Himmler Heinrich, Prohibits emigration

A while ago I posted the following:

Attention has been focussed on the word
“Ausrottung” as used by leaders, policy
and decision makers of Nazi Germany, particularly
when used in the expression “Ausrottung des
juedischen Volkes” or similar contexts.

Several “creative” suggestions have been proposed
as to the most faithful rendition of these
expressions and the intentions they communicate.

To those who have any doubts, let me reproduce
again the quotation from page 182 of Vol I of
Langenscheidt’s Encyclopaedic Dictionary (1974):

“ausrotten 2.(Volk, Rasse, etc.) exterminate, wipe out,
diese Krankheit rottete die ganze Bevoelkerung aus
this disease wiped out the entire population;
die Urbevoelkerung des Landes wurde ausgerottet
the native population of the country was

Despite such authoritative quotations, the deniers who
participated in the discussion attempted to insist that
“aurotten” as used, for example, by HImmler in his speech
at Posen, was really meaning something else, namely the
*geographical* removal of Jews from Germany.

A book which has recently come to my attention is one
edited by J. Walk, entitled “Das Sonderrecht fuer die Juden
im NS-Staat”, published by C.F.Mueller Verlag, Huethig GmbH,
Heidelberg in 1996 (ISBN 3-8252-1889-9).

On page 361 of this book (item number 293 in Section IV of
this book) the reader finds:

“3.1.42 RFSSuCdP[IV B 4a – 50/52] RdErl
[Verbot der Auswanderung von Juden]”

The “3.1.42” is the date of issue, viz, 3rd January, 1942.

“RdErl” is the abbreviation for “Runderlass”

“RFSSuCdP” is the abbreviation for “Reichsfuehrer SS und
Chef der Deutschen Polizei”.

The question I have for anyone who wishes to attempt an
answer is Why would the head of the SS and the German
Police *prohibit* the emigration of Jews if the policy
had been to induce them to emigrate or to deport them
beyond Germany’s borders?

I have yet to see any attempt to answer the question.

I believe that the date of this “Runderlass” is earlier
than the Wannsee Conference or Himmler’s Posen speech.

Do our deniers suggest that Himmler did not know what
the Reichsfuehrer SS und Chef der Deutschen Polizei
had decreed?


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