Hitler Adolf, Neo nazis arrested

Police Arrest More Than 80 Neo-Nazis on Hitler Birthday
FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) – Police arrested more than 80 neo-Nazis
who marked Adolf Hitler’s birthday with parties in several parts of
Rightist propaganda, weapons and racist music tapes were seized,
authorities said Friday.
Thursday marked the 106th anniversary of Hitler’s birth. The
Nazi dictator committed suicide on April 30, 1945, as the Red Army
entered Berlin at the end of World War II.
Most of those arrested late Thursday were released, but
authorities said some of them would face charges. It is illegal in
Germany to be a member of a Nazi party, possess Nazi materials,
give the Nazi salute, promote racism or deny that the Holocaust
Three of those arrested are known neo-Nazi leaders, police said.
Rightists were arrested in Kaufbeuren, Nuremberg, Reutlingen,
Magdeburg and several other towns.

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