police in riot gear arrived, damage estimated at
several thousand dollars was done to the YWCA building: every table was
splintered, its legs torn off for use as clubs; lamps were smashed, chairs were
ruined, pictures ripped from walls, windows and mirrors smashed. Tapes spilled
out of smashed cassettes littered the floor along with torn book jackets and
books. >>It was horrible, just horrible<< Katz quoted YWCA director Sharon
Bettinelli as stating. Vicious tomcat girls wildly kicked out panels of doors as
members of the audience tried to force them shut. A reporter of the Berkeley
Daily Californian interviewed Mr. Irving as he knelt to pick up the pieces and
quoted him as saying: >>You can judge for yourself who’s using the fascist
methods. What are they afraid of, free speech?<< He added (and this was not
reported by the newspaper): >>You should ask who puts up the money to stage
riots like this-and why.<< Then he delivered his talk to a rapt if disheveled
audience: one man had blood streaming down his forehead, the speaker himself
had blood on the bridge of his nose. Mr. Irving found three pairs of spectacles
in his pocket afterwards, of which only one was his. He has promised Berkeley to
return: to show that we cannot be intimidated.

Contributions to the David Irving Fighting Fund may be made to P.O. Box 1707,
Key West Florida 33041-1707. To purchase books and videos by and about David
Irving write, in the U.S.:Focal Point Bookstore, POBox 241, Greer, SC 29652.
Overseas contact: Focal Point Publications, 81 Duke Street, London, W1M 5DJ,

When the victim is a revisionist historian, there are a few reports and
editorials in the >>local press and local TV<< with virtually nothing in the
national or international press. Here are the mechanics of censorship in action.
Somewhere at the executive level, editors are reading the local wire story
reports about what happened to historian David Irving in California and then
shrugging their shoulders. They then suppress this news and fail to alert the
nation as a whole to what transpired to an historian in Berkeley when he tried
to give a dissenting speech at odds with the reigning orthodoxy.

David Irving is of the wrong religion and the wrong politics; therefore whether
Irving is beaten, his audience intimidated and his books and tapes destroyed is
of no consequence to the N.Y. Times or CBS or the other arbiters of which
attacks upon intellectuals are worthy of publicity and editorial outcry.

Thus we see that the media are not really concerned about the rights of
intellectuals when they uphold the right of Salman Rushdie to speak and write
without threat of attack. Rather the Western corporate media publicize threats
on Rushdie as a way of attacking Islam. National and international publicity
about the attack on Mr. Irving is suppressed as a way of protecting Judaism.
That is how the >>human rights game<< is played in Khazaria.

The Established Western media care virtually nothing for the objective right of
intellectuals to be free from physical attack. What the media are doing is
producing a nearly one-sided portrayal of attacks on intellectuals by
publicizing and howling about only some attacks (for example the media campaign
on behalf of Rushdie, though Rushdie has only been threatened, never actually
harmed), while suppressing information–or at the very least, reporting it
briefly and marginally–about attacks on Professor Faurisson and David Irving.

As we shall see, however, the rabbinical inquisition against writers and
thinkers is not limited solely to Faurisson and Irving. The list of people who
have been harmed merely for what they said, thought or wrote, when it was not in
line with what rabbis demand that we say, think or write, is extensive and
largely unknown to the world at large. It is not a subject of protest for the
various anti-censorship and >>human rights<< groups. In fact, in a move
straight out of the Orwellian dystopia, partisans of the rabbinical inquisition
form >>human rights<< groups in order, in mockery of those rights, to further
persecute independent intellectuals who dare to express thoughts proscribed by
the rabbi-cops.


Ernst Zundel, who was tried twice in Toronto and imprisoned in Canada and
Germany for publishing the book >>Did Six Million Really Die?<< (For an account
of his prosecution cf. the book, >>The Great Holocaust Trial<< by Michael A.
Hoffman II. Available from Wiswell Ruffin House for U.S.$14.95). To contact Mr.
Zundel directly write:Samisdat Publications, 206 Carlton Street, Toronto,
Ontario M5A 2L1, Canada.

David Irving, who was imprisoned in Canada and then permanently banned from that
country for writing revisionist history books and giving revisionist speeches.
(He is also banned from entering Australia and Germany).

Jim Keegstra: fired from his teaching post and prosecuted in two Canadian state
show trials for telling his students about the Controversy of Zion.

Revisionist writer Prof. Robert Faurisson, nearly beaten to death by three
Khazars from the terror group >>Sons of Memory<< because of his writings. (Cf.
The Globe and Mail, Sept. 18, 1989, p. A-5).

Auschwitz forensic researcher Ditlieb Felderer, imprisoned in Sweden because of
his writings.

The Institute for Historical Review, set ablaze in July of 1984; its entire
inventory of revisionist history books destroyed by arson. (Cf. The Nation,
March 20, 1989).

Gerd Hosnik sentenced to 18 months imprisonment in Austria >>for denying the
Holocaust<<(cf. Jewish Chronicle, May 8, 1992).

Arsenio Hall, a talk-show host, targeted by Rabbi Abraham Cooper for having as
his TV guest, Louis Farrakhan. >>We do not believe that an entertainer hosting
an entertainment program should provide Louis Farrakhan a comfortable, cozy and
legitimizing platform< said Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center,
which investigates anti-Semitic activity. Rabbi Cooper asked television stations
not to broadcast the program…<>National Radio
Talk-Show Host Bars Revisionist Historians.<< (IHRNewsletter #75, Oct. 1990, p.

Gunter A. Deckert, sentenced to one year in prison for translating into German a
speech given by the American revisionist Fred Leutcher. The sentence was
suspended. (N.Y. Times, Aug. 10, 1994).

Revisionist historian Ernst Nolte banned from speaking at Wolfson College after
having been invited to lecture at the college by its academic policy committee.

Censored:>>The Story of Kufur Shamma,<< a play about a Palestinian mans 40
year search for his family after the 1948 Arab-Israeli war. Canceled by Joseph
Papp, an impressario of international stature who controlled New York Citys
prestigious Public Theatre. Papp said the cancellation was >>not a First
Amendment issue<< and that he would present the play as soon as he found an
Israeli play to counter it with. However Papp never allowed The Story of Kufur
Shamma to be produced. Papp told John I. Patches of International Performing
Arts Consultants that >>he had come under a great deal of pressure and that he
could not jeopardize his theatre because he needed the support of the Jewish
community.<< (Cf. Philadelphia Inquirer, June 30, 1989 and the N.Y. Times, July
15, 1989).

Mariette Paschoud banned from teaching history in Switzerland after she
expressed doubts about the existence of Nazi homicidal gas chambers in World War
Two. Paschoud had been a lecturer in history at the Gymnase de la Cite in
Lausanne. She had previously served as a captain in the Swiss Army and as a
Swiss Military Judge. (N.Y. Times, Dec. 7, 1986, p. 15).

Revisionist publisher Pierre Guillaume and revisionist historian Henri Roques
were barred from Switzerland for three years for holding a revisionist news
conference in Geneva. (N.Y. Times, Dec. 7, 1986, p. 15).

Israelis support censorship. >>The most recent (Israeli) opinion poll shows
substantial majorities favor censorship for reasons of…image
preservation…This propensity includes a willingness to accept censorship in
order to preserve Israels image…In the Israeli-Diaspora Institute poll, fully
63 percent of the respondents agreed that reports or pictures depicting
(Israeli) soldiers mistreating residents of the territories should be banned
because they harm Israels image.<< (Canadian Jewish News, March 15, 1990, p.

T-shirt ban: >>Jewish groups are applauding a decision by the Scarborough board
of education that a student may not wear a T-shirt in school emblazoned with a
flag of Palestine along with the words, >We Fight for Our Right.<< (Canadian
Jewish News, July 26, 1990, p. 28).

Revisionist Video store raided by Canadian police: History Buff Video of
Hamilton was raided by the special Hate Crimes Unit, Project H, of the Ontario
Provincial Police. Police had been told that proprietor Jerry Neumann was
selling anti-Jewish videos. Videos were confiscated in the raid. (Canadian
Jewish News, Nov. 23, 1989, p. 7).

Bernard Notin, senior lecturer at Frances Lyon University was suspended from
teaching for one year and fined the equivalent of U.S.$4,000 for publishing an
article in the universitys sociological journal claiming gas chambers were a
figment of popular imagination. A Paris court found Notin guilty of causing
>>needless pain to…the Jewish community.<< (Canadian Jewish News, July 26,
1990, p. 16).

Alain Guionnet, was sentenced in France to nine months in jail and fined the
equivalent of U.S.$13,500 for the crime of editing a revisionist history
magazine. (Jewish Press, July 20, 1990, p. 1).

All books by the childrens author Roald Dahl have been banned from a Toronto
bookstore. The store, which is called >>The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe<<
has banned Dahl books due to the late authors statement that the Israelis
slaughtered 22,000 Lebanese civilians during the Israeli air force bombardment
of Beirut in 1982. (Bookstore Bans Works of Anti-Semitic Author, Canadian Jewish
News, July 12, 1990, p. 2). Meanwhile Michele Landsberg, author of >>Michelle
Landsbergs Guide to Childrens Books,<< has announced that she has detected in
the Roald Dahl story, >>Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory<< a sadistic
reference to Auschwitz. Landsberg, who calls Dahl >>a monstrous personality,<<
has >>excoriated the book Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for a scene in
which the misbehaving child is sent to an incinerator. >This is an Auschwitz
image,>By Way of Deception:A Devastating Insiders Portrait of the Mossad<< was also
banned by a Canadian judge who issued a gag order forbidding Ostrovsky from
discussing his book. The author was in hiding, in fear for his life, after
having been visited by two senior Mossad officers who told Ostrovsky >>it would
be for his own good<< if he withdrew the book. They also told him, >>money would
be no object<< if he decided to stop publication of the book. A spokesman for
the Israeli consulate, Yuval Rotem, confirmed that Israel was seeking to
suppress the book. A leading First Amendment lawyer said that this was the first
time that any foreign state had sought or obtained a prior restraint against the
publication of a book in the U.S. (N.Y. Times, Sept. 13, 1990).

Two days after the government of Israel sought to ban Victor Ostrovskys book,
>>By Way of Deception,<< the offices of his Canadian publisher were burglarized
and ransacked. >>The burglars concentrated on files pertaining to foreign
rights, information about employees and the executive who was responsible for
bringing the book to us,<< said Angel Guerra, a spokesman for the Toronto-based
Stoddart Publishing Co. Canadian police confirmed Guerras account. (Village
Voice, Oct. 2, 1990, p. 35).

A novel based on the life of William Joyce, a radio broadcaster who worked for
the Nazis during World War Two, was seized by British police and banned as
obscene by a British court. The book, >>Lord Horror,<< written by David Britton,
was declared >>likely to deprave and corrupt<< under section three of Britains
Obscene Publications Act. Copies of the book have been ordered destroyed by
Judge Derrick Fairclough. The author said he saw Joyce, whose nickname was Lord
Haw Haw, as a >>Bertie Wooster type.<< The court ruled the book anti-Semitic.
(Sunday Telegraph, Sept. 8, 1991).

School-teacher Malcolm Ross was ordered removed from his teaching position
immediately by a human rights board of inquiry. Inquiry chairman Brian Bruce, a
University of New Brunswick law professor, said that Ross may be appointed to a
non-teaching position. Ross was dismissed from his teaching post for writing
books alleging the existence of a Zionist conspiracy. No evidence was presented
that he had ever taught such views in his classroom. (Ross Ordered Removed as
Teacher, Canadian Jewish News, Sept. 5, 1991, p. 4).

Book sellers license revoked: The mayor of a town in New Brunswick, Canada has
revoked a vending license issued to a woman selling copies of books authored by
school-teacher Malcolm Ross. Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside received numerous
complaints from people opposed to the sale of the books. The mayor said the
license was revoked because sale of books authored by Ross, >>posed a threat to
public peace and safety.<< (Canadian Jewish News, Aug. 15, 1991, p. 5).

80 year old Jane Birdwood of London, England was sentenced to a three month
suspended jail term and fined the equivalent of U.S.$1,000 for publishing a book
critical of the Talmud, a collection of writings sacred to the Pharisees. The
book Birdwood printed, >>The Longest Hatred<< was seized from her flat by
British police and destroyed. This was Birdwoods second prosecution for
violating Britains Public Order Act by publishing dissident literature.

The Home Secretary, Mr. Kenneth Baker, has banned Fred Leutcher, author of a
report that claims there were no homicidal gas chambers at the Nazi death camps,
from entering Britain. Mr. Baker said he had decided to keep Mr. Leutcher out
because his >>deeply repugnant views<< were >>an offense to British Jews and his
presence here would not be conducive to the public good.<< (Jewish Chronicle,
Oct. 4, 1991). Leutcher was subsequently arrested by British police in the
course of giving a lecture at a hall in Britain.

The Canadian Waterloo County Board of Education has banned the teaching of The
Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare after Jewish parents complained the
play contained unsympathetic portrayals of Jewish characters. Mona Zenter, a
Kitchener parent, leads the drive against the teaching of The Merchant of
Venice. Zenter heads a lobby group, Citizens Against Bigotry. Complaints were
also received about the book Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. (Canadian Jewish
News, Jan. 31, 1991, p. 33).

Censored: The New Lexicon Websters Dictionary of the English Language (2nd
Encyclopedic edition). The entry on Pontius Pilate is to be >>revised.<< It had
previously read, >>He gave Christ up to the Jews to be crucified, in order to
conciliate the Sanhedrin, though possibly against his own desire.<< In response
to concerns expressed by Jewish groups, Bernard Cayne, vice-president and
editorial director for the dictionary, told the Khazars >>We will be revising
the entry Pontius Pilate to remove the objections you pointed out.<< (Canadian
Jewish News, May 25, 1989, p. 20).

Rabbis Ban Childrens Cartoon From American TV: The animated New Testament, a
series produced by the Christian Family Entertainment Network was banned from
the airwaves by three television stations, acceding to the demands of rabbis at
the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Rabbi Marvin Hier and Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the
center said the videos about the life of Christ, >>reinforce negative and
dangerous stereotypes about the Jewish people…<< They >>asked television
stations to stop carrying the half-hour >infomercial,< a commercial presented as
a program with excerpts from the videos and interviews with parents and young
viewers…Television stations in Los Angeles, Minneapolis and San Diego have
stopped showing the current commercial broadcast, Wiesenthal Center officials
said.<< (N.Y. Times, Sept. 5, 1991).

Danish-based Publisher Sought for Prosecution in Germany: Associated Press, Nov.
2, 1994. KOLLUND, Denmark — In his haven across the Flensborg fiord from
Germany, Thies Christophersen has been quietly publishing magazines and books
for years denying that the Holocaust ever happened…Protesters (communists-Ed.)
have staged at least two violent rallies (riots-Ed.) to demand that Denmark
tighten its liberal press freedoms law, a backlash that has put the government
in the position of defending the right of Nazis to speak out. Christophersen
came to Denmark to avoid charges (imprisonment-Ed.) in Germany in 1986. Denmark
has turned down Germany’s requests to extradite Christophersen because he holds
a Danish residency permit. His work is protected by Denmark’s press law. In
recent years, Christophersen has held meetings with leading European right-wing
figures. The Copenhagen newspaper Det Fri Aktuelt said Christophersen printed
the neo-Nazi publication >>Liberty Bell<< for distribution in the United States.
Christophersen prints a quarterly called >>Die Bauernschaft,<< which means >>The
Peasantry,<< in German. Under the name Nordwind publishing, he has produced his
own book, >>The Auschwitz Lie,<< and other publications denying that Germany
exterminated millions of Jews during World War II. The Danish government has
been reluctant to take harsh action. Legislators have promised to review the law
on racism, but stress that freedom of speech is sacrosanct in Denmark. Germany
repeatedly has asked its northern neighbor to tighten its legislation, saying
neo-Nazis produce hate propaganda in Denmark and then export it to Germany and
other countries. Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal appealed to Danish consciences…
>>These neo-Nazis do things which are against the Danish peoples sentiments,<<
Wiesenthal told Danish news media.

The following documentation was provided by World War Two German army veteran
Hans Schmidt and is excerpted from Mr. Schmidts >>GANPACBrief<>gas chamber<< claims, and on his own
went to Auschwitz to take samples of the insides of the alleged gas chambers,
and also of known fumigation chambers for clothes. The results of his research
was devastating for the missionaries of the new Holocaust religion. Therefore,
the >>heretic<< Rudolf was made to pay the price. He lost his job, his chance to
complete his doctorate, and is now under indictment for >>defamation.<<

Erhard Kemper, a German agricultural expert, and freelance journalist, attacks
the lies upon which the West German state is founded, one of which is the
Holocaust claim. He is currently in jail (for an as yet indeterminate time) for
his numerous transgressions.

Thies Christophersen is also an agricultural expert and a publisher. During WW
II he was stationed near the Auschwitz concentration camp, and employed
concentration camp inmates on his research farm. Decades ago he wrote a book
claiming that, had gas chambers existed at Auschwitz, he would have known about
them. For this he is under indictment. Before trial, he fled to political exile
in Denmark, where he is still living today. Christophersen is willing to stand
trial in Germany if the system there allows him to select and present expert
witnesses of his choosing. So far German courts have not had the courage to
allow such witnesses.

Dr. Wilhelm Staglich was an anti-aircraft officer stationed at Auschwitz. He
wrote a book (DER AUSCHWITZ MYTHOS) denying that mass murder on the claimed
scale could have taken place there, or that homicidal gas chambers were used. A
former judge and the holder of an earned doctorate, he was nevertheless
persecuted for his beliefs and, using a law signed by Hitler, >>they<<
eventually took away his doctorate because he was telling the truth as he saw
it. His book was prohibited, all unsold copies were burned and even the printing
plates were destroyed by order of the court.

