Hitler Adolf, Catholic Church

“If Hitler’s extremely pronounced destructiveness was perceived neither by the
German people nor by most foreign statesmen and politicians, the reason was,
on the one hand, the repression of his destructiveness by rationalization of
every kind, which imputed noble intentions and sacred duties to those orders
for annihilation, and, on the other, the dazzling performance he gave as a
perfect liar and brilliant actor. This deceitfulness and disloyalty, both in
the human and in the political arena, was one of his particularly repugnant
character traits. As exemplified in the ‘night of the long knives,’ he spared
not even his closest friends and most faithful followers when his own
personal advantage was at stake. His dishonest and hypocritical
behavior also applied to the Catholic Church. At the same time as he was
signing a concordat with it, he was already planning a ‘final solution’ for
the Church at a later time:

A moment will come when I will settle accounts with
them without any long beating about the bush….Every
century that continues to burden itself with this cul-
tural disgrace will no longer be understood in the future.
As the belief in witches had to be eliminated, this relic
too must be eliminated.”

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