Hoffman Michael 1994, Article 1

From:Michael A. Hoffman II. Re: Our State Religion.
The Holocaust Memorial Museum is an official agency of the U.S. government.
Every year on National Holocaust Day in April the museum plays host to an
elaborate Jewish religious ritual performed by Jews wearing religious garb known
as kippah (yarmulke). The leaders of the U.S. government, including the
president, don the holy ceremonial garb and also assist in the enactment of this
seance. This Jewish holy day, YomHaShoah, forms part of a theological doctrine
of the Jewish religion known as Shoah; a dogma centered upon the mystical
commemoration of the thousands of accusations and allegations which have come
to be loosely grouped under the Newspeak heading, Holocaust. The central
synagogue of the Shoah is located in the capital, on land
donated by U.S. taxpayers (sorry but Ronald Reagan and the thieves in Congress
did not own the land). This real estate parcels value is priceless, being
located in
the heart of the capital city-center that forms the self-identity of the nation
itself, and
as such, represents an enormous taxpayer subsidy of the Shoah religion. Beyond
mere fiscal considerations however, the presence of this Synagogue of the New
State Religion in our capital, has a value in terms of prestige, psychology and
propaganda which cannot be assessed in monetary terms alone. The usurpation
of the capital site, previously solely for government offices, museums and
to the secular, national-patriotic achievements of our nation, certainly marks
demise of the more than 200 year rule of separation of church and state and
is thereby unConstitutional. The little formality of having the synagogue itself
erected by private donations which were solicited under the aegis of a U.S.
government agency, in order to claim that the Holocaust synagogue cost the
taxpayers nothing, is the sort of scam one sometimes confronts in encounters
sidewalk merchants of various sorts. There is no business so lucrative or so
destructive to our republic as shoah-business.
–Michael A. Hoffman II. Editor, Revisionist Researcher. 6 issue
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From:Michael A. Hoffman II

Lets scrutinize the psychology of Shoah business belief. A classic case is the
response of Kari Nenonen in Helsinki. For Nenonen, proof of the Nazi homicidal
gas chambers is one >>murdered human being<< and >>…many little villages where
Jewish culture prevailed…before the Nazis came.<< Here is the mentality
created by >>Holocaust<< Newspeak in action. Before Elie Wiesel canonized the
term, specific reference was made to separate charges: six million dead,
massacres by military units, deaths by gassings etc. After the >>Holocaust<<
neologism was imposed, the equation became evanescent: a labyrinth prosecution
case which shifted from bars of soap to nights of broken glass, deportations,
shower heads, shootings and diesel engines. If a skeptic doubts one, he is
accused of doubting them all, a convenient device for caricaturing precise
questions as the denial of an ontological enormity: denial of history, denial of
>>The Holocaust.<< Hence if we perhaps happen to look too closely at the claim
of homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz, someone such as Nenonen summons the
spectre of empty Jewish villages. If we ask for a representation of the
miraculous weapon of mass death, the reply is, >>one dead body is enough.<<
When Dr. Faurisson elicits from the director of the U.S. Holocaust Museum the
remarkable fact that the weapon of the genocide is not represented nor will it
be represented, the reaction of the true believer is not to demand of Berenbaum
to know why the museum is afraid to represent the homicidal gas chambers, which
were supposedly >>witnessed by several hundreds of thousands of people,<< but to
furnish ailibis for its absence. Those who point up the absurdity of a museum
devoted to genocide by means of poison gas chambers that does not make any
attempt at reconstructing a technically and historically accurate model or
replica are dismissed as heretics or, in the Newspeak term imposed by thought
cop Deborah Lipstadt, >>Holocaust deniers.<< That phrase of Lipstadts is
redolent of theology and thats the realm to which this subject must be
confined, lest the right to question and doubt is claimed by more people. With
the aid of Tinsel Town-hate-the-Germans cinema (see thread: >>Schindler
Fraud<<), reason has been put to sleep in this matter. The U.S. Holocaust Museum
authorities dare not represent a Nazi homicidal gas chamber because by such
representation the miraculous becomes prosaic and the hoax of homicidal gas
chambers at Auschwitz (note bene I did not say >>Holocaust hoax<<), descends to
earth, for all to compare against the scriptures of the >>Survivors<< (saints)
who have described the miraculous weapon (i.e. rumors from alleged percipients).
By this process, religious dogma is undone; hence the refusal–quite correct
from the point of view of theology–to replicate a Nazi homicidal gas chamber at
the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.—Michael A. Hoffman II. Editor,
Revisionist Researcher. Six issue subscription U.S.$30 from Wiswell Ruffin
House, P.O. Box 236, Dresden, N.Y. 14441 U.S.A.