Helmut Grimm, a German intellectual holding doctorates in both medicine and
jurisprudence, wrote letters about the Holocaust, to high officials and the
judiciary. Recently, while he was absent, a large team of government goons
searched his home without a search warrant, and confiscated nearly everything
movable. He is now in political asylum in Denmark.

Udo Walendy, a German publisher delving critically into matters of history, has
been in constant troubles with German authorities, and has been heavily fined.

Tiudar Rudolph, (age 82) questions all allied accusations against Germany, and
provides proof that some of the allegations are nothing but a continuation of
the war propaganda. Recently, he was jailed.

Joachim Sigerist, a writer and publisher, is currently incarcerated.

Walter Ochensberger, an Austrian citizen and publisher was convicted in criminal
court. Ochensberger fled before he could be jailed. On a sea trip from a Baltic
country to Denmark, the ferry he was on >>inexplicably<< had to enter a German
harbor. There he was arrested (remember, for a strictly political offense), and
against his protestations and without proper extradition, sent to Austria, where
he is now in prison.
Dr. Max Wahl, a Swiss citizen and publisher, was sentenced by a German court to
pay nearly DM 40,000 (U.S. $25,000) for publicly questioning many of the allied
war claims, among them the Holocaust accusations, and for stating that Germany’s
former enemies are using these accusations to blackmail Germany into still
paying tribute (in the form of reparations) to other countries, and especially
to Jews and Israel, a half century after the war’s end.

Gerd Honsik, an Austrian publisher, wrote several books delving into historical
matters, one of them exposing Simon Wiesenthals actions. He was sentenced to
fines and jail, and is currently in exile in Spain.

Andreas Thierry (24) and Adolf Schatzmayr (22), received jail sentences of 18
and 15 months by a court in Klagenfurt, Austria, because they had publicly
defended the historical record of the Waffen-SS.

Gert Sudholt, well-known German book publisher, was put in jail for writing and
publishing books and articles about matters that are >>verboten<< in Germany.

Christian Worch, (28), spent three years in jail (1980 to 1983) for the
following: >>Volksverhetzung, veffassungsfeindliche Propaganda, Beleidigung von
lebenden und toten Juden! Teilnahme an nicht genehmigten Demonstrationen etc.
<<( he never advocated violence),<< (creating hate; disseminating propaganda
which is directed against the constitution; insulting living and dead Jews, and
participation in illegal demonstrations). Unlike real criminals, Worch was kept
in prison for the entire sentence. Since then (for more than 10 years) he is on
indeterminate parole, and has to report monthly to a parole officer.

Max Albrechtskirchinger, was fined DM 4,000 (U.S. $2,500) for the following: He
had written a letter to the small magazine of one of the editors mentioned
above, quoting without commentary these sentences from the testimony of
Jewish-German defense witness Josef Burg at the 1988 trial of Ernst Zundel in
Canada: >>I am working for the reconciliation of Jews and Germans. My presence
here proves that among thousands of bad Jews there are some who do not accuse
the Germans of the Holocaust. I am convinced that there was never a German plan
to exterminate all the Jews, and no Jews were killed in gas chambers.<< The
court held that Albrechtskirchinger, by quoting this Jewish gentleman, proved
that he agreed with the testimony and therefore transgressed against German

Dr. Waldemar Schneider, is a German expert on Oriental culture and religion. In
1992 he wrote for a German-language newsletter a book review of a Japanese book
that was a bestseller in Japan but had been castigated by the N.Y. Times for
alleged anti-Jewish statements. Soon thereafter, Simon Wiesenthal, the >>Nazi
hunter,<< accused Dr. Schneider in a German court of >>creating hate<< and
demanded that he be prosecuted.

Jurgen Graf, a young Swiss teacher is very interested in World War II history.
He became fascinated by the Holocaust allegations, and especially the
incongruities. Graf wrote a revisionist book about World War Two. Soon after
publication, he received an official letter from a German court, signed by a
zealot in Mannheim named Staatsanwalt Heiko Klein, announcing that a criminal
investigation had begun, and that he will be compelled to answer for his

Franz Ruby, (85) was fined $4,000 for publicly stating that Germany should
remain populated mainly by Germans.

Markus Privenau, age 22, placed adhesive stickers commemorating the name of
Rudolf Hess, on a street sign in Germany. He was sentenced to three months

[End GANPAC documentation researched by Hans Schmidt].

Associated Press. Nov. 7, 1994: Neo-Nazi Faces Holocaust Charges. MUNICH,
Germany — Bela Ewald Althans went on trial on Nov. 7 in Germany on charges of
glorifying Adolf Hitler and denying the Holocaust occurred. Prosecutors say
Althans has been feeding young Fascists beliefs by producing video cassettes
that insist the Nazis did not kill 6 million Jews. He is also accused of
distributing anti-Semitic films produced during the Nazi era. Althans >>German
Educational Works<< has been distributing the propaganda, prosecutor Werner
Fuegemann told the Munich state court. Althans does not just distribute movies.
He also stars in one, a documentary about his life called >>Career: Neo-Nazi.<<
There was a huge controversy last year over the film, in which Althans voiced
his admiration of Hitler. The documentarys leftist distributors said the film
was intended to expose the falsehoods of neo-Nazis’ claims. But critics said
because the documentary lacked commentary, it could encourage young neo-Nazis.
Many movie theaters have refused to show the film. A Berlin court is trying
Althans for statements he made in >>Career: Neo-Nazi.<<

Internet is also the object of the censors affections:

>>Says Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Wiesenthal Center: >It may
be time for the FCC to place a cop on the information superhighway.<<
–Home Office Computing, November, 1994, p. 18.

>>You can judge for yourself who’s using the fascist methods.<< –David Irving

************APPENDIX: A Note on the Christian Teaching on the Enemies of
The purpose of this study has been to expose the attacks on liberty of
conscience by the modern Pharisees. Scripture encourages us to speak the truth
fearlessly (John 8:32; Luke 8:17; John 18:37 and Titus 1:13-14). The object of
this publication is to persuade others not to cooperate with inquisitors. If the
Pharisees had no allies, they would not have one-tenth the power that they have
now. Take no part in the inquisition perpetrated by the Pharisees and tell
others of this evil. Boycott the rabbis and all their works and give charitable
assistance to those afflicted by the rabbis.

However, the trespass of the rabbis in this specific regard, against liberty of
conscience, does not justify in the eyes of God, any physical attack upon them
or their allies. (We are careful to say, >>in this specific regard,<< because in
other cases, such as those involving acts of murder, rape and kidnapping,
capital penalties still apply according to Mosaic law. The Law has not been
abrogated; cf. Matthew 5:17).

The Pharisees partly maintain their power over their poor followers, who they
hold in mental bondage, by means of exploitation of paranoiac obsessions. For
example, in the much disputed book, Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, one
finds the admission, >>Anti-semitism is the means by which we control our
lesser brethren.<< Where little or no physical persecution exists, the rabbis
must exaggerate or fabricate it. Let us not feed the pathology of the empire of
evil but rather, adhere to the commands of Christ. Pray for the Pharisees that
they might be born again and converted, as was Nicodemus (John 3:1-22;
19:38-39). Commend to the justice of God alone, those who refuse His mercy: >> I
will repay, saith the Lord<< (Romans 12:19).

Let us fulfill the principle fixed by our poet-philosophers and affirm its
application to all men, whether friend or foe, for therein lies the supreme
test of lofty conviction–

>>Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to
conscience, above all other liberties.<< –John Milton, Areopagitica

Copyright 1994 by Michael A. Hoffman II. Editor, Revisionist Researcher
Magazine, Wiswell Ruffin House, P.O. Box 236, Dresden, New York 14441 USA.

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>to the Holocaust. Without the example and memory of the Holocaust,
>many people, myself included, would doubt that such a thing could
>take place in the twentieth century in a ‘civilized’ European

Hey, it took place–in Dresden, Hamburg, Pforzheim, Hiroshima and Nagasaki
only there are no Spielbergs or Sheinbergs or Katzenbergs around to give
“the example and the memory.”–Michael A. Hoffman II

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X-To: Ken Mcvay

Mr. McVay I have already devastated your primitive claims in a previous
thread wherein I outlined the hideous role of censorship in Canada and
your relationship to it. Why not post your reply, which you have yet
to give, in that thread. While you’re at, would you kindly inform your
percipients of the possible fate awaiting newspaper columnist Doug Collins
and revisionist researcher John Ball in the People’s Republic of
Canadistan? I will post the info in a new edition of Victims of Thought
Police later…As for my alleged money-making operation, unlike you,
the distinguished convenience store clerk, I was a reporter for the
Associated Press with a career prior to my undertaking the wages of
revisionism. The resulting grule has been pretty slim compared to
what I earned in my career before I was blacklisted by loathsome
lackeys for the thought police such as yourself. Whereas you on the
other hand are seeking a gravy train out of informing for the
censors and jailers. There’s a vast difference between us, Mr.
McVay. You are an opportunist and I an afficiando of lost and
unpopular causes; i.e. you are a whore and I a fool.–Michael
A. Hoffman II

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X-To: Michael P. Stein

Michael P. Stein writes:

> While you’re at it, Mr. Hoffman, could you please produce your
>evidence that I’m an anti-German zealot? Thank you for your attention.

Sure. That dull, dead, glassy-eyed reaction you exude whenever something
truly unique in defense of the Germans arises from the documentary record
to surprise and astonish you. Remember, “New Unhappy Lord”?
–Michael A. Hoffman II

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X-To: Jonas Flygare

Jonas Flygare writes:

>Sweden? Care to substantiate? … Whoa! I get it! The above post is a

Ditlieb Felderer was jailed for publishing forensic research on Auschwitz
supportive of the revisionist thesis. This imprisonment was in Sweden.
–Michael A. Hoffman II.

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X-To: Jamie McCarthy

Oh great master of the non-sequitur, forgive me for extrapolating from the
gentleman’s notion that it was okay to get to Christophersen by incinerating
Dresden that he was somehow justifying the incineration of the people of
Dresden.I would welcome a clarification from him. I would hate to think anyone
justify the authentic holoaust that occurred in Dresden. By the way,
Christophersen was not SS but regular Wehrmacht and if the SS was a crimianl
(and mainly it was definitely not) what was the Soviet Red Army, Mary Poppins’
helpers? How about Arthur Harris’ Bomber Command, was that a “criminal
organization”? The NKVD? LeMay’s Army Air Group in the Tokyo sector, what
were they–a commuter line? –Michael A. Hoffman II

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>about ignoring his son. Bart chases him to a “Mikvah bath” to ask him
>to relent, eventually Lisa supplies Bart with Talmudic arguments against
>estrangement, Crusty’s father is hard to convince, but the Simpson kids
>come up, with all things, with a quote from Sammy Davis Jr. about how
>Jews have been persecuted so they should hang together, (pretty much

No “worshipping the Pharisees”? Are you sure about that? I call all this
holy palaver on one of the most irreverent shows on TV good evidence of
the kind of “pull” and immunity Judaism has. It even gets a pious reception
from Bart Simpson! If your brain is too necrotic to spot this somewhat
obvious irony that is your problem. A lot of people are so in awe of the
Khazars that they can’t grasp that the Emperor has no clothes. There’s
no cure for stupidity, I guess.–Michael A. Hoffman II

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Subject: Re: Baruch Goldstein and the Holocaust “cult”
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X-To: Michael P. Stein

Michael P. Stein writes:

> To address the substantive part of your post, the right-wing settlers
>wearing yellow stars are not, in my view, engaging in a Holocaust “cult.”
>Rather, they are using a *metaphor* (frenzied and hysterical and
>overblown, yes) to express a political viewpoint. Their motivation is not

Stein, you gotta be kidding. This is a joke, right? The yellow-starred
settlers are not “Holocaust” cultists, they’re engaged in a metaphorical
frenzy of hysteria. Pal, you just defined the “Holocaust” cult to a “t.”
–Michael A. Hoffman II

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X-To: Michael P. Stein

Michael P. Stein writes:

> I am not aware of any Holocaust “cult.” I know that some fundraisers
>yank the Holocaust chain shamelessly just as other fundraisers yank the
>Social Security chain shamelessly. Would you say there is a Social
>Security “cult?”

Oh sure, Stein, there’s this “Social Security Cult” see and they’ve got
500 movies playing on television, a museum in California and the nation’s
capital, a national “Yam HaShoaSecurity” Day and you get arrested in
Canada, Germany, France and Sweden if you deny it.
This is the dimension one must confront in debating Mr. Stein: when he is
cornered, when the truth can only be uttered, he responds solely by means
of an absurdity presented with a straight face just in order to get himself
off the hook. That’s not debate it’s propaganda and damage control.
Stein’s not aware of a “Holocaust” cult. For his information, Baruch Goldstein
went around wearing the “yellow star” of the Hitler era Nuremberg i.d.
Goldstein was obsessed and part of his obsession was the “Holocaust.” He
and his cronies refer to the semitic Palestinians as “Nazis.”
Not aware of a “Holocaust” cult, Mr. Stein? You might as well say you’re
not aware of the sunrise. Our public school kids are aware of it. They’re
immersed with every month. My public library is aware of it. The shelves
are teeming with the gassing tomes. Mr. Stein can’t admit an enormous truth,
he can only play the Talmudic game of weaseling out of overwhelming facts
–Michael A. Hoffman II

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Subject: Re: Hoffman’s lies about Canadian law.
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X-To: Ken Mcvay

Ken Mcvay writes:

>I might also add that I know of no Canadian law which makes denial
>of the Holocaust an offense. The Zundel case dealt with the
>demolition of the “publishing false news” matter as well.
>In short, Mr. Hoffman is a liar.

The >>false news law<< had not been invoked in Canada in decades until
Ernst Zundel published >>Did Six Million Really Die<< after which he was
tried once and sentenced to prison in 1985; tried again and sentenced in
1988. The Supreme Court decisions in Zundel’s favor are solely the result
of the work of attorney Doug Christie, Zundel and allies. Folks, keep a
close eye on the dishonesty of McVay. What he is saying is that denying
the “holocaust” in Canada is not illegal because there is no specific law
honest enough to make it illegal. So what? Canada uses other laws to
criminalize revisionism. Right now revisionist John Ball is facing
prosecution and columnist Doug Collins, also a revisionist, may face
legal action because he recently wrote that he does not believe in the
gas chambers. But if he is charged, it will be under a Canadian law that
says he directed contempt against an identifiable group (Jews).
McVay’s deceit is a joke. So unfree is Canada that Loompanics Unlimited,
the seller of weird books based in Washington has to issue a disclaimer
on its order form that “prisoners and Canadians” may have their books
seized and Loompanics cannot be held responsible. The legal hell Zundel
went through because he published a revisionist book in Canada is
absolutely irrefutable. He said in a cell in the Don jail in Toronto
because of it. He was under a gag order imposed by a judge for years
ordering him not to talk about the gas chambers.
No laws against revisionism in Canada McVay? Ha!
[Note typo above “said in a cell” should be “sat in a cell”].
–Michael A. Hoffman II

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Subject: Re: Hoffman’s lies about Canadian law.
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For a rebuttal of McVays claims here see the thread >>Canadian Journalist
Prosecuted for Criticizing Schindlers List<<

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Subject: Canadian Journalist Prosecuted for Criticizing Schindlers List
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 94 13:01:30 -0500
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Ken McVay claims there is no persecution of revisionists in Canada. But right in
this hypocritical, bold-faced liars own backyard, look at the persecution that
has transpired:

The Vancouver Sun, Oct. 28, 1994: The Canadian Jewish Congress says the British
Columbia (BC) Human Rights Council has decided to proceed against Columnist Doug
Collins and the >>North Shore News.<< The Congress claimed in its complaint that
a Collins column in the North Shore News violated the human rights act of BC by
exposing the Jewish community to hatred and contempt…The March 9, 1994 column,
entitled >>Hollywood Propaganda<< attacked the Steven Spielberg movie
>Schindlers List< as hate propaganda.< (End Vancouver Sun article).

Mr. McVay claims there is no law in Canada which denies free speech and press
rights to revisionists? He is dead-wrong! Here is proof that McVay is spinning
propaganda fantasies to whitewash the crimes against freedom being committed by
Jewish-dominated Canada:

>>Human Rights Amendment Act, 1993.

Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia, enacts as follows…

2. Discriminatory publication.
(1). No person shall publish, issue or display or cause to be issued or
displayed, any statement, publication, notice, sign, symbol, emblem or other
representation that…is likely to expose a person or a group or class of
persons to hatred or contempt.<<

Under this Orwellian law, columnist Doug Collins is being prosecuted because he
protested in print against the exposure of the class of persons known as
Germans to hatred or contempt in the film Schindlers List.

This is the insanely tyrannical situation in Canada today–those who protest
Jewish hate are prosecuted for being hateful. Why?Because ANY criticism of the
Jewish Master Class in Canada is potentially a crime. Doug Collins criticized
the movie Schindlers List as anti-German hate propaganda. For daring to write
that truth he must face the Inquisition.

Americans will note that this inquisition against a newspaper columnist has not
been reported in the U.S. whatsoever (at least to the best of my knowledge). The
blackout has been clamped. News of it in the U.S. is being suppressed so the
Canadians can get on with the sordid business of intimidating independent
thinkers and writers with no fear of international protest.

