Hitler relics

Germany trying to retrieve Hitler relics – paper
LONDON, April 23 (Reuter) – A British newspaper said on
Sunday Germany is trying to retrieve some of Adolf Hitler’s
relics, including his last will and testament which is said to
be in a London strongroom.
The Sunday Telegraph said the relics also included Hitler’s
jawbone and part of his skull which it reported were in a
cardboard box in Moscow.
As the 50th anniversary of Hitler’s suicide approached next
weekend, a tussle had broken out over who owned the relics of
the Third Reich, the newspaper said.
It said the British government decided long ago that key
Nazi documents and artefacts should be kept in Britain but bit
by bit many were being returned at Germany’s request.
“The transfer of documents back to Germany is a continuous
process,” Stephen Walton, curator at Britain’s Imperial War
Museum, was quoted as saying by the newspaper.
“It is logical to have the originals in one place for
scholarly research,” he said.

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