Himmler Heinrich, Pinson clearing out

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>>>(2) Posen: Irving, in Hitler’sd War and elsewhere, makes what could
>>>described as an “interesting” assertion as to the sense of the word
>>Gord, I don’t normally ask questions with the answers in hand. Thanks
>>the answers. With respect to *ausrotten*, I am sure you are aware that
>>Koppell Pinson, a noted Jewish historian and Simon Dubnow epigone, and
>>therefore fluent in both German _and_ Yiddish, translated *aurotten* as
>>*clearing out.*
>Mr. Ehrlich, you may have noticed that we have been around the
>mulberry bush dozens of times in this newsgroup. When the word is
>to living things (see the definition below), it *always* means “to
>exterminate”. This has been settled.

Uh huh. So take it up with the manes of Koppel Pinson, who, btw, I am
quoting from his extremely germanophobe *Modern German History.*

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