Meanwhile folks, take a good look at this punk McVay. His statements are about
as truthful as that of the Soviet Encyclopedia. He makes false pronouncements,
chants >>liar, liar<< at his critics while posing as the >>human rights
advocate<< battling the evil >>fascists.<<
The inquisition against journalist Doug Collins and his newspaper the North
Shore News is fascism with a human face. The mission of people like McVay is
strictly partisan: to weep and wail about >>fascist censorship<< while covering
up and denying fascist censorship perpetrated by Jewish tyrants who operate in
the name of human rights and thereby make a mockery of human rights.
McVay, you do not have a shred of credibility left!–Michael A. Hoffman II

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Subject: Ernst Zundel’s revisionist “Power” Newsletter. Internet issue #1
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 94 11:47:30 -0500
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POWER NEWSLETTER. Zundelists vs. Zionists. Electronic Issue #1.

The following is the latest edition of the newsletter of former prisoner of
conscience Ernst Zundel, German-Canadian artist, visionary and indefatigable
fighter for the rights of the German people. Zundel works for the right of
Germans to be free from the constant hate propaganda directed at them as part of
the political-financial racket of the perpetual >>Holocaust<< whining. He has
been severely oppressed by the state. He was put on trial in criminal court in
Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1985 and again in 1988 for the >>crime<< of
publishing the book >>Did Six Million Really Die?<< He was jailed by the
government of Canada and placed under a judicial gag order forbidding him to
speak or write about the >>Holocaust.<< He exhausted his life savings and lost
his lucrative national business as a photo-editor for major Canadian media, as a
result of his prosecution. His home was bombed and assaulted by mobs. Since his
courageous attorney Douglas H. Christie won Zundels case before the Supreme
Court of Canada, Jewish fascists and their allies have repeatedly attempted to
have Zundel gagged, jailed or deported to Germany, under other laws and judicial
pretexts. Despite all this, Zundel remains unbowed in the face of the combined
might of the governments of Canada, Germany and the Israeli entity. I do not
agree with all of Ernsts views. I make available his newsletter as a regular
feature of alt.revisionism because, as a former prisoner of conscience, he
offers rare insights into the struggle for the right of the German people to be
free from racist defamation and group libel.
–Michael A. Hoffman II.

POWER NEWSLETTER. Internet Issue #1. For a subscription to the printed edition
of the newsletter, mailed to your postal address, send $35 for one year to
Samisdsat Publishers, 206 Carlton Street, Toronto, Ontario M5A 2L1, Canada.
Write for a catalog of books and videos. Tel. 416-922-9850. The following are
the personal opinions of the author.

Columnist Under Attack in British Columbia (BC), Canada, for Writing Against
Spielbergs >>Schindlers List<< and Homicidal Gas Chamber Claims. Revisionist
John Ball also Facing Prosecution.

By Ernst Zundel. Copyright 1994. All Rights Reserved.

To my friends around the world!
My mother used to say, where there is life, there’s hope, and thus she raised me
and my brother and four sisters believing that perseverance was a virtue. She
instilled in us a feeling born out of her and our own life’s experience that as
long as you are struggling, you can take advantage of new situations, new ideas
will come to one and new allies sometimes appear out of nowhere in the struggle
which is life!
There is a trite statement that says the only constant in life is change and I
was reminded of that when I received a fax from the west-coast of Canada with
the screaming headlines in the Vancouver, Canada, >> Province Newspaper<< of
Wednesday Oct. 5, 1994, >>Holocaust? What Holocaust?<< with a picture of
columnist Doug Collins on the front page, and a still larger story with a very
much larger photo of Doug Collins on page 5 of the same paper.

Vancouver Province Staff Reporter Gordon Clark stated under a huge headline
>>Holocaust just another story<< and quoting Collins directly, >> I don’t
believe in the gas chamber story. I don’t believe in the six-million-figure,<<
which was boiled down by a wordsmith at the paper to a subheadline on the front
page of the paper as >>North Vancouver Columnist Doug Collins Denies it
Happened<<. The Reporter further quotes Collins as saying >>I don’t believe
there was a systematic organization to eliminate the Jews. If they had a
definite plan to wipe out the Jews, why did so many survive?<<

In saner times, when a less emotionally charged and less brainwashed public
would have read these few observations, they would have immediately realized
that the headlines hardly reflected the body of the interview correctly. Collins
was questioning the idea of a definite “Nazi” plan to wipe out theJews because
he quite logically asks, if there was a plan why did so many survive? He does
not believe in the six million figure.

Well, he is not alone. Raul Hilberg in all of his writings puts the figure at
considerably less then 6 Million. Collins does not any longer believe in the Gas
Chamber Story. Again Collins is in good company. Josef Ginzburg, a Jewish
witness for the defense at my trial, found no >>Homicidal Gas-Chambers<< in
Auschwitz and Majdanek in May 1945. When asked why not under oath during my 1988
trial, in Toronto, he said that >>Gas-Chambers weren’t in fashion as much
then<< or words to this effect. Jewish Revisionist David Cole went to visit the
alleged Gas-Chambers atAuschwitz with me and showed me, based on simple physical
evidence, why he no longer believes that these famous >>Gas-Chambers<< shown
annually to hundreds of thousands of tourists, school children and nuns and
priests, were used to gas Jews and other inmates.

From The Vancouver Sun, Oct. 28, 1994: The Canadian Jewish Congress says the
British Columbia (BC) Human Rights Council has decided to proceed against
Columnist Doug Collins and the >>North Shore News.<< The Congress claimed in its
complaint that a Collins column in the North Shore News violated the human
rights act of BC by exposing the Jewish community to hatred and contempt…The
March 9, 1994 column, entitled >>Hollywood Propaganda<< attacked the Steven
Spielberg movie >Schindlers List< as hate propaganda.< (End Vancouver Sun

When this story about Collins broke and unfolded over the last few weeks in
western Canada, I was reminded of my Professor of History at Sir George Williams
University, in Montreal in the mid sixties. Prof. Bertrand used to remind the
class that in politics it is often not what the facts are, instead it is much
more what the perception of the facts are!

I have never forgotten that dictum of my professor! Never! Because all of my
adult life I have seen the huge gulf bet ween what many times the facts of an
issue were and what the media made the public perceive as the facts!

I have been a victim of that strange syndrome, since the demonization of Ernst
Zundel began, stigmatizing me as a >>hatemonger, a liar, a history falsifier, a
bigot, a Fascist etc.<< By constant repetition the media has managed to make
this libelous perception the fact. They replace the actual facts, which are,
if you allow me to state my own case, quite different. I am not a hatemonger, I
am a truth purveyor or whistleblower, on racketeers and anti-German hatred! The
Holocaust promoters have been spreading anti-German lies and fostering hatred so
that they could milk the issue for political advantage and huge financial gains
on a global scale for half a century.

The Holocaust Lobby hates the idea of course that ever more people are finding
out about their disgusting racket, thanks to the efforts of people like myself
and other revisionists. I am not a history falsifier – I am a history reviser.
Since the Holocaust Promoters have purposely for over half a century falsified
and misinterpreted testimony, documents, German ideas and policies to serve
their racket, it is high time that history should be revised, that is, rewritten
in accordance with the facts and not just reflect the agenda of Zionist
Parasitism and Imperialism.

I am not a bigot . Zionists in Israel who have kept hundreds of thousands of
Palestinians in bondage, in political prisons and used the most brutal torture
and repressive measures on these people only because they were not >>Gods Chosen
People<< should be careful about calling other people bigots.

In the case of columnist Doug Collins – he too has now become a victim of the
>>perceived facts<< rather than the >>real facts<< syndrome. Doug Collins has
fought back against censorship attempts with letters to the editor in the
Vancouver Province. Other columnists have joined the fray in what has turned
into a nightmare for the Holocaust Lobby!

The public at large however used its common sense, and gave a devastating answer
to the media manipulators. They were asked by the Vancouver Province Reader poll
on Oct. 5, 1994 the following question:

>Do you agree with Doug Collins that the Nazi Holocaust is exaggerated?< Well –
on October 6th, 94 the Vancouver Province readers responded with a devastating
percentage: 50% of the respondents agreed with Doug Collins, which really upset
Holocaust promotion lobby, and stirred them into action.

Now other columnists tried to shore up the orthodox Holocaust story by verbal
nitpicking and the usual nasty personal attacks against Doug Collins, and the
management at the North Shore News. Space does not permit me to reproduce all of
the material generated by this story, but you will get the flavor of the debate.
This ongoing controversy resulted in an invitation to Doug Collins, to appear on
one of British Columbias better known Radio-Call In Shows, the Charles McLean
Show at 1040 at the AM dial in the prime time slot from 18.15 to 20.00 on the
21st Oct 94.
Again a survey was taken and according to people who listened to the show all of
the approx. 30 callers agreed with Doug Collins; that would make it 100%
None of these figures really are astonishing! After all, the media was up in
arms when the American Jewish Committee asked the Roper people to conduct a poll
about what Americans thought about the Holocaust in April, 1993. They were
shocked by the findings that almost a third of Americans had serious
reservations about some aspects of the Holocaust story !

Mike Wallace, who interviewed me for the famous 60 Minutes TV program, aired on
March 20, 1994, told me that CBS was so upset by that Roper Poll that they
commissioned their own national poll which claimed that only 2% of Americans had
serious doubts about the Holocaust.

The Roper Organization, according to media reports, dutifully went back to the
drawing boards and >crafted< new questions – and in time got the >politically
correct poll<, which pleased the American Jewish Committee and of course the
Holocaust Promotion Lobby and all the many fellows travelers it has attracted to
its anti-German Hate Promotion Industry.

Just to be sure, the big guns of the Hollywood entertainment (brainwashing
through total immersion) crowd weighed in with the hyperpromotional
Oscar-sweeping, sadomasodistic, violence and sex-permeated, anti-German hate
film, Spielbergs infamous >Schindlers List<.

This flick is a kind of Jurassic Park of Plazow Camp. A film so violent, so
typically Hollywood and Jewish in its negative portrayal of every German in it
and even some Polish kids, that it amounts to an assault on the senses and in
effect has to be called a rape of the mind, of the historically innocent or
ill-informed viewers. Most are high school and university students taken to this
monstrous piece of anti-German propaganda by intellectually uncritical, morally
decayed and corrupt teachers – to ostensibly learn about World War II history!

Yet the book on which this propaganda film is based is clearly marked >Novel<
and used to contain the following disclaimer on the inside front pages reading:
>>This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places. and incidents are
either products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any
resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely
coincidental. <<
This disclaimer no longer appears in new editions of the book! The book used to
be found in the fiction area of the bookstores, lately it is being stocked in
the film section. How long do you think it will be before it winds up in the
history section? A few months? Perhaps?

But what has all this to do with Doug Collins you ask? Well – everything!

You see Doug Collins wrote a sizzling column in the North Shore News on March 9,
1994 entitled “Hollywood-Propaganda” which told some uncomfortable truths and
asks some uncomfortable questions. Here are some excerpts and quotable quotes:

>>But was it not Elie Wiesel, a major holocaust propagandist, who said the world
should never stop hating the Germans? Such indoctrination goes on even though
Germans born after 1925 or so are no more responsible for the Hitler period,
than are the Eskimos.

>>Why are we getting such an over-dose of a bad thing? One reason is that it is
profitable in more ways than one. Billions of dollars are still being paid out
in compensation to Israel and >Holocaust suvivors< of whom there seem to be an
endless numberQpaid out by those same Germans who were not responsible for
Hitler. Anyway, Swindler’s List will hit the Academy bell because Hollywood is
Hollywood and what happened to the Jews during the second World war is not only
the longest lasting but also the most effective propaganda exercise ever. It is
so effective that the mere mention of Auschwitz makes even babes feel guilty.<<
(End Collins quote)

This column finally did it! The self-appointed censors of the Canadian Jewish
Congress (CJC) got to work with their hired guns, the lawyers, trained at
publicly subsidized universities and they came up with yet one more way to bring
Doug Collins to heel, and cow the rest of the media into submission on the
Holocaust-Revisionist issue. The CJC lodged a complaint with the British
Columbia Human Rights council, under a recently introduced Amendment to the BC
Human Rights Act. They charged that the Collins column >>will expose the Jewish
Community to hatred and contempt<<.

Vancouver, FOR DISTRIBUTING A >>LEAFLET<< at the University of British Columbia
>denying the Holocaust,< which must be a reference to the >>Ball Report<< known
to most of our readers. I assume they jumped on John Ball, because thev have
been irked by his approach. He uses air-photo evidence to expose most of the
Holocaust claims as being constructed out of survivors tales and testimony
obtained under torture. The Ball Reports, Air Photos and accompanying drawings
and maps are devastating.

So why would they go and attack John Ball and Doug Collins? There are
undoubtedly a number of reasons, let me state the obvious ones! 1) Thanks to my
having won my Supreme Court case, the views expressed by both men enjoy the
protection of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, especially under Section
2b, of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

But the CJC thinks it can convince the political appointees of the Socialist BC
Government to give them a favorable condemnatory ruling, with all the media
spin-off to their benefit, and the financial punishment extracted from the
targeted victims Ball and Collins! It costs time, money and takes courage to
defend ourselves against such criminal prosecution by enemies with their
limitless money and well oiled connections in the media and power structure.

2) The attacks can also be called once more, typically impact prosecutions! This
method has been used by dictatorial repressive regimes and groups against their
political opponents for centuries. First you marginalise your opponent by
dehumanizing them and once you have given them notoriety and stripped them of
community support and separated or isolated them from business partners,
clients, friends, club members, party members– even brothers and sisters and
more often then not, wives and children- -then you come in an criminalize them
or cripple them through huge fines and lawyer fees etc.

All along you ask for sweeping >>close and desist orders<< which Human Rights
Tribunals and Courts in Canada in experience and observation virtually always
grant all too willingly, because >Jews have been victimized for so long etc.< I
have been through it! Believe me, I know the routine, and I know lots of their
victims! It took me 9 years to finally win in the Supreme Court! The Alberta
school teacher Jim Keegstra, targeted for an impact prosecution, is still
fighting after 12 years. His life has been ruined.

Those who brought the charges in BC know all that, because they are one tentacle
of a many tentacled creature, or state within a state, which uses Canadian
institutions to do their persecuting and prosecuting of uncomfortable opponents.
They always hide behind a fusillade of name calling, engage in character
assassinations of their opponents and detractors. The shield behind which they
hide is >the induced schizophrenia of the Holocaust. < This is the club with
which they bludgeon their opponents into silence. They shriek over and over and
over again the simple emotion-laden trigger words >Nazi, Fascists, Anti-Semite<
and lately, >Holocaust Denier!< Frequently this is all it takes! Most targeted
people issue abject apologies and flee into the obscure ties of their miserable
personal existence.

3) Will they succeed against Doug Collins? Doug Collins is a fighter. He proved
that when escaping four times from German prisoner of of war camps in the 1940s.
He has defended himself before Press Councils etc. Doug Collins is retired, he
does not depend on the income from his column in the North Shore News, and he is
disappointed enough as a former soldier over what a mess quasi-Marxists have
made of Canadian Society! He has more then done his bit to stave off the
inrushing tide!
One could forgive him if he simply said, what the hell, let someone else stick
their neck out! But even if Collins remains adamant and firm, how about his
publishers, the owners of the North Shore News? How long can they withstand the
public pillorying? –the innuendo that they are in secret cahoots with this
>>Nazi and Anti-Semite<>cut bait<<
at this time and maybe they would be persuaded to publish an apology and even
donate a sum to a Jewish charity to get back into the good graces of the powers
that be. All of us who watch American television have seen plea bargaining on
law and order police shows, it happens every day.

Human Rights Tribunals have >>leveraged incredible settlements<< out of
companies and individuals, few of which have ever been revealed to the public.
Human Rights Commissions were created because of the clamor of leftists and
Zionists and thus more often than not have served as an enforcing arm of the
existing, politically correct power elite.

I have not one single case on file where I, or any of my friends or
acquaintances can point to, where a non-trendy, non-fashionable, non-approved
Victim Group got his or her Human Rights protected by a Human Rights Tribunal.

4) That leaves John Ball – will he defend himself vigorously? Only John Ball
knows the answer to that!

There is no doubt that the Canadian Jewish Congress and B’nai Brith keep
extensive dirt files on people as is proven by studies they publish and send to
government agencies, the police and media. Therefore they are familiar with the
character traits and foibles of most of their opponents! They will look back in
their files and see that John Ball caved in to a media smear campaign while he
was a candidate for the Social Credit party. He withdrew from the campaign after
it became known that he had done research for me in the National Archives in
Washington and was going to be a witness at my 1988 trial. John Ball even
bad-mouthed me and other revisionists at the time and still was forced to resign
his Social Credit candidacy.

True, he came back from this spectacle and produced his classic book, >>Air
Photo Evidence<< and followed that by writing and producing the smaller and more
inexpensive>>Ball Report.<< He has since appeared on numerous cross country
lecture tours and at IHR meetings giving slight illustrated lectures of his
findings. Will he have the will and stamina and the courage it takes to fight
these intimidating opponents? Only time will tell! I hope and pray that he will.

Why do I write to you about this issue in such length? Because I take our
opponents seriously. They know that the worldwide revisionist movement is making
enormous inroads even amongst Jewish intellectuals and that as a consequence the
artificially induced guilt will be soon replaced by historical facts. When that
day happens >Guilt Payments< from around the world will dwindle and Zionism in
all its myriad forms will be forced to fight on an unaccustomed level playing
field! What will that mean? The Jewish people around the world will be treated
like everybody else, not as some special >>Super Victim Group.<<

That will mean, hopefully, that the media will scrutinize Jewish claims of
prosecution more in depth and more evenhandedly, logically and honestly – which
will go a long way in defusing the current state of public enthrallment with
Jewish tales of suffering.
That will also mean that swastikas painted on synagogues and gravestones, will
first be investigated, before a kneejerk reaction blames >neo-Nazis<
automatically. That will also mean that governments will have to stop
subsidizing the films, publications and Jewish Holocaust Memorials and Jewish
advocacy groups and stay out of adopting theJewish version of history as the
only valid or officially tolerated taught and promoted version of history in
High Schools and Universities.

