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>>:>Now, explain to me, for the first time, how you get commissars out of

>>:>Comment: Sorry, but I thought I was clear: Most Commissars, I believe,
>>:>were of Jewish parentage, from what I have read. To Himmler, Communist
>>:>and Jewish were synonymous.

>>Good Lord! You’re like a Timex, Joe. You take a lickin’ and keep right
>>on tickin’. Unbelievable.

>>Most Commissars were of Jewish parentage?! How many Jews were there *in
>>total* in Russia at that times? If all those Commissars were Jews, why
>>did the Stalin regime kill so many Jews?

>>You really are amazing Joe.

> Amazing is not the word. Let’s see:

> * Most “Commissars” were of “Jewish parentage.” When
> Himmler talks about Jews, he means Commissars,
> bandits, insurgents, etc.
> * “Evacuation” and “Extermination” really mean
> “resettlement in the East.”

> So, they were going to take partisans, bandits, Commissars and
>resettle them in the East, right behind Germany’s collapsing front.
>I suppose they were then going to feed them, arm them, and give them
>maps to German positions. How _dense_ can somebody friggin’ be??!

> And we haven’t even gotten to the idiocy of the statement that
>most “Commissars” were Jews, not to mention the truly breathtaking
>notion that most Jews were “Commissars.”

Oh, it gets better than this, Jacob. Added to everything you say,
Bellinger also holds out the possibility that the Himmler speech is an
Allied forgery.

So the Allies *forged* a speech in which Himmler is supposed to say
that the Commissars were to be evacuated to the East at a time in 1943
when the front might have been collapsing, but the Germans were still
holding on. And this forgery was undertaken presumably so that the
Allies could prove that the Nazis were mass murdering Jews.

Now *that* is breathtaking!

John Morris
at University of Alberta

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