Hoessler Franz

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Reference: Phillips, R., Ed. The Belsen Trial. William Hodge and Company, 1949.
p. 225.

Everyone in the camp knew about the gas chamber at Auschwitz, but at
no time did I take part in the selection of prisoners who were to go to
the gas chambers and then be cremated. Whilst I was there selection of
prisoners for the gas chambers was done by Dr. Klein, Dr. Mengele and
other young doctors whose names I do not know. I have attended these
parades, but my job was merely to keep order. Often women were paraded
naked in front of the doctors and persons selected by the doctors were
sent to the gas chamber.

I made many complaints to Hoess about the way people were being sent to
the gas chamber, but I was told it was not my business.

Testimony of SS-Obersturmfuehrer Franz Hoessler
[Quoted in “The Belsen Trial” – Edited by R. Phillips, William Hodge
and Company, 1949, p. 714-715]