It will also mean that Israeli soldiers and settlers can no longer mistreat
Palestinians, breake their bones and deprive them of their freedoms because the
soldiers or settlers claim to be the children of Holocaust Survivors. In other
words – normalcy in human affairs will return, where special status and thus
injustices and special privileges and spurious excuses and exemptions for Jewish
interests reigned until now.
Ask the Palestinians or the Germans; ask me, how often one encounters deeply
held, media-induced, faults, erroneous, historical concepts and data in people
of authority, beginning with teachers, policemen, reporters and politicians,
including judges on every level and especially the ever eager, career-orientated
public prosecutors.

The time must come when a German-Canadian can go to the Human Rights Council of
British Columbia and say that Spielberg’s film Schindlers List, is a totally
negative stereotyping. All Germans portrayed in the film are shown as utterly
corrupt, violent, crooked, vicious, boozing, woman beating, sexing; it exposes
the Germans in our society to hatred and contempt – and get the BC Human Rights
Council to proceed against Steven Spielberg, even though he is Jewish.

In my opinion it is grotesque and all too typical for the behavior of the
officials of the Canadian Jewish Congress and BC Human Rights Council to go
after Dougs Collins for a column in a suburban newspaper reaching maybe 40,000
readers and not to go after the producers and distributors of the monstrous film
described in his column, which exposes Germans to hatred and contempt by
millions of movie viewers.

The Jewish community does not like the way it has been portrayed as
Christ-killers in some biblical references or as Shylock in the Merchant of
Venice. They moved heaven and earth to protest these stigmas, so what’s the
double standard? Either allow the free market place of ideas or protect all
minorities and that includes the German minority, from incessant historically
false and scientifically unverifiable, media born attacks.

There are Jewish hate mongers. Whether it is fashionable or politically correct
to mention it, let me close by quoting one. Elie Wiesel, the most famous
>Holocaust survivor,< wrote in his book >>Legends of Our Time<< (Schocken Books,
New York), page 142:

“There is a time to love and a time to hate; whoever does not hate when he
should does not deserve to love when he should, does not deserve to love when he
is able.
Every Jew, somewhere in his being, should set apart a zone of hate – healthy
virile hate – for what the German personifies and for what persists in the

Please note Elie Wiesel does not even bother to camouflage his hateful remarks
the way it is usually done by Jewish writers. He uses the word German, not
I lodged a complaint with the Ontario Provincial Police under Canadas >>Hate
Law<< against Elie Wiesel because of the above quote! That was in 1992. The
police are still >>investigating.<<

Whether Samisdat Publishers Ltd. will be a party to the defense in the
proceedings against writers in British Columbia depends entirely on the wording
of the charge against John Ball.

The issue of censorship of revisionists will be heating up in the month to come.
I will keep you posted with periodic updates.

–Ernst Zundel.

[A copy of The John Ball Air Photo Evidence report may be obtained from
Samisdat. Write for prices.]
POWER NEWSLETTER. Internet Issue #1. For a subscription to the printed edition
of the newsletter, which contains numerous clippings and illustrations not
carried herein, which will be mailed to your postal address, send $35 for one
year to Samisdsat Publishers, 206 Carlton Street, Toronto, Ontario M5A 2L1,
Tel. 416-922-9850.
The preceding are the personal opinions of the author, Ernst Zundel. Copyright
* ***************************************************************

Article 19229 of alt.revisionism:
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Subject: Re: The Crypto-Nazis and their Games
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X-To: John Baglow

John Baglow writes:

>quotes being from the revisionist camp, is absolutely right. There *is* no
>specific law in Canada making it an offence to deny the Holocaust. There
>is such a specific law in Germany. In Canada, recourse must be had to
>other statutes, with indifferent success (judging by the Keegstra acquittal).

Look at this petty-fogging dissimulation! Which is it, no law or no specific
law. In other words, there is only legal criminal prosecution of revisionists
in Canada if there is a law named the Repression of Revisionists statute?
Jim Keegstra spent twelve years trying to get his arrest and conviction for
teaching anti-Jewish material in his classroom overturned. The >>indifferent
success<< of his prosecution translates into the destruction of his teaching
career, the loss of his mayorship of Eckville, the loss of his savings and
the loss of his good name and reputation after twelves years of being
dehumanized in the media and made the subject of no less than three (!)
movies that smeared him. Perhaps the prosecution was not entirely successful
because Keegstra is not in prison! His success was do to revisionists who
fought against libels that claimed that anyone who fought to defend Mr.
Keegstras rights was a >>crypto-Nazi.<<

>BTW, the sooner Doug Collins is behind bars, the better. This gentleman

Look at this disgusting statement. Incredible. Absolutely incredible. And this
person wishes to take the high moral ground while demanding the imprisonment
of a journalist? Now we are seeing the real face of some (not all, surely) of
the upholders of state-sponsored historical orthodoxy.

Article 19230 of alt.revisionism:
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X-To: Murray Rennie

Murray Rennie writes:

>The POINT is that the store decided not to sell Dahl’s books.
>The reason behind this decision is irrelevent. From your statement, it
>appears that the person in charge of the store disagreed with Dahl, and
>made his disagreement public by pulling Dahl’s books. There is nothing
>wrong with this; as Lisa said the store can sell, or not sell, whatever
>it likes.

The point is dumbass, that the store by first enthusiastically selling
Dahl books and then removing them only after he had the courage to speak
against the Israeli air force holocaust inflicted on Beirut in 1982,
banned his books. That is what we were disputing: whether or not the
store had BANNED Dahls books. Obviously they had. Got it?
–Michael A. Hoffman II

Article 19231 of alt.revisionism:
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Subject: A Comment on Net Etiquette by M. Hoffman II
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 94 14:33:42 -0500
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A Note on Net Etiquette from M. Hoffman II

I will be posting a number of documents, FAQs and newsletters in
alt.revisionism in the future, as opposed to only my own research and polemics.

I would prefer to headline these in threads without resorting to total
capitalization. I think the effect of a news group with a surfeit of ENTIRELY
CAPITALIZED THREADS is declasse, imparting a sense of a shouting match.

I appreciate that most folks posting in alt.revisionism have the courtesy to
post an upper and lower case headline.

I think one reason people place thread headlines in all capitals is to draw
unfair attention to the supposed importance of their information.

I would like to see an informal standard in alt.revisionism wherein veteran
posters voluntarily consent to post thread headlines mostly in upper and lower
case without exclusive capitalization. If newbies come on board we would make
them aware of our mutual agreement concerning the observation of this civility.

In the interests of that courtesy I am posting reports from David Irving and
Ernst Zundel this weekend without resorting to exclusive capitalization in the
threads. If this practice is reciprocated by others who are doing document and
file posts, that would make for a pleasant symbiosis.

In the past certain individuals have apparently thought that their own FAQs,
files and documentary publications required the special attention of all
capital letters. If they persist in that custom I will capitalize my documentary
threads in their entirety as well. I will not permit unfair advantage.

I hope this will not be the case (pun intended!).

–Michael A. Hoffman II

Article 19232 of alt.revisionism:
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Subject: In Dramatic Confrontation, Irving Convicts Lipstadt of Lying
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 94 14:35:11 -0500
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An extract from David Irvings diary on todays squelching of Professor Deborah
Lipstadt at her lecture to university students in Atlanta.

WE BUMPED into Deborah Lipstadt as I struggled to carry in the two packages of
(72) Macmillan Goring paperbacks. Found we were the first to arrive; she was
engrossed in girl talk with the organisers, so we were not recognized. I tucked
myself away in an exit corridor until after she began, then slipped in at the
back. Martin OToole had set up his video camera inconspicuously on a tripod to
one side of the auditorium. About 150 students attended. Lipstadt clearly was
totally unaware that I was there.

In her speech she made several ugly references to me as, somebody, >>not really
a historian,<< whose several books had been published but had earned no respect
from other historians, in fact Irving was >>not a respectable historian<< at
all. Earlier she had talked of Mark Weber in the same terms, of Willis Carto
andQ pandering to the sizeable Black section of the audience – of David Duke and
his >white sheet and cone-head<. She talked of the eye witnesses to the
>>Holocaust<< at length, though not in detail, and of the >mounds of documents<
which exist to disprove the revisionistsQthough she refuses to call those
people that; she calls them >deniers< and is proud to have coined the term
>Holocaust Denier,< she said.

In particular she said that among the documents which refute the >deniers< is a
>blueprint of a gas chamber complete with the openings through which the S.S.
tipped the pellets of cyanide.<

Most of her speech, in fact seventy five percent, was empty vapourings on the
level of: >These guys are denying the Holocaust. I won’t debate them. I refuse
to. Would you debate somebody who said the Earth was flat? Would you debate
somebody who said sexual abuse of children was good? There is no debate.< She
returned to the child abuse theme at least five times in her meandering talkQ
prompting me to consider asking a supplementary question when the time came
whether by her obsession with Sexual Abuse as a child she was trying
unconsciously to tell us something about her own childhood.

QUESTION TIME CAME. Sam DicksonQ without our having discussed thisQ asked the
first question: would Ms. Lipstadt explain why she is so disrespectful of David
Irving, given that he has such a record of literary accomplishments? She evaded
direct answer, suspecting that Dickson was a hostile; in fact as soon as she
deduced that he was not there to flatter her she snapped at him, >Get to a
Question or sit down<–or words to that effect. I then politely put up my hand.
Invited to speak, I boomed in my very English, very loud voice to her: >>Prof.
Lipstadt am I right in believing you are not a historian, you are a professor of

She answered that she was a professor of religion but (something special else)
in history too. I then waded in with verbal fists flying: >>I am the David
Irving to whom you have made such disparaging reference in your speech. Given
that I have had thirty years experience in the archives, that I have published
some thirty books in the leading publishing houses of the world, including The
Viking Press, William Morrow, E. P. Dutton, and Avon in this country, what guves
you the right to go around the world, to Australia and New Zealand< < (which
visits she had mentioned proudly in her speech) >>blackening my name as though
my opinions are of no consequence?<< She was livid and shouted at me to sit down
or ask a question.

STILL BOOMING, I continued: >>You have just told an outright lie to these
students. You are trying to gull students into believing that there are mounds
of documents proving the Holocaust. You referred specifically to one, a
>blueprunt of a gas chamber< which you have, complete with >the holes through
which pellets were inserted<

>>I have here<>a thousand
dollars for you if you can produce to this audience, now or at any time in the
future, this document about which you have just lied to them. One thousand

WHAT FOLLOWED WAS uproar, a silent gasp had gone round as I began speaking and
the students realised who I was, in their midst. I then challenged her on those
world tours: >>Why do you not tell the audience who hired you to go around
Australia and New-Zealand! Who paid your fees.<< She spluttered that she had not
received any fee. I pressed on remorselessly: >>Why do you not tell the students
who paid your air fares to Australia and all around that continent, and who paid
all your expenses? Because if you will not tell them, I will.<< (I did not
however: I could see adult staff running this way and that, obviously setting
things in motion. Time to keep powder dry.) A Black person next to OToole, ten
rows ahead of me and to the right, with his video camera running, chuckled,
>>Man, this is turning into fun.<<

I called out, >>I have here two packets of my books<< (holding GORING aloft)
>>which I am happy to give to all the students free, so they can see just who I
am and which of us is lying.<< One or two students were hostile, but most were
suddenly alert and awake. I unrolled the Auschwitz aerial photograph, and said:
>>You talk of documents. I have a document here. An aerial photograph of
Auschwitz.<< As Lipstadt began screaming into the microphone, I tried to make
the point that the picture had no trace of the >>two thousand tons of coke<<
that the cremations (to which Rudolf Hoss >confessed<) would have needed every
day. I am not sure that students got this point in the mounting turmoil however.

AN ARMED SECURITY man had now arrived, brought in by the organusers, and he came
to tell me that if I would not agree to be silent, I would have to leave. I
stood up and said loudly, >>So: Professor Lipstadt not only refuses to discuss
with us, she has Security called to prevent any discussion.<< Sam Dickson
motioned to me to sit down (he afterwards said I would probably have been
arrested and held, so he was right).

There were no serious questions after that. Lipstadt was livid with the outcome.
The students were dazed. Several times I wagged the bundle of $20 bills aloft,
as she was speaking, and hissed: >>One thousand dollars …!<< Then came the
test: would the students take the bait? If the first student refused to touch
the book, then they all would. But a Black man walking past had accepted a copy
of the book from me; he shortly returned, even as La Lipstadt was speaking, to
ask for an autograph. I gave him one, and four more books to hand out. That
>seeded< the audience nicely. As the students filed out, I was mobbed by
students asking for a copy. Victory! >>I have only got seventy,<< I said loudly,
>>so there are not enough for everybody.<<

Beneath Lipstadts anguished gaze the students then formed another line, to get
their copies of the book autographed by me. Sweet victory. Then students came to
me with copies of the printed invitation to autograph; I did soQthey were blank,
which meant that either they had not asked Lipstadt for her autograph, or she
would have to sign after me. Total Victory! Revenge!

HO HO. MARTIN OToole had videotaped the entire ninety rruinutes, getting her on
long focus and capturing my interventions too. Outside, I took a seat on a
ledge, signed books, and lectured the students on the >>Holocaust.<< One,
looking like a junky, was hostile but I treated even him with courtesy and
patience. Another, Mia Daniels, was a journalist for the >>De Kalb Collegian.<<
Bright and goodlooking, but I could see she was not writing down the favourable
points I made. They learn young.

The German department head (a woman) asked for a book, but I was empty-handed by
then. Fortunately: those packets weighed a ton. Shortly, the woman organiser
bustled over to ask who had videotaped the event, and did we have a >release<
signed by Lipstadt permitting this? OToole handed her his card and intimated
that the video was needed for legal reasons, in case Lipstadt libelled me or in
case I was falsely accused of libelling her. The card read MARTIN OTOOLE,
ATTORNEYAT LAW. Woman organiser blenched and withdrew.

IT HAD NOT COME cheap: what with the air fares, the car rental, and near on a
thousand dollars worth of books donated to the audience. In victory mood off to
the Marietta Club for luncheon. Then caught the 5:30 p.m. flight to Fort
Lauderdale. Landed at 7:30 p.m.; at 7:49 p.m. I was in the car, headed south on
the turnpike….

Not since April l983 and the day of the Hitler Diaries fiasco; not indeed since
June 1977 and David Frosts failed television attempt to demolish HITLERS WAR,
has success smelt so sweet, and been (in my view) so richly deserved.

Copyright The David Irving Legal Fighting Fund, P.O. Box 1707, Key West, Florida
33041-1707 USA
A video record of the Berkeley riot and lecture and of Prof Lipstadts
humiliation can be ordered from Focal Pount Bookstore, P O Box 241, Greer, SC
29652-0241. USA.
(1-800-459-7141) U.S.$21 including mailing. U.S. And Canada only. Overseas
direct inquiries to: Focal Point Publications, 81 Duke Street, London W1M 5DJ,

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Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Dehumanizers and the Net: Eye on McVay and his Media Allies
Date: Fri, 18 Nov 94 22:27:17 -0500
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Dehumanizers and the Net:Eye on McVay and His Media Allies
Copyright 1994 By Michael A. Hoffman II.

As this writer has previously asserted, Mr. Ken McVay brings to the academic
debate on the history of World War Two in the news group alt.revisionism the
mindset of the policeman. His is a world of the good guys: Jews, Zionists and
all true-believers in the official Allied version of history, versus the
criminals who dare to dissent from the views of the good guys.

Let us look at the blanket characterizations used to describe those who dissent
from official history, as published in >>eye Weekly<< (hereafter eW), an alleged
journal for non-conformists which, oddly enough, upholds conformity when it
comes to Establishment history.

eW in its Nov. 10, 1994 issue published a sweetheart interview with Ken McVay,
the Internet thought cop who has become the darling of the media. No attempt was
made to balance the article, entitled >> .Sig (sic) Heil:Holocaust Revisionism
Goes Up in Flame Wars<< by interviewing revisionists or offering their side of
the question. The patent supposition of the author (K.K. Campbell)–as in any
cult or religion–is that there is only one side, one truth, one set of >>good
guys.<< That this concept is the basis for totalitarianism is an insight missed
by these myopic partisans who pose as opponents of totalitarianism, the better
to advance orthodoxy and conformity as decreed by Jewish authority and enforced
by dutiful servants like eW newspaper and Ken McVay.

Quotes from the article:
>>Anti-racist and anti-fascist online activists continue to track (revisionist
researcher Dennis) Gannon and his pals around the 9,000-odd newsgroups. One such
hunter is Ken McVay…<<

Here we see a stereotype established. On the one side are those who allegedly
oppose fascism and racism and on the other are those wicked revisionists who
need to be >>tracked<< by >>hunters.<<

Imagine if such terminology were invoked with regard to Jewish researchers! The
righteous wailing about >>the reiteration of the darkest metaphors of medieval
witch-hunting and scapegoating by a lynch mob-mentality that has forever pursued
Jews through the corridors of history<< would be deafening.

But it is open season on revisionists, who are so dehumanized that they may be
referred to in terms connoting the apprehension of criminals and fugitives. This
framework is put forth by a supposedly hip, progressive, human rights oriented
newspaper. This is how >>Holocaust<< cultism blinds people to the violation of
the very standards they claim to wish to uphold.

