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Apparently he gave a very simular speech to a gathering of generals
and members od the Fhrer headquaters staff in May 1944 when he told
them that ‘had we not elimated the Jews from Germany we would not have
been able to endure the bombing despite the decency of the German
*Volk*. That is my conviction.” But he didn’t stop there for he
reminded them of Hitler’s propecy before the war that if the European
nations were incited to war, it would be the Jews who were
exterminated and not the German people. “Then he repeated the claim he
made to Gauleiters in Posen the previous October:

The Jewish question in Germany and the occupied countries has been
solved. It has been solved in accordance with the struggle for
survival of our *Volk*, in which the survival of our blood was at
stake, without compromise. I tell you that as comrades. We are all
soldiers, whatever uniform we wear. You might like to sympathize with
me and imagine how hard it was to fulfil this soldierly order that was
given me which I followed and carried through out of obedience and the
most complete conviction. If you say, ‘The men — that we understand
— but the children’, then may I draw your attention to my earlier
remarks. In this showdown with Asia we must accustom ourselves to the
groundrules and consign to oblivion the morals of past European wars
which are dear and much closer to us. We are, in my opinion, even as
Germans with all our deep heartfelt good-natured feeling, not
justified in allowing the hate-filled avengers to grow up so that our
children and grandchildren have to settle with them because we, the
fathers or grandfathers, were too weak and too cowardly and left the
children for them.”

He spoke again later that month to a group of generals and repeatred
his phrase about the Jewish question being solved according to order.
It seems that this speech grew great applause.

” ‘I believe, meine Herren,’ he went on, ‘you know me well enough to
realize I am no bloodthirsty fellow [blutrstiger Mensch], and not one
to take pleasure or amusement in whatever tough thing I have to do. On
the other hand, however, I have such good nerves and such a large
sense of duty — that I may lay claim for myself — that, when I
recognize something as necessary, I carry it out without compromise.’
And he repeated his earlier remarks that it would have been cowardice
not to have dealt with the women and children, only to allow them to
grow up and take their revenge on their own sons and grandsons.”

He made a simular speech a month later. Peter Padfield says that the
speeches “are curious in their mixture of bravado, self-justification
and appeals for understanding about the nature of the task he had been
ordered to perform, the courage and hardness required to do away with
women and children. His motives for revealing the fact of
extermination outside party circles little more than six months after
telling the Gauleiters it was a secret they should take with them to
the grave must remain speculative. As with his revelations to the
Gauleiters, it may have been to draw the generals into complicity and
show them that their bridges had been burned.” It may have been to
bolster moral and present the positive of a cleansed reich freeing up
the ability to deal with other enemies. It may have been self pride.
Maybe he knew it was a crime of global dimensions and he wanted
accompaniment. Whatever, the reasons for all these speeches it is
clear that Posen wasn’t unique.

[Quoted sections taken from _Himmler_ by Peter Padfield, MJF Books,
1990, 484-485]

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