The opposition to revisionism is bracketed within the perimeters of
>>anti-racism<< and >>anti-fascism.<< The latter invective is so overworked and
tossed about with such irresponsibility as to have escaped all precise reference
to its meaning. Fascism is the dictatorial regime established by Benito
Mussolini in 1923 in Italy. It consists of a belief in One Truth to which
conformity is demanded and enforced by means of the centralization of state
power. The people espousing state-enforced conformity of thought today are the
followers of the Shoah Biz Industry.

The notion that opposing revisionism is an anti-racist function is erroneous.
The >>Holocaust<>Holocaust<< except the victims of the Axis. The 500,000 German civilians
burned alive deliberately in the area bombing strategy of the RAF and the USArmy
Air Force are not human enough to qualify as >>Holocaust<< victims, even though
the word >>holocaust<< by definition means a victim of burning. Neither are the
hundreds of thousands of Japanese victims of the firebombing of Tokyo or the
nuclear incineration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki qualified as victims of a
>>Holocaust<< in the official parlance of Establishment historiography.

Helpless victims of the Israeli military, such as the civilian population of
Beirut, Lebanon whose civilian center was deliberately saturated with
anti-personnel ordinance, including clearly marked schools and hospitals (cf.
>>God Cried<>Holocaust<<
cultism. Those who oppose this cultism are opposing the exclusive
racial/religious chauvinism inherent in it and therefore, revisionism is at its
core an ati-racist activity.

The appropriation of labels inferring exclusive goodness to upholders of one
side of an historical debate is redolent of the Catholic Church in Spain in the
17th century or the Stalinist courts of the 1930s.

History is by its nature an open subject. Curiosity and investigation are
factors which cannot be proprietary to any >>side<< in a debate. One may hold
any position predicated upon ones own research and curiosity, wherever those
faculties of free human inquiry lead. To traumatize such inquiry by establishing
categories of >>good researchers<< and >>bad researchers<< is the first step in
a process of intimidation.

If one takes the revisionist position one is ipso facto >>racist<< and
>>fascist<< according to the Establishment orthodoxy but more and more people
are rejecting this demonization.

Mr. McVay is quoted as describing revisionists in the following pejorative

>>The most intellectual among them are stupid and inept when it comes to
historical research. And of course they are liars.<<

Readers are informed by McVay that ALL revisionist research is stupid and inept,
yet Mr. McVays colleagues have not demonstrated any overwhelming superiority in
Internet debates. Sometimes the revisionists lose and sometimes the
exterminationists lose. For example, in this writers debate with an
exterminationist, I was able to document that the SS Judiciary arrested
Commandant Amon Goeth for crimes against inmates, a fact censored from the
anti-German hate film Schindlers List in which Goeth figured as the central
monster of villainy and in which the distinct impression was conveyed that
Goeths crimes were sanctioned by the SS when in fact the opposite was the case.

Most recently, Mr. McVay, who apparently views himself as an adept researcher of
high intelligence, stated on the Internet that , >> I might also add that I
know of no Canadian law which makes denial of the Holocaust an offense.<<

However, Mr. McVay, the great researcher and truth-teller, seems to have been
either so inept or so meretricious as to have overlooked a law on the books in
his very own province of British Columbia by which North Shore News columnist
Doug Collins and historian John Ball, both revisionists, are being prosecuted at
the insistence of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

This law, >>Human Rights Amendment Act, 1993, states: Her Majesty, by and with
the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British
Columbia, enacts as follows…2. Discriminatory publication. (1). No person
shall publish, issue or display or cause to be issued or displayed, any
statement, publication, notice, sign, symbol, emblem or other representation
that…is likely to expose a person or a group or class of persons to hatred or

Since in the Orwellian world of Canadas Jewish-dominated system of
jurisprudence, defense of the German people from hatred and contempt is deemed
an act of hatred and contempt toward the Jewish ruling class, so-called
>>anti-discrimination<< laws are effectively used to make revisionism a criminal

It would appear that Mr. McVay, the erudite representative of an infallible
school of historiography, is perhaps exaggerating a bit in his estimation of his
own knowledge.

Mr. McVay refers to revisionists in general in the eW newspaper interview as,
>>Nazis<< and >>racists.<< The newspaper eW adds that revisionists only pretend
to be scholars.

Readers may wish to decide for themselves who the pretenders are and why the
self-proclaimed proponents of peace, love and justice relentlessly dehumanize
and stereotype those who merely have the audacity to disagree with a school of
historical thought.

In truth, revisionists comprise the whole spectrum of political affiliation,
from people of color, Muslims, atheists and Jews to conservative Christians and
proponents of National Socialism and White separatism. There are even some
revisionists who have no political views, but who are drawn to an epistemology
predicated upon the investigation of minority opinions, anomalous data and
viewpoints opposed by government prosecutors and >>hunters<< and >>trackers<< of
deviant thinkers. Their maxim is >>Question Authority,<< even the authority of
the self-appointed spokespersons for and arbiters of true conformity.

-Copyright 1994 by Michael A. Hoffman II.

Wiswell Ruffin House: publishers and distributors of revisionist books,
newsletters and videotapes. Send U.S.$3 for a catalog.

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Subject: Re: Hoffman’s lies
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X-To: Barry Shein

Barry Shein writes:

>Now your position seems to have mutated to your being angry that
>something non-negative was said on the Simpson’s cartoon TV show about
>Jewish culture which had absolutely no mention of Germans or Nazis or
>anything of the sort.

As I stated in the thread >>Hollywood Hate Propaganda Documented<< I am not
only compiling examples of anti-German hate propaganda in the electronic media
but also the numerous programs which slavishly idolize all things Jewish.
This came into particularly high relief on a program like the “Simpsons,”
which is renowned for its irreverence. Yet the Jewish religion was treated
with ridiculously obsequious kid gloves by “Bart” and the gang. More
evidence of the dearth of authentic satire amid the System’s supposedly
“outrageous” TV fare which is really nothing more than a fake revolt that
dares not poke fun at the gods of our age, the holy and wonderful Jewish
religion and everything connected with it. –Michael A. Hoffman IISays Rabbi
Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the (Simon) Wiesenthal Center: >It
may be time for the FCC to place a cop on the information superhighway.<<
–Home Office Computing, November, 1994, p. 18.

>>You can judge for yourself who’s using the fascist methods.<< –David Irving.
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Subject: Re: EYE.NET: .Sig Heil — Holocaust Deniers and the net
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X-To: eye WEEKLY

For a critique of this article, cf. thread: Dehumanizers and the Net: Eye
on McVay and his Media Allies.

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Subject: Re: In Dramatic Confrontation, Irving Convicts Lipstadt of Lying
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 94 16:45:17 -0500
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X-To: Danny Keren

As a debating tactic, it is clever of you to seek to put revisionists forever on
the defensive, hence your attempt to focus attention off of the fact that an
icon of >>Holocaust<< cultism, the high priestess Deborah Lipstadt, was caught
retailing a big lie in order, as David Iving rightly said, to >>gull<< her
impressionable audience, is understandable.

Nevertheless, I request that you address this remarkable development. The woman
who has been licensed by the media and the academy to actually create categories
of historical nomenclature, that is to say the thought cop term >>denier<< that
is now a pro forma appendage assigned to all the independenent researchers who
revise or doubt various tales within the corpus of the pop legend known as >>THE
Holocaust,<< has been caught in an egregious lie.

As you and I both know, there are no such >>blueprints<< for Zyklon B pellet
holes at Auschwitz. Lipstadt was either hallucinating or deliberately
prevaricating. If you doubt it, order the videotape of her speech from Focal
Point Books.

Would you not agree Dr. Keren, that as a result of her gross dishonesty, Deborah
Lipstadt is no longer a credible researcher or academic; that her attempt to
pretend she posseses Zyklon B pellet hole blueprints shows that she is a fraud?
Moreover, should we not question other statements of hers and cast a jaundiced
eye on them in light of the hoax she perpetrated on students in Atlanta? What
impact will her lie have on the Shoah Biz lobby that exults and promotes her on
university campuses around the world? She is certainly one of the top
>>Holocaust<< promoters in the world in the eyes of the media and the
professors. Yet she told her audience that she has blueprints which she
certainly does not possess and which in fact do not exist.

Is Deborah Lipstadt not more proof, if indeed any more is needed, that a massive
imposture is being perpetrated, and that the only way this imposture can
maintain cachet is through censorship, blacklisting, intimidation and mental and
physical terror?

Will you not agree that Deborah Lipstadt is one of the best advertisements for
revisionism to have lately taken the world stage?

–Michael A. Hoffman II ([email protected]). Wiswell Ruffin House. POJBox
236, Dresden, New York 14441. International publishers and distributors of
revisionist books and videotapes. Send U.S. $3.00 for catalog.

Says Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the (Simon) Wiesenthal Center:
>>It may be time for the FCC to place a cop on the information superhighway.<<
–Home Office Computing, November, 1994, p. 18.

>>You can judge for yourself who’s using the fascist methods.<< –David Irving.

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Subject: Re: In Dramatic Confrontation, Irving Convicts Lipstadt of Lying
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 94 19:27:00 -0500
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X-To: Annie Alpert

Annie Alpert writes:

>At this point we have only Mr. Irving’s word that Dr. Lipstadt said
>soemthing that was untrue. Judging from the tone of his article I doubt
>that he con be considered an entirely objective observer. He was
>looking for trouble and he would have found it one way or another.

Thanks for your classic “Holocaust” cultism. It looks as if you are saying
that since Irving was “looking for trouble” Lipstadt obliged him by lying
about gas chamber blueprints. What a crock.
No we do not “only have Mr. Irving’s word” that what Lipstadt said was
untrue. History is not the sole preserve of opinion and anecdote. There
are no blueprints as described by Lipstadt period. She retailed a Big Lie
and Mr. Irving was there to nail her with it. If you doubt that your
High Priestess is a liar, get the videotape. –Michael A. Hoffman II

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Subject: Re: Michael Stein and Baruch Goldstein
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 94 20:06:13 -0500
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X-To: Ken Mcvay

Ken Mcvay writes:

>Ernst Zu”ndel, for instance, was not arrested for denying the

Here Mr. McVay is playing a very trivial game of Talmudic disputation. He
is saying that because Ernst Zundel was charged under the Canadian law
against “spreading false news” that therefore the whole prosecution
against Zundel was not based on his having denied the “Holocaust.” He
was not arrested because of it and was not tried because of it.

Mr. McVay, come to think of it, you are so stupid that I am now in fact
delighted that the powers-that-be in Canada have nominated you to be
point man against the revisionists on the Internet.

Over and again, Crown prosecutor Peter Griffiths stated in his trial
remarks, address to the jury and sentence recommendation, that Mr.
Zundel was a criminal who have denied the “Holocaust.” You are talking
out of your hat, Mr. McVay in a desperate attempt to extricate yourself
from your flat-earthist notion that Canada has free speech for revisionists.
What has just happened to Doug Collins and John Ball proves you dead wrong.
They have been charged in a complaint under a new law rigged in your own
province of B.C. of which, I suppose you must, to salvage yourself, claim
you have no knowledge of, or you will pretend it is not a law against
revisionists because it does not mention revisionists by name even though
two revisionists have been charged under its provisions.

I have seen such dissembling all over alt.revisionism by dishonest
exterminationists trying to frantically slip out of being convicted
of bold-faced lying. You are one such bold-faced liar.

>publishing false news,” which the Supreme Court of Canada has deemed
>unconstitutional, based upon the Canadian Charter of Rights.

Why did the Court rule this? Because revisionists, with very little help
from civil libertarians in Canada, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars
donated from people’s pensions and life savings and in the face of villification
from the media and Wiesenthal Center and the Canadian Jewish Congress, and
bucking the combined might of the Jewish lobby in Canada which is backed
by the personal fortunes of two billionaire families, the Seagrams and Belzbergs
as well as the government of Canada, won the case FOR ERNST ZUNDEL. This was
no thanks to the likes of useful idiots like yourself who serve these
thought cop groups by criminalizing revisionist dissent with personnel files
that “track” and “hunt” (Eye Weekly) revisionists. Revisionists are still
proscribed in Canada as the cases of Ball and Collins in your own backyard
clearly show. Yet at the time Ball and Collins were being charged for their
revisionist writings you were bold-faced lying on the Internet and claiming
there were no laws in Canada against revisionists. If there are no laws
in Canada against revisionists, is it a “coincidence” that Ball and Collins
are being prosecuted because they have criticized aspects of the Shoah
Biz racket? Who the heck are you trying to kid with circuit “reasoning”?
Presumably, no one but yourself.

>So you see, Mr. Hoffman, setting aside your ignorance of Canadian
>law for the moment, even those restrictive laws which _were_
>employed can no longer be employed.

Come down off the space shuttle there cowpoke. Better get your Prozac pr
prescription refilled. Repeat after me (it’s therapy, trust me): Doug
Collins. John Ball. Criminal complaint lodged against same. Re:
revisionist writings. Got it?

Article 19305 of alt.revisionism:
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Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Put up or shut up, Mr. Hoffman (v 1.02, Round 3)
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 94 23:15:41 -0500
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X-To: Ken Mcvay

K. McVay writes:

>Here, Mr. Hoffman addresses his ignorance of Canadian law; in
>particular, his complete lack of knowledge about the Supreme Court of
>Canada judgements with regard to Mr. Keegstra and Mr. Zu”ndel. Given
>his claim of a background as a professional journalist, his assertions
>in the face of such abysmal ignorance are telling.

As I have repeatedly pointed out, the fact that the revisionist legal
team of Doug Christe and Keltie Zubko with the help of revisionists
pilloried in the press as monsters, demons and >crypto-Nazis< won decisions
against Canada’s provincial judgements against Zundel and Keegstra, in no
way suggests, implies or connotes as you so deceptively wish to state,
that prosecution of revisionists is not legally viable in Canada. There
has never been a need for a specific law against revisionists, which would
give away the game a bit too blatantly. Rather, euphemistic statutes with
words like hate, false news and contempt have been and are
being used. I am fully aware of both Supreme Court judgments and I am
equally aware of the on-going prosecution of a newspaper journalist and
a revisionist researcher; neither of which have been impeded by Canadas
Supreme Court rulings.

>Mr. Hoffman’s ignorance of the Supreme Court rulings mirrors his
>ignorance of the Canadian Charter of Rights, about which he _also_
>knows nothing.

The Charter of Rights was ruled by Judge Hugh Locke as having no bearing on the
propriety of the prosecution or conviction of Ernst Zundel. Zundel was put on
trial twice, after the Charter of Rights went into effect. Only after putting
Mr. Zundel in jail, nearly bankrupting him and subjecting him to bombings and
mob assaults as well as on-going media libel, more than six years after the
initial prosecution, Zundel was vindicated because he fought back with all of
his considerable organizational and oratorical skills. Ask him he feels that he
may still be prosecuted under a different Canadian law from the >>false news
charge<< and he will tell you, yes. There is that constant threat. It is
happening in Western Canada now. Moreover, White racists have been arrested and
put under judicial gag orders because of politically incorrect speech in Ontario
recently. One is still under such a gag. My book on the first state show trial
of Zundel, >>The Great Holocaust Trial<< was banned and seized from the mails in
Canada. Canada is not free for revisionist speech. The fact that you are trying
to dispute this, in the face of overwhelming documentary evidence, is indicative
of the dimensions of your mental midgetry.

>Mr. Collins denied the Holocaust only a few weeks ago, in the
>Vancouver Provence… last I heard, he was still walking about,
>writing his reprehensible views for the North Shore News, rather than
>languishing in jail for doing so… Perhaps Mr. Hoffman will explain
>that, given his distorted view of Canadian law…

Gladly. Mr. Collins has been charged at the behest of the Canadian Jewish
Congress. If it is a cause for celebration of Canadas >>freedom for revisionist
speech<< that he is not yet in jail, then perhaps one can see the extent of
Mr. McVays definition of what constitutes freedom, since Mr. Collins is
presently charged for criminal trial for directing >>contempt<< at the Master
Race (>>Jews<<) because he attacked their hate propaganda against Germans, in
writing; that Collins is being subjected to a horrendous injustice is apparent
to all opponents of censorship except that mighty campaigner against it, Ken
McVay. In his eyes, all is well in Canada because after all, Doug Collins is
still walking around!

That Mr. McVay continues to pretend that there are no laws in Canada against
revisionists, even as a prominent Canadian newspaper columnist has a criminal
charge laid against him for criticizing >>Schindlers List,<< suggests that Mr.
McVay is afflicted with a rather potent case of congenital mental retardation.

Perhaps >>suggests<< is too mild, for Mr. McVay long ago ceased to be a
challenging debating partner. His standard modus operandi is to 1. Make a
ridiculous statement. 2. Stand corrected by yours truly. 3. McVay responds to
the correction with a barge full of bluster, uninspired attempts at satire and
regurgitation of the initial ridiculous statement. 4. I then cut him to pieces
and publicly convict him as an idiot. 5. McVay rejoins by repeating all the same
blunders in his plodding, workman-like manner only turning the VOLUME up on

Ho-hum. Keep it up Ken, your numberless fans in the Spartacist League for
Smashing the Foul, Deviant, Revisionist Dissenters are cheering wildly.

Meanwhile, I am heading over to the Irving-Lipstadt thread, where I am going to
have even more fun with your mentor Danny Keren than I have been having toying
with you.

Says Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the (Simon) Wiesenthal Center: >It
may be time for the FCC to place a cop on the information superhighway.<<
–Home Office Computing, November, 1994, p. 18.

>>You can judge for yourself who’s using the fascist methods.<< –David Irving.
Michael A. Hoffman II ([email protected]). Wiswell Ruffin House. POJBox
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From: [email protected]
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: In Dramatic Confrontation, Irving Convicts Lipstadt of Lying
Date: Mon, 21 Nov 94 23:20:01 -0500
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X-To: Danny Keren

Danny Keren wrote:
>>Hoffman, I take it that you have no response to my quote from Irving’s speech,
which proves the man is either hallucinating, insane, or plain lying? I remind
what the quote was about. Irving quotes Eichmann as saying that Heydrich told
him about Hitler’s order for the >physical destruction of the Jews< (direct
quote). Irving tries to wriggle out of this by making the infantile claim that
Hitler was really talking about the >destruction of Judaism<. However, Irving
later quotes Eichmann as saying that Riechfuherer-SS Himmler had actually
ordered that the Russian anti-tank ditches were to be used for disposing of the
bodies. If >Judaism< was to be destroyed, would this produce so many corpses
that one would have to use anti-tank ditches to bury them in? How odd. It does
look like Irving has a few loose screws, doesn’t it? Care to address this

I surely will. However for the present, I wish to dispose of Lipstadt first. I
do not blame you for wanting to change the subject or, in your current response,
to switch the scale of priorities. I understand how important it is for you to
depend upon debating strategems for winning arguments and attempting to turn
Irvings conviction of Lipstadt into an opportunity to attack Irving. There is a
modicum of cleverness to this tactic, but it is a bait I prefer to take at my
convenience. Since I opened the thread on Lipstadt I choose to note the
destruction of her credibility first, as well as the destruction of your own,
since you have chosen to attempt to mount a defense of her indefensible lying.
Let us proceed with that happy task now.

You will recall that I challenged you as follows: >>Nevertheless, I request that
you address this remarkable development. The woman who has been licensed by the
media and the academy to actually create categories of historical
nomenclature…has been caught in an egregious lie. As you and I both know,
there are no such >blueprints< for Zyklon B pellet holes at Auschwitz.<<

To which Danny Keren replied:
>>Frankly, I don’t know that. I have not seen *all* the blueprints.<<

Which blueprints have you not seen, Dr. Keren?JSurely you have seen the
blueprints in Pressacs book, which is the most complete collection of Auschwitz
blueprints available.JUndoubtedly you have noted that in all of those blueprints
there is not a single one showing any Zyklon B pellet holes.

Do you think that Dr. Lipstadt has a secret Auschwitz blueprint which she has
been holding in reserve somewhere, locked in a safe at Yad Vashem maybe?JIf this
is the case, why would she not produce it?JWhat a triumph over David Irving and
revisionism if she were to produce it! However, it seems that she cannot.

Of course for you to admit that there are no blueprints for any Zyklon B pellet
holes would require a certain objectivity on your part, eh Keren? A willingness
to admit that one of the leaders of the >>Holocaust<< lobby is a liar and a
fraud would be almost heresy for a true-believer.

Keren wrote:
>>I have seen in Pressacs book the photographs of the gas chambers of one of the
Kremas, and he marks in them the small windows, equipped with shutters, via
which the Zyklon was inserted. The aerial photographs of Kremas II and III are
there, and one can see the location of the holes through which the Zyklon was
inserted; I recall that Pressac adds that one of the openings can still be seen,
although most of the roof was dynamited – don’t have the book with me, will have
to check on that.<<

Again, my congratulations for your having sought to distract our attention away
from Lipstadts claim about blueprints and onto photographs. I believe I once saw
a similar maneuver in a three-card monte game.

Keren writes:J>>Another possibility is that she confused the photographs with

Her eyesight is the culprit then? There is no trace of deception or imposture,
it is all just >>confusion<< on Lipstadts part. But since Dr. Lipstadt claims to
be an historian, and an authority on the revisionist school (oops, I mean
>>denier<<) school of history, is not the >>confusion<< which you so
magnanimously ascribe to her, at the very least a token of manifest
incompetence? How responsible is it of her to insist to an audience of
university students, in a speech purportedly dedicated to extirpating fraud,
that there is a blueprint showing Zyklon B pellet holes for a homicidal gas
chamber when no such blueprint has ever been produced!

Keren writes: >> Pressac reproduces a document which mentions a >gas chamber< in
one of the Kremas, and a >gassing cellar< in another Krema. There is no doubt
that these Kremas contained gas chambers. This is, after all what counts.<<
-Danny Keren.

My, my. What sloppy standards you are willing to accept from your own side. When
the icon of >>Holocaust<< orthodoxy, Lipstadt, perpetrates a hoax, it simply
does not count! I am beginning to see the picture. Only revisionists must be
held accountable for details, for precision. When a holohoaxer lies, invents,
and perpetrates fraud about non-existent blueprints you counter by ruling, that
>>all that counts are documents.<<

Jeepers, if that is the case, why was Dr. Lipstadt so eager to promote a
blueprint? Maybe you should appraise her of the party line. >>Psst, Deb, uh, you
should not mention blueprints, even to a really naive and trusting audience of
college students awed by your sainthood, because you never know when some pesky
author of 30 history books on World War Two is going to pop out of the woodwork
and demand something really heretical and unforgiveable like, >Produce them.<
All that counts,
Lip old girl, are the documents because, in this entire, gigantic conspiracy
theory of ours about how the Nazis exterminated the Jews, when it comes down to
it, that is all we really have for evidence, pieces of paper.<<

Gee I hope Deb the Lip gets the message, Danny. Meanwhile, for the rest of us
less than magnanimous folk, not quite so forgiving of the disgusting lies of the
worlds Number One witchfinder-general, we note the conviction of this woman for
the crime of which she has hypocritically accused revisionists: falsification of

Lipstadt has traveled over the world demanding that revisionists be silenced and
censored. She traveled to Australia and argued on behalf of David Irving being
banned from the entire continent. She refuses to debate. When personally
confronted by Irving on the blueprint, she did not say, >I will check it.
Perhaps I am wrong.< Instead, she called security. Deborah Lipstadt is typical
of many exterminationists. She combines the mentality of an Inquisitor with the
integrity of an Ilya Ehrenberg.

She is on videotape perpetrating a hoax on students and instead of repudiating
her, and demanding that she furnish the blueprint or apologize to the students
she cheated and the historian she slandered, you invent excuses for her.

But there is no controlling the damage that has been done to this central icon
of your >>Holocaust<< cult. Her plaster statue has just hit the pavement and
split into six million pieces and all the specious pretexts invented for her,
lined up from here to Tel Aviv, will not put that idol back together again.

No wonder the rabbis want to make revisionism illegal. It is the only way to
salvage the Lipstadts of the world. –Michael A. Hoffman II.

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Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: Re: Hoffman^2, hate literature, and ignorance
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 94 22:20:34 -0500
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X-To: Ken Mcvay

Responding to: Ken Mcvay

Ken McVay writes:
>Mr. Hoffman, it should be noted, has a vested interest in attacking Canadian
statutes, >as he earns his living selling Holocaust denial and racist
literature, in the manner of >his apparent hero, Ernst Zu”ndel, and claims that
a book he authored was seized at >the border. It would seem that Mr. Hoffman is
simply upset that Canadian Customs >has denied him an opportunity to profit by
selling his hate literature in Canada, and >he finds himself frustrated by the
loss of income.

Oh, that is perspicacious of you, McVay. In fact, at long last, you have found
me out by dint of your exceptional powers of deduction. Yessir, the reason I am
against the government of Canada banning revisionist literature is simply
because I am >>upset at Canadaian Customs.<<

One problem with your brilliant deduction: I was >upset< about the Canadian
inquisition against writers as far back as 1984 when I had yet to author any
books of my own. Perhaps I had my palm read and learned that I would be writing
several books and one of them was going to be banned in Canada, therefore as a
kind of pre-emptive strike, I protested Canadas prosecution of revisionists? It
could not be of course that I am opposed to censorship and the imprisonment of
writers and publishers on principle, could it? Naw, I guess not, because to
believe that about this writer would be to concede to me some aspect of humanity
and you humanitarians are loathe to do that.

McVay writes:
>bothered to read either judgement. (If he _has_ read them, then his
>failure to provide an analysis damns him equally, since both
>judgements provide a clear, concise, and extensive rebuttal of his

Please, no >demands< Mr. McVay. I am not acceding to demands from mental midgets
this week. I have made a number of demands upon you by inference, such as that
you admit the overwhelming reality of the existence of a Canadian inquisition
against revisionists of ten years duration.

Mr. McVay says:
>Clearly, Mr. Hoffman has nothing to gain, and a great deal to lose, by
>acquainting himself with the reality of the Court’s decisions. Should
>he actually read the judgements, he would be forced to conclude that
>his continuing blather regarding Canadian law has no factual basis.

I have read the decisions and they do not lead me to conclude that there is free
speech or free press for revisionists in Canada. The Canadian government, the
Jewish establishment and a sizeable portion of the mass media fought to have
Zundels 1988 conviction upheld. This is critical to understanding the lynch mob
atmosphere toward revisionists in Canada. No foundation came to Zundels aid.
Canadian society as a whole was willing to see him go to prison for publishing a
controversial history pamphlet. Because he nearly bankrupted himself to hire
courageous lawyers like Doug Christie (who himself was almost disbarred for
acting as Zundels lawyer)–because Zundel fought the system and was acquitted on
a false news charge pertaining to his publication of the book >Did Six Million
Really Die?<– in no way provides any grounds for Mr. McVays ludicrous whitewash
of the Canadian legal system. The eight year ordeal of Ernst Zundel certainly
has a chilling effect on all other would-be revisionist publishers, espeially
those without the organizing talent, oratorical skills and fund-raising ability
of an Ernst Zundel. Zundel can still be charged under any number of other laws
for his >Holocaust< revisionist printing. If he is unable to afford to appeal a
resulting conviction he will go to prison. Canada customs continues to interdict
revisionist books. Canada continues to prosecute revisionists (Ball and
Collins). Canada continues to ban revisionists (David Irving) so what the heck
are you talking about? Why are you imposing on people on the Internet with your
completely incompetent and asinine insistence that there is no repression of
revisionists in the face of all documentation to the contrary?

McVay quotes my citation of the following article:
>>The Vancouver Sun, Oct. 28, 1994: The Canadian Jewish
Congress says the British Columbia (BC) Human Rights
Council has decided to proceed against Columnist Doug
Collins and the >>North Shore News.<< The Congress claimed
in its complaint that a Collins column in the North Shore
News violated the human rights act of BC by exposing the
Jewish community to hatred and contempt…The March 9, 1994
column, entitled >>Hollywood Propaganda<< attacked the
Steven Spielberg movie >Schindlers List< as hate
propaganda.< (End Vancouver Sun article).

McVay then writes:
>Mr. Hoffman seems confused here. First, by the obvious (to anyone but
>Mr. Hoffman, that is): Provincial governments do not make Canadian
>law. Second, that the B.C. Human Rights Amendment Act has not been
>tested in Canadian courts with regard to its use to suppress Holocaust
>denial. As the dual Supreme Court judgements make perfectly clear, such use
>cannot stand the legal tests imposed by the Canadian Charter of
>Rights. Mr. Hoffman, of course, knowing nothing, caring nothing about
>legal reality, dismisses such considerations in the hope none will

Is the hand quicker than the eye?McVay hopes so because he is running a shell
game here. Remember this is the guy who got himself in some deep credibility
problems by making the claim that there is no prosecution of revisionists in
Canada. But journalist Doug Collins is being prosecuted now. McVay cannot admit
he was wrong. He is waging a propaganda war and he cannot make such honest
admissions under those conditions. So he is stuck. He has chosen to prevaricate,
so at the least we can enjoy watching him sweat. The above piece of detritus is
quite perspiration-laden. To weasel out of his looney claim that Canada has no
repression against revisionists, he must say that the Act under which Collins
has been charged >>cannot stand the legal tests imposed by the Canadian Charter
of Rights.<< But if that was the case, the prosecutors would have refused to
charge Collins. Yet, they have charged him. The next step is to claim that the
case will be thrown out on appeal. But what if Doug Collins cannot afford an
appeal all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada?Zundels conviction was upheld
by all the lower courts of Ontario. The same fate could easily befall Collins.
Meanwhile, what happens to Mr. Collins while he awaits an appeal of a
conviction? A large fine, posting of bail (which can be revoked as it was for
Zundel with resulting jail time); a fine for his newspaper (North Shore News);
non-stop lynch-mob vituperation and stigma; loss of friends, family, reputation.
I need not catalog all the horrors that come upon people who are held up to
modern society as a neo-Nazi. This is the contemporary equivalent of being
called a witch in medieval times. When that charge is sustained by the
government of British Columbia under the aegis of the Crown as well as the
Jewish establishment (the Canadian Jewish Congress, Sol Litmans Canadian Simon
Wiesenthal Center, the Seagram and Belzberg empires), Doug Collins will pay a
horrendous price for having dared to criticize a Jewish movie in print.

This entire ordeal of inquistion against Collins is shrugged off by McVay on the
grounds that, >>Ahh, the Charter will vindicate him.<<
But wait–vindicate him from what?McVay claims there is no prosecution of
revisionists in Canada, so why the need for vindication for something that is
not even happening?
And they talk of >>Holocaust denial<Americans will note that this inquisition against a
newspaper columnist has not been reported in the U.S.
whatsoever (at least to the best of my knowledge). The
blackout has been clamped. News of it in the U.S. is
being suppressed so the Canadians can get on with the
sordid business of intimidating independent thinkers and
writers with no fear of international protest.<

McVay writes:
>>Mr. Hoffman ignores the reality: Americans aren’t remotely interested
in Mr. Collins – he isn’t >>news.<

Right. He is not news in the U.S. because the media there have chosen to ignore
him. But if he were a Jewish journalist prosecuted in Canada for critical
remarks about an anti-Jewish film it would make the wire services throughout the

McVay says: >>no Canadian court or other legal jurisdiction has the ability to
control the information flow out of Canada. No such “blackout” (and Mr. Hoffman
has offered no evidence whatsoever to support his claim) exists, or could

I did not say the blackout was generated by the court system. No such blackout
exists or could exist?Then why have U.S. newspapers and TV not reported the
criminal prosecution of a journalist for writing a review critical of a
Hollywood movie?Something that heavy-handed and inquisitional is news by any
standard. I might know since I wrote wire stories for the Associated Press.

Only, it is not news when it happens to a REVISIONIST journalist. This is how
the power of the inquisition is maintained. Its existence is covered up. That is
why CBS 60 Minutes in its program on Ernst Zundel never once mention the biggest
piece of news Zundel made in his life –his trial (twice) on charges of
publishing a book that questioned the gas chambers. CBS could not afford to
mention the single most notorious fact in Zundels curriculum vitae because CBS
knew that to tell its huge audience that Zundel was prosecuted and jailed for
printing a book would have won him a measure of invincible sympathy among a
substantial portion of the viewers who are appalled by attacks on writers of any
type. So CBS simply sent that fact about Zundel down the memory hole. Who had
the power to do it?The producers at CBS. Who has the power in the U.S. to
censor the news about Collins from Canada?The editors of the wire services.
Hence, McVays insistence that no blackout exists or could exist is more vintage
McVay bullshit.

McVay writes:
>>Mr. Hoffman seems unaware of the fact that the North Shore News is
published by a Jewish gentleman; perhaps admitting that would shed
uncomfortable daylight on Mr. Hoffman’s silly claim that Canada is
dominated by Jews, and that Jews are persecuting Mr. Collins and/or
the North Shore News. (Perhaps Mr. Hoffman actually means to assert
that the Jews are persecuting themselves?)<<

What nonsense. Who has ever suggested that every Khazar on the planet is in
favor of what is done in their name by the corrupt leaders who claim to speak
for the Jewish people? I happen to trade research with several persons
identified as >>Jews<< in popular parlance. The point is that the Jewish
establishment in Canada– the newspapers, lobby groups, legislators and
fraternal organizations of that persuasion are almost unanimous in their calls
for the persecution of revisionists.Certainly there are some Khazars who are an
honorable exception, who has ever said otherwise? As for the >>silly claim<<
that Canada is dominated by Jews, who has screamed the loudest for the
crucifixion of Ernst Zundel?Who insisted on a SECOND trial of him after the
first one was thrown out on the basis of Judge Lockes gortesque trial errors and
prejudice? Is McVay trying to say that the taxpayers of Canada are urging these
inquisitions?Those suckers are not even allowed to determine how much these
prosecutions are costing them (estimates are in the tens of millions of
dollars). The taxpayers tolerate it. They are sheeple. Goyim. Like any mob at
any hanging tree they will mouth the cliches of the largest mouths and the
biggest brutes. They will acquisece to anything. But the charge is led by
hysterical Khazars, traumatized by the morbid and never-ending seance that is
their gas chamber, Holy Hoax religion.

McVay states:
>>That many would deny the right of Mr. Collins to spew his venom
through that newspaper cannot be denied, as the ongoing (>DUMP
COLLINS<) thread in bc.general attests. Interestingly enough, many of
those who would see Mr. Collins’ position with the News terminated are
neither Jewish nor interested in >affairs Jewish.< Their objections to
Mr. Collins are based upon other matters, of which Mr. Hoffman
obviously knows nothing.<<

Objections are fine. They can object all they like. They can even take the bold
step of debating Collins. But silence him?Never! Moreover, how is defending
the Germans against Spielbergs defamatory stereotypes of German soldiers
>spewing venom>This and other recent posts suggest that Mr. Hoffman, like the parrot
Gannon, is incapable of expressing thoughts of his own. Instead, he
relies upon such paragons of virtue as Ernst Zu”ndel to express his
hatred of things Jewish.<<

This is like a script from a made-for-TV movie. All it lacks is the violin music
and a box of kleenex. McVay the parrot mimes the lingo:>hatred of all things
Jewish< that is supposed to push the buttons of his audience. Sorry, McVay. I
battle censorship on principle. Your attempt to squeeze me into a handy little
ADL stereotype so I can be dismissed from human consideration is going to fail.
I am my own person and I always have been. I am a wild card even among
revisionists. Try to get beyond your circumscribed world of Holocaust hackdom
and see people for what they are. Some of us have come to our ontology because
of an intractable sense of independence. Deal with that. I do not want to dance
with an ugly mirror of your own fears and fantasies. It is boring.

McVay drones:
>>(It is interesting to note that Mr. Zu”ndel’s publishing company, which
provides the bulk of Nazi literature which appears in the European market,
continues to publish its vitriolic venom here, unimpeded by Canadian law. It
would appear that
>Jewish-dominated< Canada is not able to prevent this, which sheds
additional light on Mr. Hoffman’s silly contentions above.)<<

Try this one on for size, Mr. McVay: For eight years Ernst Zundel was forbidden
to write or speak about the >>Holocaust<< under pain of prison and deportation.
My book, >>The Great Holocaust Trial<< documents who was behind his prosecution.
The fact that after Jewish-dominated Canada had its way with Zundel for eight
years, he has won a respite from relentless persecution, does not signify that
he is no longer subject to persecution in Canada. When Khazars secured a respite
from persecution in 19th century Russia, for example, one could not conclude
that they were no longer subject to persecution. The same holds true for Zundel.
He cannot even have historian David Irving come and speak at a lecture hall in
Toronto. If Irving tried that, as of this writing, he would be handcuffed and
jailed. Zundel never knows when he will be put on trial again in Canada. The
present record of the Canadian government is ominous for Zundel and other

When Doug Collins and John Ball and every other revisionist can no more be tried
for what they say or write in Canada than they could be in the U.S.; when no
history book can be seized by Canadian Customs and when historians have free
entrance to Canada, then a new day will have dawned and I will be the first to
celebrate it. Until that great morning for my Northern neighbors arrives, a
singular fact remains: two revisionists have been charged on criminal complaint
and are facing prosecution. True, in the eyes of a thought cop, this would
indicate that there is no prosecution of revisionists; that the law they have
been charged under does not exist and the reason they were charged has nothing
to do with revisionism. You can peddle that tripe to your local Trotskyite Lodge
and it will be believed. On the worldwide Internet it is going to cause you a
few problems.

If you were alittle brighter than a thirty watt lightbulb you might have
realized that and tried a different line. Instead you have just added some
kindling to your smoke-making machine in the hope of screening your Animal Farm

You have merely turned up the volume, once again, on your one and only idiotic
argument: that what is happening to Collins and Ball is not happening; or, soon
will not be happening.

Right. And rain is beer and pigs have wings.

–Michael A. Hoffman II [email protected]

Author of four books:

The Great Holocaust Trial (1985, Institute for Historical Review)

A Candidate for the Order (1988, New Traditionalist Press)

Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare (1992, Wiswell Ruffin House)

They Were White and They Were Slaves:The Untold History of the Enslavement of
Whites in Early America (1993, Wiswell Ruffin House)

Books forthcoming in 1995 by Michael A. Hoffman II:

The Ku Klux Khazars: Racism and Propaganda in Ancient and Contemporary Judaism

The Great Holocaust Trial (revised and expanded 3rd paperback edition)

They Were White and They Slaves; The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites
in Early America and Industrial Britain (revised, substantially expanded and to
be issued in hardcover).

Wiswell Ruffin House. POBox 236, Dresden, New York 14441. International
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Says Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the (Simon) Wiesenthal Center: >It
may be time for the FCC to place a cop on the information superhighway.<<
–Home Office Computing, November, 1994, p. 18.

>>You can judge for yourself who’s using the fascist methods.<< –David Irving.

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Subject: Re: McGuire’s Anti-Semitism Revealed For All To See
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 94 22:22:15 -0500
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X-To: John Baglow

McGuire’s Anti-Semitism Revealed For All To See
Responding to: John Baglow

John Baglow writes:
>Why, incidentally, is nazi-motivated hate propaganda deserving of

Baglow is a hardcore inquisitor and censor. He is one of these Orwellian
true-believers who is going to fight fascist ideas with fascist methods and he
is so dim he does not even see the irony.

Baglow writes:
>What concerns many of us is the deliberate use of Holocaust-denial crap to
inflict >pain upon the Jewish community…

This is Khazar-idolatry in extremis. Harsh questions, satire and rebellious
skepticism are >painful< to the >Jewish community< therefore, irreverent,
revisionist blasphemers should be prosecuted in the interest of protecting the
beloved Master Jewish Race from pain. I say, to every last pompous authority
figure on this planet of any race or religion: I will question, mock or doubt
any race, religion or historical belief I please and why not? The >German
community< has been on the butt end of such treatment for a generation. Who
solicits their >feelings>?

The issue is not peoples feelings. The issue is the right to tell the truth as
any one of us sees it and not to have it dictated by a politically-correct cadre
whose orthodoxy is state-mandated. One would think that these principles would
not need to be stated but in the realm of the >>Holocaust<< cult, which is
effectively a fanatical religion, the fervor of the accolytes burns as
feverishly as ever it did in 16th century Spain or 1930s Moscow. That such
people set themselves up as imaprtial judges of the state of freedom in
Canuckistan is testimony to the degree of their megalomania.

–Michael A. Hoffman II [email protected]

Author of four books:

The Great Holocaust Trial (1985, Institute for Historical Review)

A Candidate for the Order (1988, New Traditionalist Press)

Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare (1992, Wiswell Ruffin House)

They Were White and They Were Slaves:The Untold History of the Enslavement of
Whites in Early America (1993, Wiswell Ruffin House)

Books forthcoming in 1995 by Michael A. Hoffman II:

The Ku Klux Khazars: Racism and Propaganda in Ancient and Contemporary Judaism

The Great Holocaust Trial (revised and expanded 3rd paperback edition)

They Were White and They Slaves; The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites
in Early America and Industrial Britain (revised, substantially expanded and to
be issued in hardcover).

Wiswell Ruffin House. POBox 236, Dresden, New York 14441. International
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Says Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the (Simon) Wiesenthal Center: >It
may be time for the FCC to place a cop on the information superhighway.<<
–Home Office Computing, November, 1994, p. 18.

>>You can judge for yourself who’s using the fascist methods.<< –David Irving.

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Subject: Re: In Dramatic Confrontation, Irving Convicts Lipstadt of Lying
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 94 22:30:21 -0500
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X-To: Annie Alpert

Annie Alpert writes:

>”Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers” that could be called
>’blueprints’–for instance on page 431 there is a drawing titled
>”Recapitulatory drawing for Krematorien II & III” which is part of a
>plan for Auschwitz-Birkenau with designations for ‘gas-tight doors’

You are in overyour head, Annie. Your heroine said she had blueprints showing
the holes for pouring the Zyklon B pellets into the homicidal gas chambers.
There are no such blueprints, period. Not in Pressac, not anywhere.

>He was looking for a fight to boost his ego. Big deal.

It is a big deal, dear lady. One more Holohoax icon bites the dust.
–Michael A. Hoffman II [email protected]

Author of four books:

The Great Holocaust Trial (1985, Institute for Historical Review)

A Candidate for the Order (1988, New Traditionalist Press)

Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare (1992, Wiswell Ruffin House)

They Were White and They Were Slaves:The Untold History of the Enslavement of
Whites in Early America (1993, Wiswell Ruffin House)

Books forthcoming in 1995 by Michael A. Hoffman II:

The Ku Klux Khazars: Racism and Propaganda in Ancient and Contemporary Judaism

The Great Holocaust Trial (revised and expanded 3rd paperback edition)

They Were White and They Slaves; The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites
in Early America and Industrial Britain (revised, substantially expanded and to
be issued in hardcover).

Wiswell Ruffin House. POBox 236, Dresden, New York 14441. International
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HEY KIDS! Coming soon: revisionist computer games and comic books! Get on our
mailing list for the details. Send $3.00 for our catalog and we will send you
the catalog PLUS some great day-glo Holohoax joke stickers guaranteed to turn
your school upside down! Write us today. –Wiswell Ruffin

Says Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the (Simon) Wiesenthal Center: >It
may be time for the FCC to place a cop on the information superhighway.<<
–Home Office Computing, November, 1994, p. 18.

>>You can judge for yourself who’s using the fascist methods.<< –David Irving.

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Subject: Re: In Dramatic Confrontation, Irving Convicts Lipstadt of Lying
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 94 22:35:00 -0500
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X-To: Raskolnikov

Raskolnikov writes:

>where did you get this from? there isn’t a major historian
>in the world who’s saidd a good thing about Irving.

Hugh Trevor-Roper: >>No praise is too high for David Irvings indefatigable
scholarly industry.<<

Article 19545 of alt.revisionism:
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From: [email protected]
Newsgroups: alt.revisionism
Subject: An Evaluation of the Irving-Lipstadt and McVay-Canada Debates by Michael A. Hoffman II
Date: Sun, 27 Nov 94 12:24:51 -0500
Organization: Delphi ([email protected] email, 800-695-4005 voice)
Lines: 517
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Hoffman Evaluates the Recent Debates in alt.revisionism.
by Michael A. Hoffman II. Copyright 1994. All Rights Reserved.

I am going to analyze the Irving-Lipstadt reactions and the exchange on McVays
denial of repression of revisionists in Canada.

Wayne McGuire believes lots of Jews were gassed by the Nazis. Yet he notes that
some prominent anti-revisionists are shooting themselves in the foot (like
Lipstadt) due to their dishonesty and thereby making the revisionists look good.
The point is very interesting and leads to a prime motivation of many people for
accepting the revisionist argument: the fear, panic and repression with which
revisionist research is met by its foes.

A close friend of mine who is also a competent scholar concurs with Mr. McGuires
position, both on the reality of mass gassings of Jews and of the tribalism and
Stalinism of the anti-revisionists. I told my colleague that when I was covering
the first Zundel trial, which was the one in 1985 where the >>Survivors<<
testified, that I was astonished at how poorly every single one of them did
under cross-examination. I was prepared for some of the old guys to forget an
item or two or flub a recollection, but star witnesses for >>The Holocaust<<
like Rudolf Vrba (a.k.a. Walter Rosenberg) practically gave the whole game away
as soon as they faced Doug Christies interrogation. Vrbas supposedly monumental
non-fiction account of gassings, >>I Cannot Forgive<< was admitted to be a fake
by the author himself under oath (he called the book, >>an artistic picture<<
not a document for a court). And Arnold Friedman, another >>unimpeachable
eyewitness<< claimed to have seen color-coded smoke from incineration of
>>Jews<< based on their body weight and nationality and then admitted to Doug
Christie that his >>eyewitness<< account was really only based on rumors that he
had heard. The same held true for the academics: Raul Hilberg admitted there is
no scientific evidence for even a single gassing. More examples are in my book.

Then there is the repression of revisionists: the trials, book-bannings and
imprisonment. Look at what Bradley Smith has gone through trying to get a
revisionist advertisement in U.S. college campus newspapers.

The question I asked my friend, suspending for the moment my profound skepticism
about any gassings having taken place in Auschwitz was, >>Could some Khazars be
so crazy or so addicted to mendacity that they lie when the truth would be
sufficient to make their case?<< My friend had no answer.

The Lipstadt affair is a case in point. The historian (David Irving) who she
will not debate shows up at one of her lectures and challenges her and she calls
for the security guards! This can only help recruit people to revisionism. It
leads one to believe Lipstadt has something to hide; that she fears debating
Irving because she knows he is right. Such actions by the anti-revisionists are
a powerful recruiting tool for revisionism. If there were any sensible
anti-revisionists besides Mr. McGuire on line I would think they would
appreciate the baleful effect on their school of history which theologians like
Lipstadt are creating.

A thoughtful anti-revisionist like Wayne McGuire is doing more to combat alleged
revisionist errors than are the exterminationist propagandists who proclaim him
an >>anti-Semite.<< He is a gas chamber believer willing to criticize other
believers when they act like liars or cops. By so doing he adds to the
credibility of anti-revisionism by eliminating the main door through which
people enter >>Holocaust<< revisionism: disgust at the repression directed
against revisionists and the dishonest antics of religious fanatics masquerading
as historians.

It is remarkable that the other anti-revisionists in alt.revisionism hold
McGuire in the same contempt or perhaps even more contempt than they hold those
who do not believe any Jews were gassed. Mr. McGuire accepts the central canon
of >>The HolocaustStory<< and dissents on matters of interpretation: such as
when the supposed extermination began and what motivated it; the need to place
the alleged extermination in the context of 20th century Marxist genocide; and
on the treatment of revisionists by their opponents.

If >>The Holocaust<< were just a school of history and not a religion, McGuires
dissent would be met with interest, probing questions and point-counterpoint
exchange within a framework of respectful, scholarly camaraderie. Instead, he
has been consigned to outer darkness. A school of history would embrace him but
a religion anathematizes him, because dogmatic religion requires total
conformity and this is the demand that we are seeing in alt.revisionism. The gas
chamber belief is largely a religion. This is not to say that facts
corroborating the existence of homicidal gassings necessarily do not exist
outside of the religious dogma of >>The Holocaust<< cult, only that the chief
spokesmen and lobyyists for the state religion that has come to be known as The
Shoah or The Holocaust have cast their propagation and enforcement of the gas
chamber belief in terms of a divine creed. Where revisionists may be going wrong
is in failing to take into account the convictions of researchers like McGuire
who are persuaded of the existence of homicidal gas chambers independent–or
even in spite of–the Holocaust theocracy

In other words, there are a few scholars who uphold homicidal gas chambers on
rational, historically interesting grounds. The mythologizers may only be
obscuring a historical reality. This historical reality could conceivably exist
independent of the lucubrations of the tribalist and Stalinist reactions to

I am surprised and disappointed by how flat-footed most of the anti-revisionists
in alt.revisionism are. It is patent that they are not interested in an honest
exchange of information but solely in upholding a propaganda posture which
shores up, with a host of pedestrian, obscurantist debating tactics, any holes
which good revisionist questions create.

It is interesting for example that Danny Keren, in response to some chap who
claimed the Israelis had destroyed Christian churches, immediately went to the
trouble of telephoning Occupied Palestine to see if the sources checked out, yet
he will not send $21 to David Irvings bookstore in South Carolina for a
videotape to obtain the video documentation of Irvings confrontation with
Lipstadt. It is weird. The other exterminationists make it their chief argument
that Irving never really confronted Lipstadt or that it >>must<< have been
fabricated by Irving. Well there is a direct way to find out: get the video. But
they do not. Doubly weird.

In the case of Irving indicting Lipstadt for fraud because she is pretending she
has blueprints showing Zyklon B pellet insertion holes at Auschwitz, the
reaction of the anti-revisionists has been to claim, on no evidence whatever,
that Fleming, Pressac or some other >>authority<< has just such a blueprint.

This is where we begin to see the emergence of an abnormal reaction to the data
presented, because no one denies that Lipstadt would love to defeat Irving and
destroy his reputation.

The honest, normal reaction of an exterminationist to the Irving-Lipstadt
confrontation would be to say: >>There are no published blueprints showing what
Lipstadt has claimed. Lipstadt hates Irving. If she had such a blueprint in a
private archive she would undoubtedly produce it, let everyone examine and
confirm its authenticity and thereby do incalculable harm to Irving. But she
does not. Therefore, if the facts are as Irving alleged, Lipstadt can no longer
be regarded as a credible spokesman for the anti-revisionist cause because she
lied to an audience of naive college kids, claiming conclusive documentary proof
for homicidal gas chambers which does not exist.<<

This would be a refreshing, candid approach, inspiring good will and some sense
of a community of scholars at work on thorny historical problems which might
yield results very different from the original convictions of the participants.
Instead, the partisans of propaganda in alt.revisionism contrive tortured
alibis to excuse and explain away Lipstadts actions. That is the response of
theologians, not historians. In a religion one cannot have a single saint
besmirched. Lipstadt must be propped up, her icon pieced back together with
adhesive tape and glue. The obvious fact, that Lipstadt is a platinum-plated
phony and an embarrassment to the anti-revisionist side must never be

As Mr. McGuire correctly states: this tribal mentality does not win debates, it
only satisfies cheerleaders. It is preaching to the choir. It constitutes a
major turn-off to those who might otherwise accept the exterminationist

I encountered a similar phenomenon in my debate here with an exterminationist
over the presentation of the person and actions of SS Commandant Amon Goeth in
the Spielberg movie >>Schindlers List<<.

I was able to show that Spielberg cast the German Army in the worst possible
light by withholding from his audience the fact that Goeth had been arrested and
prosecuted by the SS Judiciary for crimes against inmates and financial
corruption. How was this datum greeted by my opponent?With genuine
astonishment?Surprise?Anger at Spielberg? Absolutely not.

His reaction was purely partisan. Spielbergs credibility had to be defended at
all costs. I was told the equivalent of, >>Hey, it is Hollywood, what do you

But how the Khazars would howl if an Oscar-winning Best Picture had depicted the
Israeli army in similar, relentlessly negative and monstrous terms! There would
be no alibis about >>it is only Hollywood.<< People would be brought to account.
Responsibility would be assigned for the cinematic >>Blood Libel;<< the
>>anti-Semitic canard;<< the >>hate propaganda film.<<

Soon I will be posting the technical information on diesel engine exhaust. This
information directly contradicts the revisionist thesis for Operation Reinhard.
When I learned of this technical report I was quite curious and intrigued. How
could I not post this information when it is so interesting and anomalous? If
the report is scientifically without error ( and I do not know for certain that
it is) then it will weaken the revisionist defense against gassings at Belzec,
Sobibor and Treblinka. BUT SO WHAT? The quest is for the truth, at all costs.
That is the authentic expression of genuine Re-Vision. When new information
presents itself one revises ones views. It is a permanent task.

But I have never seen that happen here in alt.revisionism on the part of any
anti-revisionist except Wayne McGuire: not with regard to >Schindlers List< nor
Lipstadts bankruptcy as an historian. Never a human reaction, a scintilla of
doubt, a pause in the rhetoric to say, >>Yikes, if that is true about Lipstadt,
she is not worthy of us. She must be disavowed.<< No. Instead I have witnessed
only blatant damage-control and niggardly concessions to free speech, en

I have watched as the most specious and trivial smokescreens have been generated
by what are obviously true believers seeking to avoid genuine debate.

Moreover, if we look at what Mr. McVay is proposing about Canada, that it has
free speech and free press for revisionists (even as two revisionists are being
prosecuted), we run into a brick wall of Stalinism. Mr. Baglow has been the more
candid in his articulation, but Mr. McVays Orwellian re-write of the horrors the
past twelve years have held for revisionist writers and publishers in Canada, is
perhaps the more telling for its surfeit of whitewash.

The gist of McVays preposterous conention is that revisionists did not go
through any hell in Canada and in fact, were not even prosecuted for being

Here is where we enter a realm where only the most committed Stalinist party
hack would attempt to craft an argument. McVays entire delusion, repeated over
and again like a potion bottled in new glass with each serving, is that Zundel
won his appeal, therefore there is freedom for revisionists in Canada.

McVay cannot–dare not–consider HOW Zundel won the appeal and AT WHAT COST, nor
the implications of the recent criminal charge against two revisionists in
British Columbia.

Zundel was acquitted after years of prosecution because he hired the expensive,
competent legal help and raised the funds to pay for it, while the Canadian
Establishment was excoriating him as a monster who must fail. Most of the
Canadian System opposed his appeal. No free speech foundation came forward to
assist him. He won in spite of them.

How many other Canadian writers or publishers have been dissuaded from doubting
the gas chambers or publishing the doubts of others, by the nearly-decade long
ordeal of Ernst Zundel?That is the imposing intimidation factor writ large in
the inquisition against Zundel. This is the victory the Canadian Jewish
Establishment won in spite of the success of Zundels appeal after years of being

McVay, as an example of bias and partisanship, cannot concede this fact even as
two revisionists are being prosecuted in his own province.

All he says is the equivalent of, >>Aw, it is nothing. They will get off on

Maybe. Maybe not. There is no guarantee. If there was a guarantee, as McVay
claims, the case would not be prosecuted. In the U.S. where revisionists have
the freedom of speech and legal protections McVay pretends exist in Canada, a
criminal prosecution against a journalist and a researcher would not even be
initiated at any level of the judicial system.

But the question remains, at what cost will a Supreme Court appeal be won, if
in fact it is won by Collins and Ball? The idiocy at the heart of McVays
argument is the cost of an appeal to the accused. *Zundel was jailed in Canada
for doubting the gas chambers.* He was gagged. He was pilloried in the media. He
lost his business. He became a target for terrorism.

That ordeal constituted the sentence he served. It was the price he paid, for
years, for publishing a book entitled >>Did Six Million Really Die?<<

He had already been severely punished for his publishing in Canada long before
his appeal was heard by the Supreme Court of Canada. Zundel had undergone the
torments of the inquisitors. McVay must minimize this and sweep it under the
carpet. McVay hallucinates that there is no repression against revisionists in
Canada because after the revisionists get fined, go to jail, lose their jobs and
their reputations, many months or years later, the Supreme Court of Canada (if
the victim can afford the cost of the appeal) will acquit them.

There is not a shred of honesty in such an analysis. It is merely the
falsification of the history of revisionists in Canada, disguised as an
argument. McVay is desperate not to have to say, >>I was wrong. I mis-stated the
case. There still is no free speech for revisionists in Canada.<<

And thus he imposes a long, tedious series of regurgitations and redundancies,
collecting various Stalinists like Baglow along the way to cheerlead the
Orwellian falsification of the Canadian experience for revisionists; a land that
gloated over the arrest of historian David Irving with a front-page photo of him
in handcuffs. (Cf. Canadian Jewish News, Nov. 19, 1992, p. 1). The article
accompanying the shameful photo fairly boasts at how the Inquisition nabbed this
professional historian:

By Ron Csillag

>>…Irving, the darling of the neo-Nazi movement, will not be able to re-enter
Canada without a special ministers permit, something observers agree will not be
easily obtained in view of the rancor and controversy surrounding his case.
Deportation from a friendly nation also means Irving is effectively banned from
entering other Commonwealth countries and many European nations will use the
Canadian precedent to review their policy on Irving and his ilk, according to
Bernie Farber of Canadian Jewish Congress. The controversial 56-year-old author
of Nazi apologia and works denying the existence of gas chambers at Auschwitz is
already barred from Germany, Austria, Italy…
>>National Jewish groups wasted little time in expresing their joy at Irvings
deportation. A handcuffed Irving was placed aboard the first available Air
Canada flight to his native England Friday. Irving furiously denounced the
>kangaroo court< which ordered his deportation. When the decision was read, a
guard had to be called to force Irving to sit down and be quiet…Ottawas
original decision to bar Irving was based on a hate law under which the author
was convicted in Germany last year following a speech on the Holocaust. The law
makes it an offense to >insult the memory of the dead.<< (End Canadian Jewish
News, Nov. 19, 1992).

By McVays logic this does not consitute repression against revisionists because
Irving will be vindicated on appeal (it has been two years, many thousands of
dollars in lawyers fees and lost bookings in Canada later and no acquittal
forthcoming) and because it was not acomplished under any law titled, >>The Act
for the Repression of David Irving and His Ilk.<<

I should also point out that Mr. Irvings arrest in Victoria, his $20,000 bail,
his immigration trial and his handcuffing and detention in Niagara Falls, Canada
all came AFTER the Supreme Court of Canada acquitted Ernst Zundel.

Doug Collins is being criminally prosecuted for criticizing Schindlers List in
the North Shore News AFTER the acquittals of Zundel and Keegstra.

Note bene: if a Jewish pundit were arrested in Canada for criticizing a film
that depicted the Israeli army as a completely villainous legion of
robot-monsters, I wager McVay would not be saying,>>Hey, no problem, he will get
off on appeal in 1997.<<
I wager that the worldwide derision heaped on the province of British Columbia
(BC) for prosecuting a Jewish journalist for criticizing a movie in print would
be enormous. BC would be made to look like Iran and the prosecutors like
ayatollahs. The political cartoonists and satirists would have a field day: in
the U.S. and throughout the Western world. I can imagine the headlines:MOVIE

But in the political economy of >>The Holocaust<< religion, there is no
equivalence. >The Master Race and The Holocaust, Sole Genocide Worthy of
Commemoration and Study,< produce a Wonderland Universe of exceptionalism: what
they perpetrate against writers in Canada like newspaperman Doug Collins is no
cause for alarm or protest. It is not repression. In fact, in a sense it is not
even happening because sometime in the future it will all be negated on appeal.

The absolute lack of outrage over the horror and the absurdity of what is
happening to Doug Collins, the journalist who criticized Schindlers List and is
being prosecuted for it, is proof positive of the overwhelmingly chauvinist
nature of >>The Holocaust<< and its tremendous power to subvert and corrupt a

As an indication of the corrupted Canadian mentality, both McVay and Baglow have
referred to the >>pain<< revisionists cause the Holy People. The feelings of
one special category of people, bequeathed superior status and rights by >>The
Holocaust<< media monopoly, are to be solicited and protected to such an extent
that we are to be in anguish at the >>pain<< which contradiction gives them.
Their imperial personae must be shielded from the harsh words of others, much
like a monarch must be surrounded only by those who will toady to him. That this
is no service to >>Survivors, Sons of Survivors, Jews, Zionists or Israelis<<
and is actually a disservice and patronizing of the worst type, is missed by the
McVays and Baglows. As pious votaries of >>The Holocaust<< religion they want to
obey the strictures and fiats of its clergy and councils. They have not
considered whether such blind obedience really is benevolent and ethical, or
whether it actually constitutes disservice to the Khazars due to the
debilitating sycophancy it produces.

Leftists often take for themselves the mantel of the prophet and proclaim that
they must >>speak truth to power,<< except where that power is Jewish. Those to
whom one cannot speak freely almost always become so brittle and so drunk with
hubris that they become increasingly mad. This is in fact what has befallen the
Jewish Establishment thanks to >>friends<< like McVay and Baglow.

The mindset produced is everywhere visible in alt.revisionism, ranging from the
sly, sophisticated dissembling of Mr. Stein to the raving, Kahanist fury of Mr
Shein. But it is all of a piece: the reaction of robots. That these people are
not robots but human beings is all the more telling. They have contorted their
humanity into a simulacrum of machinery.

Hence, the ultimate sign of Jewish degradation, pronounced by their frantic
servants: do not challenge, contradict or question them, for to do so, >> gives
them pain.<<

What a testimony of aristocratic decadence! What an awful admission of tyranny;
that the same attitude one was required to adopt in the presence of Lenin and
Stalin, Hitler and Himmler, Louis XIV and Genghis Khan, must also be our
attitude in the presence of >>the Jews.<<

Especially in Canada, Britain, France and Germany, but to some extent in the
circles of political correctness of the U.S. as well, multitudes are so sunk in
the obsequious abyss of idolatry of the >>Jews<<, that they are incapable of
perceiving that Fundamentalists are pained by Darwin, that Catholics are pained
by the challenges of Protestants, that Muslims are pained by Rushdie, that
Germans are pained by Shoah cultism, that Blacks are pained by >>The Bell
Curve,<< that feminists are pained by Playboy magazine and conservatives are
pained by socialists. It is painful to have to tell your girlfriend she no
longer attracts you or to holler at your grandmother that she needs a hearing
aid. It is a painful world. But in the universe of pain and of the healthy give
and take that it entails, one category of people are to be exempt from it and
therefore from life itself: the Master Jewish Race.

What does this produce–fealty to the Jews?Among a certain species of humanity
like McVay and Baglow, yes of course; they perhaps have some compulsion to
grovel. But among the majority, the advocacy of so unnatural an attitude of
deference toward Jewish >>feelings<< and Jewish >>pain<< only adds to the ranks
of those who despise any tyrannical authority; any prestige or status based on
race or religion. In sum, it only adds to anti-Jewish resentment.

Given the Jewish predilection for expecting persecution and enshrining every
incident of it, real or imagined, and sometimes even manufacturing it where none
exists, (cf. the research of Laird Wilcox concerning faked hate crimes and the
writings of the Neteurei Karta regarding Zionism), could this mechanism of
generating resentment and hostility toward Jews be deliberate on the part of the
Jewish leadership?

The issue must never be that words are painful. The issue can only be that if
the truth is painful is must be borne and since there can never be any official
means for determining an officially-propounded truth, the pain of critical words
must be endured by the partisans of all religious, political and racial
affiliations in a free society. This is an axiom of liberty yet it is a virtual
unknown in the realm of >>The Holocaust<< religion.

Baglow and McVay think they have a monopoly on the truth. They and their allies
have a proprietary relationship to it, no others need apply. Baglow, like the
Leninists, wants to jail the reactionaries and the revisionists. The fascists
want to jail the liberals and the exterminationists. Neither can see the seeds
of their own repression in what they advocate for the Other.

Robespierre was a product of Catholic schools where he was taught, >>error has
no rights.<< Robespierre accepted the dictum but altered the ground upon which
it was based: Error has no rights but it is the Church which is in error. The
Terror followed.

In Canada Doug Collins and revisionist writer John Ball are being prosecuted by
the government at the insistence of very short-sighted folks in the Canadian
Jewish Congress on the notion that >>error has no rights.<< This also obtains in
Germany, Britain, France and many other nations. A principle is being taught to
the public: do not tolerate error. Fine it and jail it. Hunt it and track it.

I submit that the principle is being heard and accepted by an upcoming
generation. But they are rejecting the grounds upon which it is prosecuted. The
clockwork orange has been wound and the pendulum must inevitably swing in
another direction. The Stalinism of >>The Holocaust<< cult will empower the
Fascism of the reaction. What a screwed-up tragedy.

I came aboard alt.revisionism here on Internet some two months ago, hoping for a
genuine exchange of research and ideas. I have found instead the same old
hysteria and tribalism that I have encountered among the partisans of the
holohoax in any other forum, but with one key exception. In newspaper and radio
debates in which I have participated, the holohoaxers lost because there was a
large enough audience of independents to act as a reasonable counterpoint to the
lunacies of my opponents. If the Irving-Lipstadt exchange or the Hoffman-McVay
debate were published in any major U.S. paper, Lipstadt and McVay would be
publicly refuted and laughed at. If the American people knew why Doug Collins
has been criminally charged in British Columbia, the government of Canada and
all who support the inquisition against a movie critic, would be laughed off the
stage of contention.

In alt.revisionism we basically have no such healthy audience, or at least one
not willing to make its presence known. We have instead a small group of
exterminationists who forever wear a poker face in the midst of arguments and
data devastating to their cause. I have no idea what the size of the audience
for alt.revisionism is. I have been told, on what I thought was good authority,
that it numbered in the thousands. If this is so, then these >>lurkers<< (in the
parlance of the Internet) must be so apathetic that they are never driven to
comment and the audience is in practice, if not in fact, mostly reduced to an
echo-chamber for the robotic reactions of the anti-revisionists.

I have come to the conclusion, regarding the current roster of anti-revisionist
polemicists, with the exception of Mr. McGuire, that one could post any
document, any research lead, any testimony, no matter how definitive, compelling
or truthful and the exterminationists would respond with nothing but their
customary barrage of meaningless flak.

I resisted believing this for a long time. But it really struck me in the
Irving-Lipstadt Dramatic Confrontation thread. Here we had smashed an icon. It
was on videotape. Surely now there would be a response from the
exterminationists that would have some integrity; where all, in solidarity with
basic criteria of scholarship, would condemn Lipstadt as the mountebank she is.

While I was harboring that optimism I was having some fun with McVays style of
argumentation and preparing a snare for him; a checkmate that might shake the
unfortunate guy to the extent that he might see the degree to which he is making
a fool of himself, of the need for him to reform his methodology; failing that,
I thought that with the Irving-Lipstadt thread breaking some ice, if Mr. McVay
was unreformable, I would at the very least clobber him so that his credibility
would never recover.

But then as the Irving-Lipstadt thing progressed and Mr. McGuire was putting
forth compelling, air-tight arguments testifying to how badly Lipstadt was
making anti-revisionism look, I realized that McGuire himself was checkmating
the tribalists and Stalinists left and right to no apparent effect. I say
>>apparent<< because if there are indeed >>thousands<< of people lurking in the
alt.revisionist audience, then the effect is felt in their eyes. But I happen to
seriously doubt that the audience is anywhere near that large. (If it is, let us
have ten percent of them start posting a few critiques and rejoinders now and

It was then, as I watched Mr. McGuire wiping the floor with the opposition and
the opposition shambling mechanically on, with about the same spontaneity as the
typing pool in Ilya Ehrenburgs Moscow office, I had the sense that debating in
alt.revisionism is an expenditure of time better spent in writing books.

Then it occurred to me, why bother checkmating McVay? The triumph will be
completely ignored. It is not like doing it in a big city newspaper where the
dozens of letters that would come to the editor and possibly even see print,
confirming my checkmate, would embarrass even a dullard into changing his ways
or keeping his own counsel. But as I have said, there is–apparently– no such
audience in alt.revisionism.

I had drawn McVay out in several threads and enticed him to respond in reams of
type about how free Canada supposedly was because of Ernst Zundels successful

He performed well, backing himself into a corner and now he sits, two squares
from my queen who has hurtled down the chessboard.

>>McVay,<< I was going to announce, before I declared checkmate, >> The whole of
your argument has been that Canadians can no longer be prosecuted for thought
crime due to the successful Zundel appeal to the Supreme Court. Therefore what
you are saying, is that Canada owes its rights to freedom of speech and freedom
of press to one reviled German revisionist printer in Toronto:Ernst Zundel!

Check and mate.

But I have decided not to put that conclusion at the top of a thread, but rather
at the bottom of this lengthy analysis where few will probably perservere to the
end to see it, because I am thoroughly disabused of the utility of checkmating
automatons. Debating people like McVay is ultimately about as interesting as
watching paint dry, or like reading the official dispatches from a senile
scrivener in the Duchy of Damage Control.

I will continue to post to alt.revisionism and continue to read alt.revisionism
but I question its significance. If in fact there is an audience in the
thousands, then perhaps it remains a worthwhile pursuit, because a lot of
people are witnessing the essential Stalinism and tribalism at the core of the
anti-revisionist facade.

But if it is a matter of a few hundred people, most of whom are dogmatic,
case-hardened >>Holocaust<< cultists of the caliber of Messers Shine, Stein,
Baglow, Keren, McVay and the rest of the tom-tom beaters, I demur. My hunch is
that the latter obtains.

Hence, regarding this motley crewe, I do with Pope abide:

>>Tis best sometimes your censure to restrain,
And charitably let the dull be vain:
Your silence there is better than your spite,
For who can rail so long as they can write?<<

—Michael A. Hoffman II, POBox 236, Dresden, New York 14441 USA
Editor, Revisionist Researcher Magazine. Author: The Great Holocaust Trial.

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